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If you've received Bereavement counselling or therapy online

Did it work well for you? Chloe <3


Just thought I’d share this with you all. The words rang true for me. Thinking...

Are you feeling a little brighter

now the days are longer? I feel much more optimistic and can certainly feel chan...
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Recently going through the contents of the box of photographs kept in our loft, ...

My sister Rachel.

Thinking of my little sister today - the anniversary of her death 4 years ago. ...

Peace at Easter

I do hope you all have a Peaceful Easter <3 Perhaps you will manage to have a li...

I feel it's been a difficult week, how have you managed?

No matter how small, please do let us know how you gotten through this past week...

Do we any Anniversary commemorations?

I would like to add my own dear Mum, always in my thoughts x

Too much loss

On 21st January I lost my dad, aged 77, due to covid. Though he was actually adm...


I've still not processed loosing my mum back in Oct 2020 not grieved cried...mig...

Do reading about the circumstances of others loss help in any way or would you rather not know?

Personally it helps me to read how others are coping no matter how short or long...

Mothers day tomorrow

How will you celebrate the Mothers Day? For many of us it's still very hard to c...

Have you tried writing a journal since your loss?

It seems it can be very helpful, not only to give you an outlet for your emotion...

I've recently started using

essential oils in a humidifier and I've found that (dependent on the oil you cho...

How many friends have you lost since your loss?

This is an interesting question as so many so called friends seem to disappear w...

Every member is invited to ask one question or offer one piece of advice

About Bereavement. Come on everyone, let's get together here! Chloe<3

Has anyone suffered loss and then gone on to

support others who have had similar experiences? Please share. Many thanks Chloe...

How are really coping right now?

Love to hear from you friends. Chloe <3

Happy Birthday Greyone!

I hope you have a lovely day whatever you do. Thank you for all your contributio...

Name two things you are thankful for today.

I am thankful for the daffodils received in my food delivery (I was desperate fo...

Did anyone watch Living with Grief by Ester Rantzen?

It was on channel 5 last Thursday. Thought it was well presented. Sad but very ...

Is time really a healer?

And what exactly is time, how long before you felt 'healed' if at all? Chloe<3

Did the lack of a written or verbal Will by your loved

Prove to be easier, in that you could arrange what you thought best or harder. C...

Are any members interested in offering to answer questions .....

In an 'Ask me Anything' (AMA) about my bereavement and how I deal /dealt with it...

Has lockdown encouraged you to contact those you'd...

lost touch with? Chloe<3

Do you believe that loss is a natural phenomenon and as such....

Grief is also a natural process that we should 'just cope with' ourselves? I'm r...

Do we have any Anniversaries this week?

Commemorate your own birthday or anniversary as well as your loved ones here. ...

Were you prescribed medication for anxiety/depression for Grief

And did they help? Chloe<3

Have you suffered 'complicated grief' and did therapy help?

Please do share with us, thank you! Chloe<3

What are you doing to today?

Are you able to to think about ways that get you through each day or maybe you j...
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