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Physical illness with treatment resistant depression

HI, can I transcribe a loooong rant I posted on "thyroid"? I have not been allowed to call myself depressed or physically ill, as I live in Jersey Channel islands, & the GP's (all private) here have buried me alive along with my medical records. I have never received treatment other than AD's which don't work & make me ill. They are in denial. I self treat, via OTC snakeoil? but have S.A.D - A 2nd opinion from a GP - the 1st in 40 years! has told me that the alopecia & depression is secondary, & that I need to get my GP to refer me to endo, but they have steadfastly refused for 40 years to refer me!

Meanwhile I am losing the battle to want to stay alive....

so the 5HTP's & metavive & vit D only go so far.... Here is what I posted on thyroid in answer to a query -


Yes from 24/10/18.

Free T3 4.3 pmol/L ( 4.3 - 8.1 ).

This blood was taken 9am, I had ingested NDT - (obtained privately - internet), only

hours b4, as I would have felt too ill to make appt otherwise, so it would have been below range had I not?

T4 11.7 pmol/l ( 10.0 - 25.0 )

TSH 0.62 mU/l ( 0.50 - 5.00 )

Cortisol 314 nmol/l ( 09:00hr 125-630 )

Ferritin 46 ug/l ( 8 - 205 )

Transferrin saturation 47.5 % ( 20- 50 ) This was below range just a few months before!? - for years...

Iron 31 H umol/l ( 7 - 30 )

Adjusted Calcium 2.16 L mmol/l ( 2.20 - 2.60 )

The Calcium & thyroid was still low, but some other things that had been quite hi or lo were reversed to lo & hi! But that could be explained by all the supplements I buy.

I asked for the hashimoto's test, but received the graves test instead....

If I was a cynic - I would be suspicious of a cover up, especially in view of the disappeared records, & revision of my Celiac diagnosis. All GP's in Jersey cost £43. plus, repeat scripts £6.50, referral letters, bone scans, x rays all cost extra.

I will have to sell my house in order to find a GP that is willing to refer me to the only Endo.

I have been told that the Chronic Major depression, the dry skin, the collapsed discs, the rickets & osteoporosis, the secondary hyperparathyroidism & the baldness are all down to thyroid disease _ told me by a GP that won't take me on or refer me himself. I have lost count of the GP's that I have sought a 2nd opinion from, only to be told stay with your present practice, & take antidepressants & sleepers ( which make me ill & don't work ), & when my BP goes dangerously high & fibrillation takes over - they prescribed propranolol, along with 11 other drugs, which also made me ill - & don't work .

So because the only drug that I can take is cetirazine, I am seen as an awkward nuisance.

So I pay hundreds £ each year for antihistamines, & the death stare from 'gone native' GP.

And as if that wasn't bad enough - suicidal ideation, dissociative disorder, amnesia, major depression, confusion & C ptsd are not only NOT treated here, they are denied, even if u have been diagnosed by a GP & psychologist. The shrinks only diagnose chemical imbalance diseases, & The GP treats with anti D's, (the shrink just box ticks them), only 8 of the very cheapest, often banned by other countries available to choose from, or lithium!

U can only get computerised CBT here, which is unsuitable for most, esp if u have a physical disease. They dare not let u have that if u were abused by the psches b4 though! They have shoved CBT onto the charities now, but they don't tell the public that it's just good old fashioned OH behave! therapy dressed up as "talking therapy"

But the Human rights people are told something totally different to what the 'sick to death victims' of the fake health service experience here!

So - in other words, if u have a physical illness like (central hypothyroidism) ,here u are told that its - A. laziness/hypochondria - B. CFS, assuming u are still alive by then, & C - your records only go back 10 years - or whatever.

Sorry about the long rant, but there is no support here, I cant even join the alopecia group!

Maybe I should paste this onto anxiety & depression forum??

feel free to ignore all but the lab numbers though!


