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Covid19 & Diabetes- Covid19 forced us to bring in Some life style changes-10 Habbits that I would love to continue for ever..

Covid19 forced us to take a Pause from this busy life and bring in changes in o...
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Dietary Fibre and Diabetes

Dietary fiber is a kind of carbohydrate not digested by our digestive system and...
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Combination of 2 Ayurvedic drugs

Can I take bgr 34 & sugar knocker together
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Sugar Level Increase Before Breakfast

Hello Friends Since my Mother no more, I was having tension. What I'm observin...

after exercise why blood sugar goes so fast

checked in the evening it was 180 , after done half an hour exercise it came to ...

No new posts asking questions on type 2!!

It is good that there are no more new posts on type 2. May be Lockdown has given...

Healthy Practices to be followed by the Diabetes at all times-especially during the current Crisis of Covid19 Pandemic

I came across an article today published in a news paper on Healthy Practices to...
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''Inverse Vaccine” to Treat Type 1 Diabetes Passes Phase I Clinical Trial
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There was a woman...

Who went to the doctors and found she had diabetes. \"But I follow the healthy ...

Diabetes India.

why have I suddenly switched from diabetes India to positive wellbeing...I want ...

June 2020 Reading Rabbits 🐇📖

Calling All Readers! This is our June 2020 Reading Rabbits Book Posting. You c...
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how to see old posts

I want to go through old posts of 2017

Query regarding medication

Hello I was diagnosed with diabetes February this year. With HBA1C of 11.7 and F...

Low Vitamin D level linked to Covid19 complications & mortality - Study on Data from 20 countries.

Interesting study reveals there is a link between Vitamin D level & Vulnerabilit...
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Can we Substitute Metformin with Berberine?

I m taking Glycomet GP2 twice a day for diabetes type2 since last 3 years... Can...

Birthday Wishes Thank You! :-)

Good morning everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful day/evening so far. I w...
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Galvusmet 50/500

What are the pros & cons of taking GALVUSMET 50/500 daily?

administrators birthday

activity 2004 wish you happy birthday and prosperous future

Type 1 Diabetes Educator Donates Plasma after recovering from COVID-19 An interwiew with her

What she saysabout her experience in the interview By Allison Caggia April 29...

Doctors view on covid19 (An Article)

This article was originally published on and was wri...

Glucometer Results

I am a DM Type II patient for the last 20 years. I am monitoring the glucose lev...

Free from diabetics

I have joined in the program by dr.pramoth. I have seen a good result b y changi...

altrnative treatment for covid 19 virus infection -a case for comments

*🙏 Observation of Efficacy of Ginger powder in Covid 19 positive patients. (Ef...