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How harmful is 'sugar free' (sucrose substitute) for diabetic patient taking insulin to control? If so, what percentage?

I am a diabetic patient for the past 7 years taking insulin after bypass surgery. I have totally stopped taking sugar and sweets and even my favourite fruits like mango, banana and jackfruit. I have even stopped coffee and take only tea. I use sugarfree or total, equal etc. with my tea, greentea etc. Should I stop that too? I don't mind sacrificing this too provided this is really helpful. Perhaps I shall sacrifice everything rice being the last and then of course LIFE. Take it easy.

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Please note there is a SEARCH window on top right corner.Type sugar substitutes in the window and click.Several posts on the subject posted by our learned co-bloggers will be accessible.


Thank you sir. But the more the details are given, the more confused I am. Anyhow, I shall take a few hints from these posts.

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Take LCHF diet


Im a diabetic since 1994 and at present insulin dependent. After a continuous usage of sugar free, now my kidneys are said to be effected. My createnine levels moved up from 1.5 to 4.7. My doctor at Asian Institute o Nephropathy and Urology advised me to stop using Sugar Free. It is better to use sugar than sugar free. Within two months the createnine lowered to 4.2. Any how damage is damage only.


What is your present reading both Fasting and PPBS....


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