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My RBS is above 500+ Even After Taking Insulin

Hello all, i was recently diagnosed and found that Random Sugar is Higher (288) ...


What food in LCHF diet is good.please give what food to be in the morning, after...

Can Diabetes be cured totally with Ayurvedic Medicines without using Allopathy? Mukkamala.

I've been a Diabetic for the last 15 years. Presently, I am using Allopathy medi...

What is the efficacy index of T2 meds on BS level.

Can one quantify the effect of 500mg Metformin on Blood Sugar level ? for eg. If...

High fat with coconut oil and low carbs, diabetes can be reversed

With Coconut oil and fats but without carbs for 4 months, the diabetes can be re...
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