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Is BAJARA Bread better for diabetic person

Guys!I want to talk with a person who has diabetic1

I want to think to marriage with a man who is diabetci one.he is about 24 .. Whi...

Hi a health girl,im18, I am thinking,to marriage with a man who have diabetic 1,now iwant to know,what probles should,I consider

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My weight is reducing from 65kgs to 57kgs within a year after detection of Diabetic.Intial time suger was FB 293 and PP 420.

After that it was gradually came down with medication and exercise and restricti...

How harmful is 'sugar free' (sucrose substitute) for diabetic patient taking insulin to control? If so, what percentage?

I am a diabetic patient for the past 7 years taking insulin after bypass surgery...

i am suffering with diabetic since 2007. my recent sugar levels are 144 fasting and postlunch is 175. one week back i consult diabitologist

and she suggest to use the following medicines 1. GLIZID-M (before Breakfast) 2....

My sugar 185 ml how can reduce

Dear Medfree, I read that you are buying Alpha Lipoic acid caps 300mg 240 caps for 300Rs from My I tried but could not please

Help me in this matter. Is Matilda Forte can replace this?

Since last 40 years my weight is not increased. I am 83 years old from Mumbai, India. Any suggestion?

My B`age is 56, My ht is 160, My BMI is 19.0, My Wt is 48.7, My BMR is 1205, My ...

No more shots? Surgery keeps diabetes in check

Times Of India, Nov. 14, 2012 MUMBAI: When 43-year-old Shankar Nair landed in M...

What is the name of best medicine for Type 2 diabeties.

I am taking Gemer 2 one before break fast and one Vobit 0.2 before lunch. Are these tablets are strong or any side effects on body.

Why doctor prescribed expensive medicine

I just search on internet and found that there are many cheap substitute of expe...

Long Wheat (Khapli Gehun) - Interesting information

The Bohri Muslims are famous for their rich and varied food. Pune is having a ve...

which oil to use to prepare food if cholesterol and triglycerides are high

my mother is a type 2 diabetic patient.her cholesterol level is high.she takes s...

i m 50 years, have been cycling @ 20-40 Kms a day, totaling @ 100 Km/wk. I feel pain over the eye brows over d de . no dia, bp.sugetions?

I am using Ecosprin 150 since 3 years at bed time, please let me know whether there are any side effects for using the same for long period

I am BP patient aged 47 yrs using telsar 20 since 10 years.

Is there any basic difference between LCHF and LWDR?

There is a lot of discussion going on regarding above mentioned two dietary reg...

Am i going mad, is it all in my head or am i a hypochondriac, doctor will not listen or help me at all, am i hypothyroid or not so fatigued.

Please help me - my latest tests have come back as - serum ferritin 160.7 - ug/L...

A good health information site.

A good health information site.

Secrets of Sugar- A Video.

Secrets of Sugar- A Video. Pls. view at below link.

When an answer is readable only for members how a member can view and read that message. Please tell me.

How to read an answer when it is hidden

Which of the two is preferable for the health of kidneys of a diabetic, among other things: low fat curds or diluted buttermilk?


What is LCHF and what is it beneficial for?

what is low blood sugar. is it side effect of low bp. what are the risks if a person have both

readings to decide low bp and low blood sugar

How I Reversed my Diabetes....!!

Please use following articles and videos to motivate diabetics to follow LCHF: ...

i am advised to take pioz15 daily one at night my pp 112 and fasting 140 plz advise is it safe to to take this medicine

Fasting & PPBS number after following LWMR

HI Mr.George, I did my Fasting & PPBS tests today and number reads as follows ...

An attempt to understand the physiology behind the success of LWMDR, in controlling blood sugar.A coincidence or possibility.

The long wheat is nothing but a carbohydrate.It is common knowledge that all car...

is there cure for pancreatic duct damage