Help please with results

Picked up my results to- day

Serum free T3 4.2 pmol/L ( 3.80 - 6.00)

Serum free T4 2.3 pmol/L ( 9.00 - 21.00)

Serum TSH 0.43 mu/L ( 0.10 - 5.00)

My medication is T3 only 50mcg a day split into 3 doses// plus I take Vit b12, Iron, Vit D, and Vit C which are slowly improving as all my levels were at bottom of the range.

Due to see Endo in June so I need to be prepared! Can anyone help with result as GP said all is well. Thank you in anticipation.

Regards wakeham.

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  • Hi wakeham,

    How are you feeling on 50mcg T3?

  • Shaws I can't remember if I pressed the reply sign when I wrote me reply to you!! sorry forgive me it's my memory! regards wakeham

  • This one is fine. It alerted me. I too have become forgetful.

  • Hi shaws

    To be truthful I have a lot of lower back problems and my legs are very painful especially after midday! and of course I have these Hot sweats which the endo put me back on HRT to see if it helped! that was 3 months ago and it hasn't worked.I had a sore throat and fat tongue until I started supplementing with B12 now it is only my tongue that is the problem, so the help that the site gives is a great help thank you. My Endo did not like the thought that I read my B/test results!! "leave it to the people who know what they are doing"!!! I'm 64 and feel that it would be nice to feel better but I'm at a loss to know what to do next.

    Thank you for your reply shaws.

    Regards wakeham

  • You have come a long way Wakeham and it is good this Endo is giving you T3.

    This is an excerpt from Dr Lowe and cursor down to the r/h side to December 17, 1997. Cynomel is USA T3.

    And finally, why do I specify that the typical patient use one full dose of non-timed-release Cytomel for life? Because extensive testing has shown that this is safe, effective, and most economical—when used within the context of our entire protocol.

    I follow this and take T3 and NDT together a.m. and I am well. The reason Dr Lowe says once per day is that the T3 saturates all the cells but then the action continues between 1 and 3 days of that dose. Dr Lowe also ran I think it takes a while for a swollen tongue to reduce. He also only takes TSH,T3,T4 at the beginning of the consultation and really paid no attention to it after that.

    Read this too question dated November 9, 2005 on same link.

  • Well shaws thank you for that interesting insight to Dr Lowes idea's into Cytomel,

    and as you say I'm lucky that I have T3 at the present time, perhaps I sould be more patient and my throat is a lot better which is a plus point, I must say I feel better on T3 to levothyroxine so I should be grateful!

    Thank you for your help shaws

  • Shaws I have been thinking when you take all your medication together a.m. do you find that it gives you palpitations etc? I have tryed to follow Paul Robinsons treatment of spliting the doses first time 5.00 a.m. but we do have to try other idea's to see if it's better for us and be brave and try it! I shall also read Dr Lowe's

    Thank's again shaws wakeham.

  • On levo I had an awful time particularly with tachycardia and palpitations. It was a hellish time. As soon as I switched to T3 - I haven't had any whatsoever - that's about 2 years ago. I had so many ECG's and a 5-day heart monitor before that. I had to go private.

    As Dr Lowe's sites are now archived we cannot access most of the links within them.

  • Hi shaws I'm going to give it a go and take it all together and see if it works for me! Joanna has also written to say she takes hers in one go so thanks for the help once again.

  • Fingers crossed x x x

  • Hi Wakeham I take all of my t3 at bedtime and it suits me fine. I struggled with taking them throughout the day as I work shifts . the only time I get palpitations is when l need to up my dose.

    Jo xx

  • Thank you for your help Joanna I'm going to give it a go and see how it works for me.

    Regards wakeham.

  • I moved my tablets one a time over the space of about a week and had no adverse reactions. took my tea time one to bedtime for a few days then the lunchtime one the same. Definitely worth a try. Good luck

    Jo xx

  • Thank you Joanna I'm going to give it a go as you say it is worth a try.

    thank you for your help.

    Regards wakeham.

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