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As a person who only takes supplements, I can sympathize strongly with your attitude towards doctors & the big cover up. Here in America it's even worse. No regular GP will treat you with any supplement. Government funded insurance ie, Medicaid, Medicare, won't pay for any natural treatment or supllement. If they can't shove a drug down your throat, than they don't wanna deal with you! Believe me, it's a world wide epidemic!


Hey, The american model has parallels everywhere. The medical establishment takes it's cue from USA. But here in Jersey ( which is a small but very conservative tax haven island off western coast of France ) you cannot remove yourself to another Dr's practice, or refer yourself to a specialist - even with proof of illness! Big pharma pays the practice to push toxic inappropriate drugs in place of investigation & treatment.

We pay social security insurance, but also have to pay the Dr as well. Pay twice! Very pricy. They don't investigate disease, or refer patients, (unless it is to Psychiatrist, who tells you that you are physically not mentally ill, & that you have to go back to GP again), if there is long standing neglect, until all organs fail. Cheap, banned by every other country drugs are stockpiled til they run out, & used on vulnerable poor people - in place of proper medicine.That is how they killed my Family. I had tests done at great expense, that prove the damage done from their refusal to treat me, but that just alienates them even more.& leads to more cover - ups. I can't even get a SAR to prove to a UK lit - Lawyer that I was in an abusive institution as a child! I have no record of my existence!

After you nearly die from the anti-depressants that are the only drugs on offer, even if they affect your heart! & don't help. The psychiatrists here only prescribe cheap anti-depressants to people with trauma or depression, no therapy, all Dr's here are just licenced drug pushers.

You cannot sue them either, & yet they still make the medical records disappear. The insurance the Dr's pay is small, as there can never be a claim made against them!

If word gets out that a Dr or nurse dies as a result of civil servant administrative incompetence - they find a scapegoat, one of the surgeons, who is no where near the hospital at the time. zero accountability, zero ability to get the treatment needed - anywhere.

The wealthy (ironically) get their treatment privately, abroad. The USA is a favourite location, especially for medicine. I get my enzymes & vitamins/antioxidants, & hormones like thyroid, from mainly internet shopping sites. You have to learn nutrition & endocrinology & self treat - where ever you live now, the days of real medicine appear to have been displaced by a heartless international cabal of greed driven propagandising poisoning shareholders. GP's here are part of that chain.

The UK is getting almost as bad now too. UK's NHS on it's knees. Thank God for internet broadband & forums like H U. I would be dead by now otherwise. The pills I buy will keep me alive just long enough to put my affairs in order, I hope to scare them b4 I go though.

I am now going to try & make an appt with the DR I am registered with to try for the umpteenth time to get a referral to the endo, as advised by various 2nd opinion GP's that I have seen over the last year.

Then later I will have to mortgage the house....

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Amen to the sentiment expressed and I'm terribly sorry at the horrible treatment you and your family has gotten. Be it UK or US, healthcare is a joke and isn't care at all. I have naever taken andrug and I don't plan it ever, unless my life is directly threatened! But, self treaing isn't optimal either as I don't have the proper training, despite more than 20 years of doing it. I will pray for you J583. Have as blessed of a day as you can!

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Bless you too JEG325! and thankyou. I pray you never have to take a pill. The healthiest people I know here never see a DR. I could relate some horror stories about Jersey drugs, (Uk Dr's treat Jersey & the drugs they use as a joke), but I don't want to give anyone anymore nightmares !


Agreed. We'll skip the nightmares.

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I don't understand all the medical talk but 100% sympathise with what you're going through and how doctors don't listen or take stuff seriously. My son has Tourette's syndrome , we have had no support at all from doctors . It isn't the tics that have been the biggest problem, it's the way he behaves and doesn't quite understand to deal with social settings etc. It has turned our lives upside down. I've been to private docs , children's hospital...... mental health professionals, emergency ward ....... and NOTHING!! At one point I was begging for help because my poor boy became suicidal and I can't for the life of me understand why no one would take it seriously, I barely slept for years . I was considering selling my home to go to America, as there is far more research and understanding there. Not much here down under. Happy to say he's doing really well at the moment, for the first time since he was little, it really feels like a miracle!!!!!!

