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Five Supplements worth taking

I keep getting questions on Supplements, as Diabetes tend to feel that they are...

Kerala Man’s New Jackfruit Flour Helps Control Diabetes, Bags National Award

Jackfruit is now clinically proven to reduce blood sugar levels and help reverse...

My PP Sugar reading at 100 today !

Today, morning I did my usual static yoga, Pranayam...meditation...took a nice w...
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Diet plan

Hi Namaha, I have read your posts before and see you have made strides with your...

Good morning everyone you have a new admin.

Hello everyone, I'd like you all to welcome barani19 as your new Admin., please....

COVID-19 First Dose of Vaccine and Blood Sugar Control

Hi everyone. I wanted to let you know that yesterday ( 2-17-2021) I had gotten m...

My Blood Sugar Readings today !

My fasting blood sugar was hovering around 78- 90 for the last two months. I had...

Corona virus coming to an end in India?

Very interesting news report. What is different in India compared to rest of the...

Any info about this

What are the side effects of Metformin and Glycazide Salts used to control Diabetes?

What are the side effects of Metformin and Glycazide Salts used to control Diabe...

Low Fat Plant Based Whole Food- What it is ?

Some members have been asking me \"What exactly is the Low Fat Plant based Whole...

March 2021 Reading Rabbits 🐇📖

Calling All Readers! This is our March 2021 Reading Rabbits Book Posting. You c...

What is type 3 diabetes?

This below is from Healthline on type 3 diabetes:...

Why Everything You’ve Been Told About Food Is Wrong. ?

An Interesting video clip two hours long.!

Happy to have my favorite food again!

Hi All, I'm really happy to have my favorite food, Bhel Puri stomach full again....