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Care for diabetes

Diabetes affect d person top to bottom.fight against is d only way to drive away...

my wife goes every now and then for urinating please suggest whether she i s having diabetees or not.

I'm 56 yrs.type 2 diabetic patient since 2005.My Hb Ac1test is 5.4. Whether it is controlled or not?

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I am 56 yrs old and diabetic since last one year and taking gilimi-2 . Is it right medicine. fasting sugar is 130

Hi, I am 45 years of age. I am diabetic for the last 1 year. I am taking metlong 500mg (sustained release) twice a day. .

My sugar levels a week ago were Fasting 120, PP 117. My energy level is going do...

How I will reduce creatinin level and leg shallow.

I am now 63years of age. Smoker. Non-vegetarian.Suffering from Type-II Diabetics...

Diabetics can be controlled with the help of change of life dtyle.

I am now 63 years of age. My health is sound. I am sufferinf from biabetics for ...

Can I control my Db beyond 160/280 ?what steps to be taken by me or what drugs to be suggested by you ? kunjbihari sharma

I have sugar level : Fasting - 140, PP - 240. What category / level is this ? First time Im having this.

Sciatic Nerve pain

Age 65. Male.Diabetic for 2yrs. Taking Metformin 500mg with Glimepride 1 half an...

plz suggest medicine for polyurea with sugar

I am diabetic from may,2005. I just take glycomet 500 mg twice a day. No walking / no exercise. Blood sugar level ranging from 150

To 240. No symptoms of feeling thirsty,giddiness, etc., I never been to a diabet...

What are the necessary to control diabetic?

to know how diabetes cure

my fasting 160 and pp 230 i use to walk every day 4 morning and swim for...

give correct Blood sugar level

Could physical exercise replace brisk walking in diabetes management?

Honey having high contents of sugar, could it be consumed along with any other substance (like cinnamon) used to control diabetes?

My sygar readings 123/255 and HbAlc reading at 7.4, Can I take one boiled egg daily?

FBS 236. How to reduce?

Am 66 years. Type-2 for eight years. Trying drugs under doctors' advise. Yoga...


Could you vouch the credibility of those people who have been giving answers as ...

how to control my serum creatinine level?

How to control Diabetes by Food control

age 54/male. About 15 months back came to know that I am having sugar problem. Tried many traditional things - no help. fasting 150 pp 356

Can any one suggest best Homeopathic/Aryuvedic Medicine to control diabetes. I am Type-1 diabetes. I am 58 years old.

why the govt. is not using the funds collected every year from road tax and vehicle insurance every year in constructing roads . .?!

...and why on earth private companies are being allowed to make roads and collec...

My experience with control of blood sugar

I had higher BS level with HbA1C above 10 and had gone angioplasty in Dec 11. I ...


Diabetes can be cured permanently. I am doing research for the past eighteen yea...

i am diabetic 55 year old am diabetic past 16 years i suffer from weight loss and ED . kindly advice me on weight loss n ED

Can Diabetics eat Dry Grapes as a fruit alternate? Will eating Dry Grapes increase Blood Sugar Levels?

Since Dry Grapes are Dry Fruits ,I feel we diabetic patients can eat.But still ...

i am 46 yr old and i found dibet last one months its 153 fasting and 198 what can u suggest me can i take some medicine or what please ?????