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My heart go's out to you, & your son . The most vulnerable are at the mercy of these callous Dr's, it seems.

I think a lot of it is down to their ignorance though. also conditions like tourettes (I'm guessing) don't attract attention because they don't get drug treatment? so no real research maybe...

So pleased your Son is better than b4. It certainly sounds like a miracle!

God bless you both xx


Hi Jersey citizens advice at

gives contact points with free telephone and e mail. You can ask them about your

citizen status, and how to apply for permanent citizen status as you have no paper

trail. Other questions can be asked. You deserve some answers. Take care.


Thanks, but It's all fake. Look behind the contact points, there's 0 there. Potemkin village.

I have appt with the GP that I am stuck with on Tuesday. I will ask again for a referral. If they say no, the 2nd opinion GP might take me on & refer me.

I have not been able to work for years BTW.

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It is horrendous how people are being treated with thyroid conditions. From Thyroid unlocked. There are so many people who cannot access T3 as the government is now restricting it to those who need it - the people who need it cannot argue with the endo so go it alone to use NDT- then they find the NDT may not have T3 in it . Some have been unable to work for over 18 month after initial diagnosis.

-What is happening to the food and drug industry? NDT is not under regulation as it is a food supplement. There is bovine NDT rather than porcine but have no idea where you can buy it. There is a company in Germany which sells T3 with olive oil

but we cannot access it as we are not in France. Receptura is the name of the company - but they have distributors your side of the Channel.


I don't know which country you live in hawii60. I get the metavive from the UK online. There are posts on Thyroid UK on metavive. I don't think I am allowed to mention merchants, but I looked up metavive, no problem with purchase, in spite of severe brain fog! I take the bovine 1, its cheaper, have to take a lot though, as it's mostly rice.

A friend gave me some old T3's to try, thats how I came to HU, the Dr's here stopped her meds when it got to £260 per 28 pills. I found a way for her to trick them into getting her script back, she rewarded me with some old meds, & I discovered that I was also hypo, but I could not get a referral. Then I ran out.

I have not been able to work since 1989.

Big pharma really stitched up good ole NDT & T3 didn't they? (not to mention major depressives & Hypothyroid sufferers,) so that they could corner the 'poison every 1 at our expense' market...


having trouble with links.


Dr Mercola recommends it for helping brain function. My links are out of date.


Hi Jenny - your history is a puzzle with so many problems.

- a really good artcicle explaining why t3 is not converted from t4.

liver - gut- oestrogen- chronic stress increase the lowering of t3 .

Dr K recommends Porcine NDT from Argentine with no additives -

may be chaniging to porcine might help. No need to reply.

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Thanks dagrant, great article. I wish Arizona were in Channel islands... so many tests available in USA. The article on how we get Hypo is spot on & echos my experience exactly. It is a shame that the education & treatment - like so many other things is not available in this tiny microcosm.

Is it possible to obtain porcine NDT here though? I get (mainly rice filler) NDT style supplements (bovine) - but it is no where near as good as Liothyronine, which is what I have been advised I need,& tried via a friend, but U can only get it through Endo.

There is no private Endo here.


Hi Jenny - have looked at the mission statement on search for CAB Jersey Channel Islands. Please do no laugh out loud- "Independent confidential and impartial advice that islanders need for the problems they face. Independent confidential and independent advice for the problems they face. We champion the rights of individuals and promote equality and justice for all."

Online advice.

Please let me know if you can find this facility through your search engine - if not try Qwant search engine - it is EU and can find better info than from Uk search engines.


CAB have nothing to offer the likes of me, they just have mission statements for charities & services for people in UK. Or prisoners, or the names of charities for people with things like cancer. The only advice they offer is debt counselling. There isn't even psychotherapy here. When you dig down under the individual listings - there is nothing there!

