Why doctor prescribed expensive medicine

I just search on internet and found that there are many cheap substitute of expensive medicine are available in the market then my question is why doctor prescribed expensive one. Though they all are captains same ingredient/ composition of same quantity (40mg)

If the medicine which one prescribe by your doctor is not available at your pharmacist you may find substitute at "www.healthkartplus.com" there are many of the medicine having substitute.


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  • You can always buy alternative medicine if found cheaper and made by a reputed company.Make sure that the composition is same as the prescribed medicine.

  • There are Branded and unbranded (Generic) medicines. MNCs charge high for the same Generic medicines. People who are less aware beccome victims.

  • Perhaps, many of the doctors know only the brand names of the medicines told to them by medical representatives, who visit them. I don't know, how many doctors are able to take the time out of their busy schedule to update / upgrade themselves about medicines and health.

    One of the worst example is : Doctors prescribing Combination drugs for Diabetes.


  • 30 years back, I had commented to a person, that it is the pharmaceutical companies that prescribe drugs to the patients and not the Doctor, and I was hoping, that I would be proved wrong.

  • @medfree,

    I accept.

    I can specially corelate with your experience with the thyroid problem that your wife faced.

    I have seen a lady being over-prescribed for hyperthyroidism & today that lady is at 50% of the drug initially prescribed. Absolutely no change in anything in terms of diet or anything else, just a shift to a different doctor ( who listened to the patient & understood things properly ), simple reduction of the dose & the results were same. Same was the case with the lady's diabetes medications, which has been reduced by 75%.

    I understand, it has become more difficult to find good and honest doctors.


  • 100%true

  • Hi tuharttp, I have the same Experience with few well known & Endocrinologist & Diabetologist in Vasantha Nagar – Bangalore.

    Example No 1 (for Diabetic):-

    1) Amaryl 3 mg is costing Rs.145/ 10 tablets manufactured by SANDFI INDIA LTD-GOA.

    2) Glimy 3 mg is costing Rs.80/10 tablets manufactured by Dr Reddy Laboratories Ltd

    3) Glyree (3 Mg) is costing Rs 69/10 tablets manufactured by IPCA Laboratories Ltd

    Doctors are on the opinion that Amaryl is the best tablet in spite of the contents of all the 3 are same – Reasons do not know.

    Example No 1 (for Diabetic):-

    1) Istamet 50/1000 is costing Rs.385/ 14 tabs manufactured by Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd

    Contents were imported from Netherlands and Marketing in India from there Mumbai office.

    Indian Manufacturers are helpless to manufacture this in India (Reasons Not Known) – There are no alternate for the same and doctors unable to put a combination for the same.

    Example No 3 (for BP):-

    1)Telmidil-H 40 mg costing Rs. 90/10tablets do not remember Company name

    2)Temsan –H 40 mg costing Rs.30/10 tablets manufactured by Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd

    This is my personal experience. FYI.

    Though Diabetic is not a disease why we are facing this kind of day robbery like this? Please share every one's comments & experience.

  • I agree. Sanofi Aventis (AMARYL) has many substitute & equally effective. So when Doctor tells you it is the best, don't believe him. He has a vested interest in it. I have substituted drugs from equally reputed companies, but at less than half the price of Amaryl with no adverse effect on results and tell the doctor insistently to prescribe that & then he is obliged to do so. For example , AMARYL M2 FORTE is at about 165 for 10 is substituted by AZULIX M FORTE by torrent at about 80 rupees. At least for you when you know you have a choice. For others, who are still thinking doctors to be the God, God help them.

    Yes ISTAVEL / ISTAMET (Sitagliptin + Metformin) is the most expensive pill for diabetes and only is marketed by SUN. Yet now there is no known substitute for it known to me.

    Either keep a hard copy of CIMS or DRUGS TODAY at home or subscribe to their site to get alternates.

  • The issue is that Docs prescribe combinatins also. Instead of 3 tab I am prescribed TAH 40 for BP. It has three salts. May be I can get three salts in generic form cheaper but there will be issue of taking three tabs to make equivalent of TAH 40. May be the generics not available as required in my case. ANother thing I find medicines of Man Pharma are less expensive.

  • Yes Mankind Pharma has very economical medicines. In a short span the company has risen to No 8 in the country with sales over 2000 crores.

  • But they are focussed on North market & NCR & hardly have any presence in west & east.

  • NO, Mankind is very strong here in Mumbai and West , even South..Its a Pan India comp.

