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HbA1c to eAG Calculator

I have tried to convert my A1C of 6.6% to eAG and ADA websites convert it to 125...

Any suggestion for posting a tabular column?

I want to post a tabular column. Any suggestion on how tovdo it?

What is the medicine for burning aound anus with a small pimple type boil near anus.

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Guide for Veg LCHF Diet ?

Can any one suggest LCHF Diet for vegetarian's ? I am pure vegetarian just like ...


Morning black tea with 5 pieces of badam(almonds) followed by 2 eggs omlete and ...

Lchf diet acts quick on your ppbs.

Mainly carbs are responsible for surge in sugar spike after no carbs no ...

What is the effect of melatonin on blood sugar?

my condition ..please help

friends, today i have done fbs 99 and after eating upma at 10.00 in the mornin...

type 2 from 2 fasting is 106 and pp is 158.not taking medicines .just controlling diet with lchf and i on the right

track or do i need to take medicines.also need to know if a diabetic sugar level...

i m male 59 my Fbs ranged 77-88 and pps 180 after 2hrs my liver,kidney prostrate glands , blodder,pancreas are normal functioning.

Microurea 20% and in electrolite Na++ nd K+ normal range and chloride is little ...

can the beta cells of pancreas improve after treatment

What is difference between type 1 & type 2

American Diabetes Association Finally embraces Low Carb Diet

Medfree AxEffect Please read this

Arjuna buckle is effective for diabetes and blood pressure ?

In 2009 my HBA1C was 8.0 in 2010--7.5 throughout the year ,in 2012 it was 7.0 but then on it reduced to 6.5 to 6.8 by use of tab Amaryl 1 mg

in 2013 it is 6.7,6.5 , 6.1, 6.0 in all quarter by tab and 45 min exercise so di...

Cholesterol levels vary by season, get worse in colder months

Cholesterol levels fluctuate based on the time of year with more un-favourable l...

Best breakfast for LCHF followers......

One egg omlete with 1/4th onion with dhania leaves with salt ,turmeric. eat it ...

How to lower LDL naturally.

What will be ayurbedic medicine for anal fissure

pl telldetailed information about lhfc diet

Fasting sugar 7.15am 127 consistently in spite of all the diet control and a tab of 500 mg metformin sr. No clue why as it is not supposed

to be so. Today I got up early at 5.00 am and thought of checking. It was 109 a...

I have been a T2 diabetic for the past 10 years, insulin dependent. But lately tried venturing out low carb, high fibre and good protein

combination diet. However i did not see a whole lot of difference in my hbA1c. I...

Know your carb level and control. Bfast 2 idlis, coffee w.o. sugar 2 hr PP blood sugar 217. Lunch 1 idli, sambar, green vegetable curry

(Broad beans and bitter gaurd) Butter milk. 2 hr PP 109.

Best artificial sweetener for diabetics.

Till date best artificial sweetener is STEVIA. Second no. Is SPLENDA. worst is ...

Doctor asked to take ALMIN TABS for 6 weeks ? what is the use ?

Doctor asked to take ALMIN TABS for 6 weeks ? what is the use ?

I am diabetic since 21 sugar reading between 2 and 3 am is around 100-110mg/DL but when I measure it in the morning it is higher by

30 to 40 mg/ DL. can you sujjest a solution to correct this problem.

Sir, I am aged about 49+. I am type 2 diabetic for the past 4 years. From the last 2 years i used to take GLICOMET GP2 and lost weight 6%

(glimepiride 2mg +metformin500mg) twice a day. i observed that i lost my weight ...

Please help

Hi I am dibetic from 3 years type 1 my age is 23 years I taking insuline 22 unit...

I Am Suffirig From Diabetic Neuropathy.taking Insulin 40 Units Both Time.still Sugar Level Is uncantoled.al1 is

please help me

5 weeks back i have checked my sugar levels on a random tests ..fasting 119 and ...