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Just wondering if anyone is aware of any decent sport compression available for full leg?


I've got secondary lymphoedema in one leg, following on from surgery and treatment for cervical cancer, I currently wear class 3 full length compression on that leg along with toe glove but am finding it hard to play sport with the compression on as it limits my movement. I have always played sport but my lymphoedema flared up recently (had surgery & treatment in 2007 flare up was December 2012), I have tried to play matches without the compression but just don't want to make things worse by wearing nothing and I'm not prepared to give up playing a sport I've loved all my life just yet. So if anyone knows of anything on the market which offers decent compression whilst playing sport I feel it's worth giving it a try.

Thanks for your help


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Not sure if your lymphoedema is lower leg, upper leg or all leg! For gym work I have used Nike compression socks. They are knee length and recommended by physio at NHS Lymphoedema Clinic. Can easliy be found and bought on internet. From memory cost arouind £7 per pair. Keep up the sport!

Vickij in reply to bigcalf

Thank you for your reply, the lymphoedema is worse in the calf and foot but it is still there lurking in my knee and thigh also hence wondering if there was anything full length on the market, leggin style I guess. The ladies where I am having treatment have suggested something calf length only also but I was jus worried about the knee area as this is where it seems to just get stuck!!!

Will check out your suggestion though, thanks again.

I too suffer from lymphoedema in my full leg as a result of cervical cancer and lymph node removal. Mine started about two years after surgery and is worse recently. I used to manage it with a stocking but didn't get the support I needed and now I am going through the hassle of wearing a full leg farrowrap. What type of compression do you use?

Vickij in reply to Rainbow36

I'm in toe glove (class 2) and full length stocking (class 3) they are made by Jobst and are what I believe to be a flat knit so are reasonably tough, I know there is tougher out there!! Thought the cancer was the crappy part to deal with hey!! Hate how the lymphoedema has made me face my cancer demons when I thought I'd put them to rest once and for all!! Hey ho!!

Do you feel able to manage the lymphoedema with the farrowrap?

Thank you for your reply

Hi Vicky.

I to have secondary lymphoedema in the right leg....I wear mediven elegance compression panty hose to control the swelling.They work very well.They come in beige,tan or black.Most medical supply places carry them ,if not they will order them in They are made in Germany.They suggest to put them on first thing in the morning and keep them on till retiring in evening.It is important to have your leg elevated during sleep.

Hi Vicky,

I have primary lymphoedema, but the same as you, in one leg and I too wear mediven elegance class three. I would be hesitant to wear a knee length compression only as I tried that once and all the fluid just pooled around my knee afterwards!! - really tricky with sport as it does limit if you wear compression. To be honest, I don't wear mine whilst exercising but shower quickly afterwards and put the compression straight back on. If you find it's worse at night because of this, I put on a full length farrow wrap for a few hours when sitting watching tv in evening and this seems to help take it back down again! hope that helps

Vickij in reply to brzlw2

Thank you very much for your reply, glad you said what you did about your experience of wearing knee length, just what I was worried about. I'm thinking of wearing my main compression during training then go without during matches and just be really strict with myself about putting it back on straight away afterwards. I'm in Jobst class 3 which is a flat knit hence tricky to play in, not very flexible, not too sure what the Mediven ones are like? It's a bit of a tricky thing to manage when you only have 2 sets issued every 6 months but I'm determined not to give up on my sport just yet. I haven't got any farrowraps but I may investigate this, how did you get yours? Also what sport do you play?

Thank you again


Hi Vickyj - have a chat to your lymphoedema therapist and explain the situation - she/he may well be able to suggests a slightly lower level compression garment for you to wear during sports - the challenge with sport compression garments is that not all of them are graduated compression (tighter at the ankle) - they are often just one compression all over so squeeze the limb rather than the graduated which encourages fluid up the leg - hope that makes sense!

Hi Vicky,

I also struggled with exercising when I developed secondary lymphoedema in my right leg - I was so afraid of making it worse. I wear mediven plus level 2 tights. When I go to the gym I wear a pair of 2xu elite compression leggings over my medi tights. I tried skins compression leggings but they're not as tight as 2xu. I rang a few companies to find out what the actual compression level is as most sports compression companies don't say in the info with the product. 2xu seemed to have the strongest compression - their elite range seems to be the best. I also contacted orca and skins but I think I remember their products having a lower compression. I also swim wearing 2xu compression tri shorts which I think helps me as most of my swelling is in my thigh. After swimming I always put my compression tights on and wear my 2xu leggings over the top for the walk back home and for a while after whilst I put my legs up. It's the best way I've found so far for managing the swelling that happens after sport. I'm guessing it would be best to find a way of wearing compression whilst playing sport or else you'll suffer afterwards. Even if you wore a lower level when you're playing to at least give you some support? I suggest talking to your lymphoedema therapist to see it it's possible to get some for that purpose? Good luck with it and don't get downhearted about it - you'll find a solution that suits you even if it takes a bit of perseverance :)

Hope this helps!

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