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Is there any basic difference between LCHF and LWDR?

There is a lot of discussion going on regarding above mentioned two dietary regimen.The whole forum seems to be divided over the issue.Objective remains the same,which is the best dietary ,which suits every body regarding,availability,cost,taste and dietary habits.

We are all conversant about LCHF and it's dietary principle and logic how it lowers and keeps blood sugar in control.It clearly

Y says ,to achieve the gaol carb must be limited to 100 gms.

But not every thing is clear about LONG WHEAT.Many people have reported very encouraging results following LWDR.How it works,is not known or at least we don't know the scientific basis.Long Wheat after all is a cereal full of carb.

As I failed to find actual composition of LW,I decided on analysis the composition of wheat which is normally eaten.The composition of normal wheat, Carb.-71% which includes sugar-0.5%,Fiber-12.5%, Protein 13 %, Fat-2.5% rest are minerals and vitamins etc.

LWDR prescribes long wheat 1gm/kg of body weight.Now for calculation purpose we take example of a person with 60kg.wt.He takes two full meals I.e.60+60=120gms of wheat.As wheat contains only 70%carb,so carb intake is about 84gms.Again percentage of fibre in carb is 12.5%,reduce it from carb taken and it comes about 74gms.Therfore NET carb. Consumed is only 74gms.so we are saving 26 gms of carb for other dishes.Questions can be raised that fibres are also carb. so why reduce it from total carb.Normally it has been said that percentage of Resistant Starch is upto 50% depending on the variety of grain?Even then amount of carb is well within the limit required by LCHF.

So where is the difference between two seemingly opposite concepts.Dont you think? A food for thought.

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Coeliac disease an auto immune disease due to allergy to protein /gluten found in wheat.But it's incidence is very rare in india.It affects mainly America and Europe.Prominant symptom is leaking gut.IBS is altogether different thing but coeliac disease may co exist with ibs.

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You are right.it is still not being diagnosed in general practice.But some localised studies do point out that diseases. incidence is about the same as else where.It is too early to reach a definit conclusion.you quick to catch.


are sure diabetes can't be cured? i don't agree with u why i hav a family friend who got the typ 2 due to stress and depression because he wasn't working for 2 years, after getting something to do and with less stress i mean everything is ok, he stick to his doctor medications and precautions given to him, i am telling you now that the diabetes just disappear just like that he is eating everything even alcohols and there are no problems for 3 years now and his doctor has confirm he hasn't get any diabetes


That is one long User Name.

How do you remember it ? :)

I wish, I were in your friends shoes. In my case Diabetes though heriditary, was sparked off early, due to the same reasons as your friend. But it still continues to stay with me, inspite of my occassional best efforts.



never give up, stick to your doctors advice and cut down cab. and dont forget your exercise, live a stress free life, and i cant say is the remedy but anything can happen in the near future. stay blessed.


Thanks buddy,

Will keep in mind.


What you mean by " My occasional best efforts".


Best efforts : Controlled Diet; Walking ; Exercise; Yoga; Controlled Lifestyle; Stress-Free and Regular Medication.

Occassional Best Efforts - Donot follow above religiously. Get diverted many a times from my path.



You are doing fine.My best wishes.


Some time back I had written on this forum about transient short. duration diabetes.This type of diabetes don't find any mention in any text book.It is a type of diabetes which occurs in many persons generally during a period of intense stress and strain.It gets cured with or without medication after a variable period of time.


Dear india cratus,I have read your article and complimented you.Please note that in the post I have made comparison on carb. intake only.There appears virtually no difference in the intake of carb in both forms of dietary regime.I have not commented on fat or protein part.Shortly I will post an article on fat consumption.One thing I have not said any thing for or against any form of diet.


Hi patliputra,

I do no think that LCHF and LWMD are opposite concepts (though people are trying to prove so). Both the concepts insist on low carbohydrates intake. As suggested by part of LWMD, that one should include diabetic friendly curries along with LWMD and normal meal (lunch). As far as I am concerned (and I believe others also feel the same), both the methods are to control or cure diabetes. I think, already some members are trying a combination of these two methods. May be, I can also try that once I reach my goal of HbA1C < 6.

But a rather serious thought could be given to: "Why, even after eating the so called carbohydrate 'Long Wheat', one is not getting any abnormal sugar values?" May be, the chemical scientists/ experts have to pour some light on this.

Coming to medfree: Man, you either have some patience to read others' comments properly or stop your freaky comments against users or topics. I mentioned about my daily diet chart so many times. I said I am on LWMD and many have talked about what to eat and follow in LWMD. If you are not in a situation to infer from them, sorry mate, you really need some patience or spare others from your mocking and laughable comments. That is why I preferred to not to talk about your comments. Again I am telling: STICK TO YOUR SUGGESTIONS and if possible try to post some new LCHF recipes that would really help others. I do not have anything against you, you are doing a good job of suggesting people how to control diabetes. I am also here to help myself and to help others, if possible, but not to play games. Again do not come out with a reply with assumed tit-tat intentions. Do not take it too much personal, it is a public forum with different opinions. Just chill out.



the basic difference is veg diet is natural and safe for diabetics with no sugar while LCHF is totally artificially created,unnatural and unsafe in the long run for all and especially diabetics


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