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Levo increase

After 7 weeks of hell on earth; taking only 25mcg... visited GP who has agreed to increase dose to 50mcg for 3 months. He wants to see blood tests mid february.

He has given me 800IU vit D but refused to help with B12, iron and folate because they are 'normal'

Serum ferritin 36ng/mL (6.0-204.0)

Serum folate 4.7ug/L (3.0-20.0)

Serum B12 302 ng/L (187.0-883.0)

Serum Vit D 64 nmol/L (75.0-200.0)

In his opinion, I shouldn't bother with selenium - but I will ignore that because I don't want to jeopardise T4 to T3 conversion!

Could anyone please advise/recommend the best source of supplements because I've looked online and can't see the wood for the trees - especially after reading reports that retail sources can be next to useless or even toxic!

Thank you.

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Jarrows methylfolate & B12 (methylcobalamin)

Solgar gentle iron if iron upsets your tummy - take it with vitamin c to help absorption & mitigate constipation.

I order everything from Amazon as you can't usually get the best supplements in the shops. If you use this link TUK will get some money back from Amazon


Thank you


I followed your advice, they should be here early next week.

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Hi I'm interested in your problems,as I'm suffering too.I'm on the same dose of levothyroxin and finding that I'm in lots of pain especially in the Lower back and knees. Legs feel heavy stomach problems and slight dizziness. Increased palpitations,had blood done again on Monday so no news yet.but nurse told me that the doctors are trying to get my Tsh down to 3.25!!!!!! It needs to be around 1for optimal health.


Pet-lamb - I can't deny, I'm feeling terrible too! Aches and pains, brain fog, bleary eyesight, tinnitus, headaches, weakness, pins and needles, loss of appetite, weight gain and extreme fatigue, etc, etc, etc. I appreciate that it can take months before treatment can take effect.... but I'm getting impatient!

I will keep you updated on how I respond to 50mcg. It appears that the 25mcg Levo has already reduced my TSH by 0.8, but my symptoms are lagging far behind :(

On a positive note, I have noticed some reduction in my swelling, my fingernails are less brittle and I have some fuzzy regrowth on my hairline :)


Dr P said that lower back pain could be your adrenals, I've had it on and off for years, and am now taking an adrenal supplement


Thanks sue I wondered about that but looking up side effects of levothyroxin shows back pain as a rare side effect.but ill look into adrenal problems


I had every symptom under the sun with Levothyroxin but as soon as I cut my dose from 50-25 the awful flu symptoms that we're getting worse for months improved immediately. It was causing a toxic reaction as I couldn't convert and there was too much T4 in the blood stream. I had had back pain for years so it looks rather as though mine was the adrenals.


Thanks joburton ill let you know how I get on too,hoping for an increase in levothyroxin but might have to fight for it.


800iu is a maintenance dose of Vitamin D and won't help your deficiency. People on this forum tend to take something like 10,000 iu a day for two weeks, then reduce to the maintenance dose.


you can retest in 4-6 weeks, but dosing based on tests and levo only, it just doesn't need a new doctor or to do it on your own. This one will leave you ill. This will cause low levels of everything in your body. i would really be focusing on why you are hypo and get on appropriate thyroid meds..


Selenium, i have never read it helps any conversion issues, unless it works by lowering anti bodies.


Link to Chris Kresser article about selenium for you faith63:


Sorry, been away from wifi for a few days. I will boost my D intake for a couple of weeks. Thank you for the advice :)


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