I went through it last year with fine tooth comb. I got in touch with all the charities listed, they all turned out to be UK only, they replied to me OK, but to let me know that there are no local services.

The police got a rape counselling charity called JAAR to phone me, as that is the only charity here, I have dissociative disorder, so the last thing I need is reminders of what is best forgotten from decades ago, so I politely declined...

Could this be why Jersey has possibly the highest suicide rate in world?

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Stirling and Bridgnorth have a lot of suicide rates too. I guess you know your system inside out. As you have so many problems from your past that have been unresolved, you have so much anxiety and depression arising from encounters with medical services and callous disregard, you have additional stress on your system.

When you are stressed it can affect your whole body. Avoiding people and stressful situations is one way of coping. Have just a post saying the person takes her NDT 5 times a day, and this has helped rather than once a day. Do you think you might try this? PTSD sometimes is an agonising experience reliving the past so you cannot move on. It might take years of counselling and when you can no longer afford the counselling, you might well feel you have been left high and dry. Think you have shown what a strong person you are. I believe you can help yourself further with

making sure your sodium potassium are balanced, and you are getting enough magnesium and phosphorus, as well as the other supplements you are taking.

It is disgraceful that you have not had proper tests and diagnostics for

adrenal insufficiency and thyroid problems. I would worry that unless you can find a recommendation from someone else living on Jersey you might waste your time and money.

If your NDT is under prescription from a doctor I have no idea if T3 is in the prescription. If it is bought from elsewhere, may be it has it in. There has to be the light in your life as well as the dark - and enjoying simple pleasures such as walking

or other activities probably help. I would conserve your energy to live for your priorities -your son and not bother fighting windmills. May be you can find another doctor in the region which has Uk NHS links? May be when your doctor is on holiday you might meet another more flexible doctor who can help? Failing that would you move to Uk mainland with better NHS services?


I went to live in UK for 7 years at age 16. I had thyrotoxicosis. Before the GP would treat me I had to give up my job as an electronics development engineer, on my 23rd birthday, even then he refused to treat me until I got a cleaning job, I went through several jobs that usually lasted 1 day, then sacked, as I was too weak to push a hoover junior vacuum cleaner. Then I got a job with a team of psychopaths that had been collected from Boots the chemists from all over Nottingham, as no 1 would work with them, & boots policy was to never sack any1!

The development firm I had worked for went bust, everyone lost their job, as I was -I'm told the only lateral thinker, the key worker & not afraid of the responsibility involved.

He finally let me have the treatment on the 1st january, then he told me I had thyroid storm, the firm took me into sick bay as I was blacking out again, they then told me that when I got the job it was only because they couldn't get anyone else & that my kidneys were failing, but not to tell anyone as I had not passed the medical on the start!

I got too ill too stay & was told to clear off back to Jersey. I had a very expensive mortgage, but though I was paying it I was to young to have the house in my name. A 'husband on paper' marriage of inconvenience owned it - technically. Trouble is he was alcoholic psycho. Never ever marry a stranger, however terrified of homelessness, it really is out of frying pan into fire.

Needless to say, while I was back in jersey, he was spending £100000s from the sale - booze & gambling.

He followed me back here when money ran out. I could not hold a job down, I lived in a guesthouse for a while at over £100 pw. I could not get rid of him. Couldnt get a doctor. The nottingham Dr gave me a carrier bag of max dose carbimazole & propranolol for the fibrillation, which lasted 6 months, after which I had to get them privately sent from UK. Never saw endo & only got blood tests after for last few months nearly 4 years & no block & replace or monitoring, no sick pay, & no medical records. I was in debt for years after. I was blacklisted in Jersey on account of complaints of crimes that I had made when I was 15. So I can't move to UK again, too old decrepid & unworkable. That quack in nottingham got arrested for fraud after I came back here. The alky that owned me & wouldnt allow me money clothes friends or food, drank himself to death after I divorced him, I married the man who took me in,( I had to go into hiding ) .

