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Karela – the bitter pill to beat diabetes!

Karela – the bitter pill to beat diabetes! Karela for diabetesYou must have he...

Treatments for diabetes – the latest advances including Glifozins, Incretins, DPP-4 inhibitors & more

Treatments for diabetes – the latest advances including Glifozins, Incretins, DP...

Healthy food choices for diabetics

Healthy food choices for diabetics diet for diabetesNutrition and diet play a ...
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Can a diabetic eat a medium sized orange in one go? or it shud be half of it?

Hi i am suffering from pcos and i am married from last 4 yrs and not concieved yet and my weight is 110 how to loose i am so frustrated

i am an indian

When to take diabetes tablet : Before food or after food . Before 15/30 or after 15/30 mt. food taken

On what Criteria a doctor suggest Metformin 500 in detail pls.

he feels panic but when he take alprazolam tablet then his panic is gone why he feel panic after fistula surgery?

Patient name khadim hussain his age is 50 years recently he has surgery of fistu...

i am a diabetic for fifteen years.Of late I am suffering from ocular myosthenia of left eye.KINDLY SUGGEST ME SUITABLE HOMEOPATHIC DRUG.


I am ON Mixtard 30 Insulin 22-0-12 before food plus tablets. IF I TAKE 18 HERBS DIA-T AYURVEDIC TEA., my hBa1C IS 7.8 .CAN I REDUCE INSULIN?

My tablets intake GLYCEPHAGE (500 mg) 1-0-1 GLUCO R FORTE 1-0-1 polybion czs ...

Bios Life is clinically proven a Revolutionary formulation to transform life and fight life style disorders.

I am using Bios Life products, a natural supplement that helps maintain Healthy ...

Is there any Bio chemical treatment or medicine for diabetes? Wish to hear from the practitioners as well as experienced ones.

Welcome back medfree

I appreciate the candidness of your posts :-)

Does a female got affected who is suffering from type 1 diabeties since last 12 yrs?

And also the upcoming baby isaffected by any dieases?

Ayurvedic Herbal powder for sugar control

I am aged 56 bought a insulas (insulin powder) by online from www.insulinpowder....

i want a specefic reply from mr george as to how he removed the husk. in delhi the groccers deny a husk free jau


THE IMPORTANCE OF GREEN SALADS !! = HEALTH = Green salads are an excellent sour...

I AM 43, DIABETIC FOR 3 Yrs. Wt, 85 Kgs, HbA1C is 7.9, loosing body wt.,metformin Hcl500SR-1 morning,1 evening,Diataal D-1 morning as per Dr

advise,small businessman,moving business,have little tension in worksrties,have ...

Hi, my self sanju (29 years ) belong a maratha family. i'm diabetic. so how will marry me after knowing i'm diabetic ?

i'm ready with a diabetic girl. plz give m advice.

Iam 55 years old and diabetic since last 25 years .recently I started developing itching sensation on my both legs. Is it cause of diabetis

I am 36 years old, having BS for 3 years and BP for 1 year, I have control in my BSL, but BP is, most of the time, >140/>95

Can anyone tell the reason and foods to be avoided

I am 58, suffering Diabetes last 5 yrs & High BP since last 36years. Drugs I am on Triglimisave LS forte2, Tazloc R, Betacard25. No symptoms

I have mantained healthy positive Vegetarion life style. Of late Fasting BSL was...

4 Easy Ways To Reduce Gas And Bloating

Bloating can really put a sour note on your day. You don't feel good, your cloth...

Bloating, Flatulence & Gassiness: The Causes and 4-Step Anti-Gas Relief Plan

Remember those days when you could eat anything and it didn't matter? You could ...

Is treatment to diabetes only a question of maintaining the FBS and PPBS levels within limits throught life time?

Is Sugar free Natura is Harmful Or Not

I am male 58 with controled diabetic type-II:blood sugar fast104 and pp 148 I use ginase-5mg twice daily .

My BP is 130/90 usin stamlo-2.5 mg 1tab/day .suggest forED


Availability of Long Wheat in Mumbai

i am in mumbai , from where do i buy emmer or long wheat as prescribed by mr.geo...

reduse stress

plese see this photo

I sometimes suffer with a serious gas problem. Can somebody help me with a home remedy.