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is banana ok for diabetes?

Please tell me the fruit names which we can take in type-2 dibeties.

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Introductory post

Hey there, I am Senthil Nathan from Karaikkudi, a small town in south...

I'm (45 yrs)diabetic 10 yrs and had a CAD 6 yrs back. since I am taking lot of medicines,I am developing acute gastritis.Any special tablets

Increase in Fibre Intake helps diabetes....

Zero-G Gluten-free products : good for diabetes 1. Zero-G Gluten-free Sli...

Awareness to the parents......!!!!!!!!

My dear parents of the kids who are diabetes, u must have lot of mental strength...

How to control your Diabetes.

I am diabetic for the past 5 years. I happen to come across this wonderful artic...

I am taking Metafort -G853, Metasens 500 in the morning and than lunch I am taking Jalra 50mg and Metasens 500.

I am taking Metafort -G853, Metasens 500 in the morning and than lunch I am taki...

i am patient of both bp & diabetes. which fruit should i take & in how much quantity?

does apple cider vinegar help to control diabetes ?

friends have you heard of sugar block diet ? has any one tried it ?

how to control diabetes

Hi, Iam having diabetes last 16years .Iam using insulin but my sugar levels are...

what is the sugar level normal range? what is the normal level of sugar range?

Team, can any one let you know your feedback " does a store of sugarless sweets and icecreams would be success " to start..

does it works ..i feel i am missing these from past 10 years ..

i am having type 1 diabetes ..which exercise i should do ?

my ff is hovering around 140-150 for a long time and pp from 170-190 with medicine. how to bring it down

can stem cell therapy cure diabetes type 2 if yes send details

Energy is in Glucose.From where a diabetic can get the required energy if he quit taking sugar in all forms.

i am taking glimestar m1sr 500 one tab after b'fast & one after dinner blood sugar pp is 125 to 140 may i reduce dose of medicine ?

can drinking of jiuce made from wheat grass power on empty stomach daily will control / lead to better management of sugar level?

Controlling Blood Sugar Levels

Carbohydrates are basically the main source for formation of glucose in the huma...

Any surgical solution for Diabetes?

Is there anyone who has direct information about the recently introduced surgica...

Enjoy life with family and kids ,type one diabetes..............:)

So my next experiment can i be a mother? And the answer was definitely yesssssss...

i am having one glucose of blood level before tiffin is never reducing below 120 mgl and 230 mgl after 2 hours taken tiffin. why

Early morning Hyperglycemia (High Blood Glucose)... for TYPE 1 Diabetics... Be aware

If you get a Hyperglycemia (High BG Level) in the mornings adjust your insulin d...

Diabetes Type 2 - nasty surprise, learning to operate gadgets.

Sometimes, life gives nasty surprises. I was having a big uncalled for pride in ...

i want to ask about sex life of diabetic?

I understand a diet rich in protein and low in carbs without much variation in nomal fat intake reduces Blood sugar levels.

I have experienced myself by replacing some of the carbohydrates in my morning b...

My Hb1Ac test shows 5.2 ,i m taking Glycomet SR 500 mg, is it ok? having type 2 since last year