But the DR's were killing him, he only survived 8 years. They were poisoning him with dangerous drugs that had been banned elsewhere, like opron. then they left him to die of pneumonia. And they covered it up . A medic told me that they were not testing his blood, so it sounds like they were deliberately euthanasing him. All my family died at hands of quacks.

Not even people with hypothyroidism get NDT here, can people in UK get script?

I just take supplements, like metavive & L tyrosine, as u don't need script 4 those.

I have agoraphobia now, so walking is out, but I will persevere in putting my affairs in order, that keeps me going, I had to poison a troup of ants that came through 1 of the many cracks in wall earlier, I will look for the slow poison when I get back from quack.

A friend of mine had /has adrenal insufficiency but they won't treat her, they only recognise end stage addisons it seems. I must try & sleep now as appt is very early.

Sleeping pill doesn't seem to be working though.

Thx hawii60, & goodnite

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Hi Jenny - that is a book in itself! You are so on top of these things. I can't imagine how frustrated you are having been employed as an engineer only to fall ill and not get help until it was too late. Age seems to be against you but your determination

to find the right help for your osteoporosis, and the other thyroid problems has been thwarted by a reversal in practice by the Uk government to not prescribe T3

in Thyroid in medication, unless needed. It is catch 22 as you get referred to the

a young locum or young registrar who is here for a few months and scarpers and you have to pay for a fee to be told to drink orange juice! Ha!

Going back to the UK may seem difficult but as you are in a channel Island with

links to the UK, and have been living in a uk channel island, I can see your difficulties not wanting to move back to the same area, but may be there is another

region with sympathetic health care community with more research on thyroid and

and adrenal cortical problems. It is being part of a supportive community which may make the difference. The US sounds the dream but you have to run a business before you can reside there. You need proof of income, and the healthcare system is propped up by heavy insurance and many people just struggle

with no free health care. My worry for you is that if you need any operations you would have to pay for them. We live in Wales, but do have access NHS and privately to go to doctors in England. and referrals to central hospitals. Scotland is a caring community - to gain residency you can look at their rules on their government site. Hope you have a successful trip to the doctor today.

From your perspective you have seen the dark side of life, and you feel other peoples attitude will be different to you - may be it is time to wipe the page clean

and find somewhere else. Have heard of house swaps - would this be something that could work. If the valuation of your home is higher being than where you live

you can arrange for funds to be adjusted accordingly. Guess you will have to find

safe reliable information from several advisors, to not be conned. Suppose your son has education still - but his emotional security must be important to you.

You must be a thorn in everyone's flesh because you are so bright. Do you really want to stay on the island with no further medical care for your son in the future and none for your self. Whilst visiting my dad in kent he was very well looked after at this surgery, he had thyrotoxicosis. When staying there visited a village medical practice in a place called Headcorn - it was the first time I could see this surgery was up to date friendly and could refer you to the right services. My dad's surgery was very good too. Tunbridge Wells. He lived until his nineties and NHS care with serious ops for problems but led a happy life until his past few years of decline. There was a lady living in his block of flats who was swimming aged 96 and working for age concern!

Take care.


I only ever saw an endo registrar once, (Mr orange juice), but that was because my parathyroid glands were stealing calcium from my bones, & the parathyroid hormones were poisoning me as they were so high. I never managed to get an appt for the thyroid - ever.

I saw GP this AM. I took on board your advice about the iron levels, thanks!

So hopefully path lab will check that, I also asked for lupus AB's & hashi's AB's.

I have 3 specimen bags to take to lab for the vampire. I hope they don't just check iron as usual, I want the ferritin, as that is what they check in UK. She has put vit D on the form as well, yippy! I had osteoporosis for many years, but was too young to be treated, you have to be 65 in Jersey! but now that my parathyroid (which regulates calcium) has packed up, & because I am so noisy & cantankerous things may have changed, & someone may look into that - soon.

