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Important info on TV tonight 'Good Grief'

Hi Everyone If you haven't heard or seen a programme with Richard Cole, tonigh...

Hi everyone!

How's your week been? Have you managed to have a break from everyday life? ...

I read today of the recording of loved ones voices....

A hospice was recording patients life stories for their relatives, I thought thi...
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Lost sister 6 months ago. And received a backlash from brother in law accusing...

Why does family loss bring out the worst in people?

Have you experienced the arguments between siblings over cash and property? Br...

Today I was given a gift of a fitbit!

So, when the weather cools down I am going to try walking more, which in turn wi...

How are you keeping cool folks?

Please add one tip here <3 My tip: If you're brave, pop your sheets in the fr...

For those members who have been with us

For a long time, Would you say you have complicated grief? Chloe<3

Ist July - How time has raced/dragged

Which is it for you? Chloe<3

Are you struggling with grief?

I know so many of you here and we've been through this journey called grief. Lot...

The passing of my Tadda (Welsh for Grandfather)

Hello my name is EN (which is short for Endevour) On the Jubliee weekend my Dad...

Check in with Chloe

Hi Friends, Time again to catch up on your news. How have you been managing the...


Dear Angels, I really really miss you alot today. 😢 This is really hard.

Putting this out into the universe


Love and memory


Gone but not forgotten


Can you give one tip to help others through grief?

My tip is, always love and respect yourself no matter what your day brings<3 Ch...

Did you discover something about yourself since your loss?

Maybe you found you are stronger than you think or perhaps discovered a hidden p...

How do we go on?

Really missing some people right now.😢Found this poem by John Mark Green and wa...

To all new and current members

A very warm welcome to you ! And To our wonderful core of members who have been ...

Does anyone have a birthday or anniversary of their loved this week?

Share with us here <3

Wherever you are, I hope..

The sun is shining warming your heart and mind and bringing you peace! Chloe

Calling all angels

Please continue watching over us. Reminding us we are never alone. One day, we w...

Strange reaction or is it me who’s strange.

As a treat to myself for my birthday I had a Forever Bracelet fitted. For those ...

I’ve come across a very useful list of free audio guides

Which could be very helpful during grief You can listen to a series of mental ...

For anyone grieving


Over 2 years almost

I made you your favourite sandwiches that day. Because lockdown had began I did ...

New Distractions

By chance I have discovered slow stitching, apparently it has the same effect as...

Anxiety .....

Have you found that your anxiety is slowly reducing as time has passed? Chloe <3...


Thinking of you today Chloe x
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