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Which has less side effects injecting insulin or pills .

I am taking diamicron xr60 , glycomet 1gm, and onglyza, recently I was also advi...

Is there any tablets which can replace insulin inj.

Is diabetes can be cured/controlled over drugs? can you suggest alternative therapies for the effective control of diabetes with life style

methods, better physical and mental status and a positive approach towards every...
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I am a diabetic patient for the last 8yrs. i am taking tab Janumet twice a day .will it harm my kidneys in the long run?

is there any chance to bent penis to leftside for a long time suffered diabetic?

diabetese type 2 control.

1)use of natural/aurvedic medicine. 2) salads 3) green vegetables 4) salads ...

I need your advise as per my additional longer question.

I had no diabieties atall. I was very sick and admitted to Liverpool hospital in...

fasting sugar 145 and pp sugar is 270 and to control pp sugar


It has been found that 50% of the diabetics are indoor people who are not exposi...

What Should be IDEAL daily routine for a diabetic person ?? Also guide about daily diet of a diabetic person. I am in pvt service. Regards,

Is it true that below 140 in fasting not a matter of concern and no need to take any diabetes controlling pills or insulin?

I was pulling on with sugar around 130 for 15 years but never took any diabetic ...

my age 31,my suger level 235,plz help some idea

Is the diabetes type2 is controllable by natural treatment with orther than allopathi medicine.?

how to calculate carbs,fat,protien,calories



Im 72 years old and diabetic for the past 10 years. I get tired very often during the day 7 feel sleepy.Unable to work on hand Any solution?

how much excercise should be done to reduce sugar

How to contl diabetes with any medicine

is it permanently cure able?

how we can judge type 1 and type 2 diabetes

Controlling diabetes

I am of 62 yrs and have been suffering from diabetes for the last 15 yrs.From my...

Using splenda as sugar free

I am 60 yrs old having diabitis since last 13yrs. I am using splenda sugar free...

what is the side effect of Glynase MF

what is side effect of Glynase MF

Is Sugar Free Harmful for our Body

I am 34 years old. Just one year back i have come to know that I am a diabetic. ...

my sugar label fasting avarage 150 pl sugest me abt lifestyle and meal

My sugar level is 500 post pandral. How to control it?

I am using Zeagra twowise in a week . Now no problems. what is the sideeffct may come

Which yoga asanas & in what sequence are good for diabetes. Please share. Thanks

BP problems solution found

Diabetic people seem to have BP problem. Contious intake of allopathy medicene h...

known diabetic from last 20 years. on insulin from last 10 years. loosing all body fat. any idea why??