  • TAH 40 MG is from INTAS & is a combo of telmisartan 40 mg, amlodipine 5 mg, hydrochlorothiazide 12.5 mg. It is about Rs. 95 for a strip of 10. A similar combo from reputed companies could be :- TELLYZ AH from Alembic, but same price. TELMIKIND from mankind is for Rs. 50, but I do not trust the North/ Delhi based pharmaceutical companies. TELMAH from Glenmark is almost at same price Rs. 99. However, if you are willing to take at least Telmisartan & Amlodipine + Hydrochlorothiazide , then cot can be cheaper by at least 30% on MRP. But you have to take 2 tablets at least instead of 1 currently. Talk to your doctor about the cost factor, he can give better substitutes.

  • Now substitute is available ZEITA Tabs, perhaps by GLENMARK PHARMA, cost almost half @ Rs 199 for 7 tabs..

  • ISTAMET i& ISTAVEL s a pack of 14 tablets. So ZEITA may be as expensive or more, it seems.

  • CIMS have there site cimsasia.com Check there for prices..

  • ZEITA by GLENMARK @ Rs 199 for 7 tabs...almost half the cost..

  • One doc used to ask what the patient ate yesterday. It determined the medicines as well as path tests.

  • Is LCHF panacea of all problems .What are its side effects?Diabetic problem only temporarily subsides and returns later certainly steadily as I know for last 25 years.

  • Istamet contains Sitpligtin +Metformin. If u purchase only Sitagliptin its 7 tablets for both 50mg or 100 mg each cost above 300+. WHen u purchase Istamet 50/500 it costs Rs.345 for 15 tablets. in other words Compound is 50% cheaper.

  • Good suggestion. We must buy cheaper medicines if composition is same and also from reputed manufacturer!

  • It's all about money, honey!

  • you can share if you know generic medicines for diabetic and BP medicines like Glycomet GP1 Telstart H for BP . People and doctor may help me and others this way. This forum is to save money and anybody can suggest correct generic medicines for above two and other medicines,

  • Here is one link for generic Metformin :



  • Pls refer some medicine names

  • You need to complete your question with reference to a medicine. If you do, this forum would help you.

  • It is simple. As long as the nexus between the hospitals, doctors and drug marketing & producing companies will continue, this poison pill business would continue. Indian Medical Council is now advocating to prescribe only by generic name, so that patients can choose their best options. This presupposes that quality is uniform, which is not so unfortunately in India. Here a "paper weight of currency" can tilt everything against patients. More than 50% of the drugs prescribed are no better than a placebo initially unless your case becomes a clear case of debilitating illness, like diabetes.

    So the best option is discuss the same with doctor aggressively & also to register on sites like MIMS.COM or CIMS.COM or at DRUGSTODAY.COM and do a search.

    Initially it might/ would confuse you, but you would get used to it and would know your options for the best priced drugs & from all reputed companies & also from other companies who normally just register a product by submitting a "drug dossier" without making them so that they have a window open for future.

    One more thing, this nexus of availability of only certain company drug percolates down to your neighbourhood chemists, so he may not be stocking the best options for you but would keep only those that are prescribed by the nearby doctors who just act as "selling agents" for few companies.

    Your safest bet for generic would be from top 10/15 Pharmaceutical companies & then you can decide the best priced ones. You also need to keep your doctor in the loop so that he is aware that he is dealing with an informed patient & not the one who still believe doctors to be a reincarnation of Gods. They are not, they are just professionals, like you and me.

    Sadly this malaise is an open secret that is so hard to weed out. It has resulted in past into strikes/ boycott/ shutter down/ slow down etc. by chemists, doctors & even protests by companies.

  • If you are in Hyderabad, you can visit Jana Jeevana Medical Halls, across city, who sell Generics at a discounted price. The rates are significantly lesser then any regular medical halls.

  • Very true...this site definitely helps you with cheaper substitutes.

    Onecan comfortably n confidently go for them.

  • In Gurgaon & Delhi, a discount of 7% to 10% is norm & in Mumbai it can be 5% to 8%. Only issue is that you have to ask for it, else they all sell at MRP. I am not aware of South scenes.

  • Request ur Doctor to prescribe generic medicines

  • Thank you for valuable information.

  • thanks for the information; this is really useful. i am also one of the sufferers of this unholy nexus between doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

  • You have to be careful that you dont buy duplicate medicines. I have in the past bought medicines from some medical stores which have used reputed names and did not work. So now I be careful where I buy medicine from. Reputed stores may select only medicines that work.

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