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Distraction is a great way to cope with anxiety, can you add to this list?


Distraction is a great way of dealing with anxiety, and that can be in any form, try something you once enjoyed or try something new such as,

Drawing, painting, photography, embroidery, knitting, scrap booking, learn something new, take a course see below.

But also try to be active and take some form of easy exercise, walking, aerobic exercise, yoga etc.

Anxiety after the loss of your loved one is very common, her are links to activities that may be helpful.



Five ways to mental wellbeing


FutureLearn Free Online Courses



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Distraction is good, I’ve been quite poorly for a few weeks so been getting bored resting and watching TV.

I started family history research in 2007 and every now and again I have another go at it. I got an email from a cousin of my late husband’s recently saying he was starting on a family history quest. It’s been quite a nice change cos you can spend hours on it and we’ve both found some interesting information.

You’ve got to be prepared to hit some brick walls but when you find missing pieces to the jigsaw it’s great.

chloe40Administrator in reply to MEW53

Hi MEW53

Sorry to read you've been unwell for a while but hope you're feeling better now.

You're so right, ancestry research is fascinating and my family have been doing that too. It does take a lot of time and is very absorbing, but that's exactly what is needed, great reminder, thank you!

Chloe <3

Distraction is a very good thing if you can find something to keep you engrossed it can really help. My only distraction is my small granddaughter I'm not seeing her as often now due to her going to nursery school. This has been a terrible blow I am once again at rock bottom. All of the interests and things I liked doing I no longer care about. So I have no idea what to distract myself with anymore.

chloe40Administrator in reply to Arniestal

Hi Arniestal

Yes, Grandchildren are a great distraction but as you say, it hits you hard when they are not there, so maybe you could start something that you haven't tried before?

It's not until we try that we realise we love it or hate it, I'm a difficult person to please in that respect, I find lack of motivation the problem, so it has to be something new that really fires your imagination.

Good luck and please let us know what you decide on.

Chloe <3

Arniestal in reply to chloe40

Thank you I will. X

Running is my cure, plugging into my fave tunes and running about in nature (I use bone conduction headphones so I can still hear the trees and birds) like a child, jumping over mud puddles (or splashing through them if I'm wearing waterproof socks!).

I sing along with my songs when no one is about, I do aeroplanes in fields, I stop to admire nature, but most of all I leave daily stresses behind me. It's not about running fast, it's about exploring and being a kid again, not thinking about what to buy/ make for dinner, just finding a small pocket of joy 💕

If I can't run then I'll work out at home, aerobic exercises, marching on the spot, squats, crunches etc. It's not the same but getting the heart rate up and creating feel good endorphins always helps. Best natural high there is.

I never believed it years ago when I was first handed a "clinically depressed" label. I was convinced it was just another way to send you away but I started trying to get fit a few years ago and quickly realised just how wrong I was and how much I had missed out on.

chloe40Administrator in reply to GoGo_JoJo

Hi GoGo_JoJo

I just love your post and those headphones? wow, how brilliant to be able to hear natural sounds around you!

I was creating the images in my head as I read your post Jo, very inspiring, I only wish I had somewhere that resembled the countryside nearby, sadly not but I have an idea to put to you Jo.

Now you may not want to and that's okay but I think we could all benefit from reading about your experiences with nature while running, as a sort of Meditation (It certainly has a calming effect on me),

Now, I know I'm pushing it here Jo ;-) but it would be great to have one post while running and one from home, which those of us who are housebound can follow, what do you think Jo? <3


GoGo_JoJo in reply to chloe40

Well I'm in recovery just now from injury so not getting the full benefit but I'm happy to share this run that I did last year especially for others who for mental or physical reasons could not get out;

There is 2 ways to see it but I'm not sure if Strava shows it if you're not a member but that has the most photos, I took like 50 to really capture as much as I could.

Check out my activity on Strava: strava.app.link/TL57g11vj4


I could only attach 10 photos on relive but you get the animation too there.

Here's the write up that goes with it if you can't see it on Strava; (IC is injury couch)

"So this was a run for all those on the IC and medically can't or anyone down or lost their mojo and for whatever reason can't get out there.

None of us knows what tomorrow will bring so while we can... we should. Rather than giving ourselves a hard time for what we can't do, just enjoy what we can.

I took tons of photos to make you feel like you were there too. I breathed in all the freshness and clean air. I listened to the birds and the breeze. It was hot but the breeze was great. I took it slowish and steady and enjoyed all the views.

We ran from Pulborough across the Brooks to Amberley and straight up the mount... onto the South Downs Way and along to Kithurst and scrambled back down to Rackham, along to Cootham and round the glider airfield and finally back to Pulborough.

My eyes are itching like crazy and I do have some nettle stings... but you're all worth it! 😂🤣"

Here's an example of a recent home workout following a short treadmill run as my feet just aren't up to the long miles right now but I still work hard and appreciate my efforts and I'll get back to strength!

"5 min warm down walk

60 crunches

30 weighted Russian twists

40 squats done at work plus 10 banded and 10 weighted

20 banded clams, fire hydrants, and donkey kicks each side

Arm weights

50 sec elbow and 50 sec straight plank

20 sec each side, side elbow plank

All balance exercises, and with no shoes!

Really pleased I showed up for me today 💕"


Excellent GoGo_JoJo

Oh my Jo, you really are active, so dedicated thank you so much for sharing this <3


GoGo_JoJo in reply to chloe40

I am now, but it wasn't that long ago, just 2017 my husband literally pushed me off the sofa onto a bicycle and that was the start. I lost about 3 stone over the next 2 years and literally went from strength to strength. I'm currently doing a small indoor run 1 to 2 miles every and a 30 min indoor workout every day just to feed that part of my soul that needs to show up for me. Normally there would be a lot more rest days but I'm working on the little and often basis right now 👍🏻😊

chloe40Administrator in reply to GoGo_JoJo

You've doing amazingly well GoGo_JoJo you really have and so motivated, fantastic example to us all <3



I love the future learn site and would never have gone there if management at my previous job hadn't been so pig headed about a minute taking course which I did but on my terms and at my own expense which I enjoyed.

Also listening to music I find is very helpful in taking your mind off things.

Walking I find is very helpful as well.

Also the passing of time helps to put things into perspective.

chloe40Administrator in reply to Hidden

Great tips Hidden

Thank you!

Chloe <3


One of my distractions is watering my house plants. Most used to be mums and so I have a nice walk down memory lane.

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