Does anyone know the recommended time that compression socks are still ok to wear, I have activa Lymph grade 2 ,

I've been told at clinic recently that I can now only have 2 pairs every 6 months on prescription. I cannot afford to buy any because I had to give up my nursing career and not entitled to any benefits. It doesn't seem fair, How many other ladies just manage with 2 pairs socks In their wardrobe!!!

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  • I got my full length ones in January this year and my knee length, for the other leg, in October last year and I can't get new ones till I see the LE nurse at the end of November! Like you, I cannot afford to buy them despite struggling to remain in full time work. It is madness!

  • I quite agree, how are you supposed to wash and dry them quick enough,

  • Linda ,i was given two of everything when attending the hospital ,i got two pairs of compression stockings and underwear and two pairs of feet compression bandages for swollen feet ,so when i wash one i always got a spare ..Look into asking for another pair of spare garments to wear while the others are in the wash.

  • Might be a good idea to have a chat with your GP, and ask, particularly if they are on 'repeat prescription', if they can be prescribed more than twice a year. Most of my clients receive replacement garments (usually two) every 3 or 4 months - especially as they start to degrade and lose their compression if they are worn daily and washed every other day.

  • I've also been told by my nurse I can only have 2 pairs every six months. But she has to send a request with my measurements to my GP for him to write the prescription. On several occasions I've managed to put my nail through a stocking and I just ring the doctors and ask for a repeat prescription of my last lot and no questions are asked.

  • I have always had 2 pairs every six months. That is 8 items as I have to wear on both legs and my toes - so one knee length on each leg, one set of toe stockings on each leg and one lot in the wash. I am class 3 so they are very thick - therefore don't get damaged by putting fingers through (or anything like that). I do keep my old ones and take then on holiday - saves on the washing and drying while away. The old ones are not quite as effective but good enough for the odd day.

  • Well I wear the tights and my nurse sends my measurements to my GP but I can only get 1 pair every 6 months and when I got my last pair my GP surgery queried if it was necessary to keep prescribing them as they are expensive

  • When I could get DuoMed ones (the old style not the new variety) I was getting 2 knee high stockings per month I think I was lucky. When it was allowed that I could have 2 months worth of tablets I funnily enough did not get 4 pairs of knee highs but only 1). I would be making a serious complaint to my practice and the local Area Commissioning if they try and say its too expensive. Its treatment that we need. We dont have them for fashion looks! Gosh that has made me very cross Blackpoollass. How very dare they say that to you. Tina x

  • I wear full length Medi stockings and they are only guaranteed for 6 months, my Lymphoedema nurse says I should get new pairs every 4 months and up to now I have no problems obtaining new stockings, I think its very much a case of where you live, a postcode lottery again...

  • Hi all I don't have stockings but an armsleeve and glove. I made the case to my physio for 2 armsleeves so one to wear and other to wash through at night. They're Jobst, previously Mediven, and both are on prescription so easy for GP to source and replacement every 6 months or so is about right. But glove is Sigvaris and not on prescription (though might be soon) so i get direct from physio but have to ring hospital if need a new one, so they come one at a time. This means I always have one newer than the other. The gloves get muckier than the sleeves just from every day wear so take more washing to get clean!!

  • Hi, I have 2 stockings, of which I wear one each day, I take it in the shower or bath with me at night and hand wash it, it is always dry the day after next when I need it. Not ideal I agree but manageable when you get into the routine.

  • I too have 2 pairs of knee high. I have got into the routine of turning the shower on before i get in and placing my stockings with some hand wash detergent in to the bath tub with a plug in. By the time i have shaved and done my teeth there is plenty of water and suds which i can then swirl around take the plug out and then rinse the stockings. I then hang them over the shower rail where they stay til the next morning where i repeat the process.

    I find this keeps them fresh and is a lot easier than using a sink and then hanging them up.

  • I was told that they should be renewed every 6 months!! I've had mine for about 3 years now!! But I am due to have a fitting pretty soon!! XX

  • I get two pairs every 6 months, I keep an old pair just in case both the new ones have to be washed round about the same time but I find if I dry them flat on an airer or top of a towel they usually dry overnight

  • I can get mine on a repeat prescription as and when!

  • it's really not ok, is it - a campaign for lsn to take on when everyone's recovered from the conference??

    my off-the-pegs are supposed to be 2 new lots every 6 months, so i order 1 new lot every 3 months & always have a newer set (for best!) & an older set, as well as some older ones for swimming etc

    i'm about to go into made to measure everything (gloves, sleeves, corsets) though & am worried about how many i can get

    i've warned my gp that their maximum life is 6 months but they really only work effectively for 4 & have left him with the idea that i'll be in every day saying 'i can't manage my lymph, it's throbbing' if i don't get the compression support i need

    when i was in made to measure corsets (more like granny-bras with no cups) i wasn't getting enough & would buy more at £70 a pop, but i can't afford to do that now so i have to be more insistent instead ... not looking forward to it

  • This may seem strange but my specialist told me to put them on wearing household rubber

    washing up gloves strange but it works ihavent laddered a pair of tights since.

    Alison x

  • You guys must not live in the states! I am envious as compression garments are not free here and health insurance only covers a small percentage of the cost and also limits you to so many pairs a year. Our medicare system does not cover compression garments at all. Feel lucky you dont live here.

  • Hi, I don't get any refunds from my health insurance and have to buy every garment that I buy. I can buy as many as I want. But I never had a limit for purchasing. Excuse me but your nurse seems to be a scam ! Like mine:-)

  • My son (17) gets his annual allocation (4 sets of garments) all at once, instead of 2 sets every six months. It makes the washing much easier.

  • Christmas 2013 I fell down stairs and as my foot was bent underneath me, my left leg was crushed between each step & the rest of Me .. I was told it would take 12 months to repair .. As the tissues are still really quite 'hard', & the other foot seems to have come out in sympathy, my physiotherapist referred me to the lymphodaema clinic & a month ago I was measured & they ordered me some knee-length compression 'socks' .. I was told I would be entitled to TWO pairs a YEAR .. And when I questioned the hygiene aspects of this, was told "you'll need to get others from your GP, as they're the ones with the money" .. I get fitted - hopefully - on 3rd November ... And I am "not" looking forward to wearing them .. :( .. I sit a lot & I'm worried that they will bunch up at the ankle & cause problems ..

  • I have just been told by my GP surgery via the chemist that I can only have 1 pair a year!! I intend to challenge this as I am a pensioner and would find it hard financially to purchase them. If I do not have the compression hosiery it will cost the NHS more as sufferers develop cellulitis, leg ulcers etc. Someone has not thought this trough. I am very distressed with this decision at the moment.

  • I completely agree and if its all you wear to treat the condition how can you mange with one pair, I challenged it, dispite clinic saying years ago it was maximum 2 pairs a year I challenged it and one of the specialist nurses agreed, I get 3 pairs every 3 months but that may change as NHS rules to 3 pairs every 6months. They don't last more than 3 months with enough compression and I have proved that, Argue your case its not right and they are to expensive to pay the full price

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