Those visits to 2nd opinion GP's seem to have shaken GP, as she is uncharacteristically cooperative for a change. I hope that the T3 will be very under range, that way I stand chance of seeing the new Endo. They don't go by symptoms & complications, just heretical lab numbers, Lol.

She has put on the immunology one "skin & hair changes, seeing the specialist"!

And on the haematology - "hairloss" but I can't make out the required test, FBC?

BTW my IQ is about half what it was, I have cognitive difficulties, probably brain damage, as well as 'probably thyroid related' brain fog, and so I have been told by several people that equity mortgage is only option. As I am unable to work, & as I would lose my pension if I emigrated, & as I still have nightmares about my 'exile to UK' where I was mainly homeless, & as my slum is unsaleable, thanks mainly to corrupt rentiers who bought up surrounding houses, & want to develop, & corrupt lawyers from UK, & as I have no connection to UK, at 61 YO I remain in what is my tomb.

I wish to renovate my uninhabitable tomb, and renovation is development - (without the wires)! - which I miss. Also there may be some money to leave - if I can borrow against the house, to bring it back to twice what it is. Maybe I could even split it in 2 to downsize, & then get a rent free tenant to hire maintenance tradesmen for ongoing repairs? As the house is unsaleable, & I am too ill to move...

Here in Jersey barren /orphan /widows need a tough man to fight for us, as we have no rights. In UK u have democracy, free speech, ombudsman EU regulations, proper law courts, public inquiries, court of human rights, ombudsmen, MP's, political parties, lobbying, free press & so on. It is very different there to the UK,( Jersey is not part of UK) it is a tax haven. The only link to UK is between the offshore tax avoidance,laundering & lawyer racket with the city of London. I was born here, I only went to UK at 16 coz I could not survive here, as I was unable to get accommodation or work. The only "free" service that is covered by our insurance here is hospital admissions, though the hospital is seen as a death trap, as my dead family would confirm!

I am so pleased your Dad did well after his op. I assume he was allowed Thyroxine to help with the missing hormones?

Take care


No need to reply to this. having looked up about your boreholes and water supply the water may not necessarily be dangerous to drink unless it has too much iron copper and manganese or has chemicals and pollutants including lead and aluminium waste, and fluoride. If you have renewed your private licence registration this is important to anyone living in this area to update it. I looked up the info on the Jersey gov site. As mentioned we had Steetley chemicals in Yorkshire to supply the chalk balls which stopped the water with copper eroding the pipes. Iron can turn to rust in pools so there are ways of reducing the oxidisation of the metal to rust through Steetely chemicals? A water distiller does help reduce the chemicals in the water but only one tackles VOR. It also removes chlorine which we have in our water. Everyone thinks I am making a fuss as I can taste any residue in the water. Glad you are better. Do you think you have too much iron in your water?



I do so feel for you and your son.

Life must be very tough for a young person with Tourettes.

My very best wishes to you both


Hi Jenny - as health unlocked has a lot of other sites under an umbrella, you could join thyroidunlockeduk. You may be able to obtain advice from administrators who can interpret your test results. Your ferritin levels look low. For your thyroid to work, you may need more selenium to help. Selenium and zinc helps the conversion to T4 with NDT to T3. Too high levels of vitamin D can make your iron levels too high. it also can make the calcium level too high Vitamin K is recommended to be taken with vitamin D as it prevents calcification of the arteries. Hope you can find added help to your physical underlying problems with the depression.


Hi hawii60,

I am under the umbrella X 5. I started with thyroid UK. They were/are very helpful. T uk told me that it sounds like I have central hypothyroidism. They taught me how to interpret blood results, & advised me on what tests to ask for. I am very grateful to them. I was not able to get a ferritin test till last october, after years of below range saturation levels, but the iron was over range that time in october, but the saturation levels were in range for the 1st time, I will ask what the endo says about the ferritin levels though, ( if I get to see him).

The knowledge I gained from T uk alienated the GP's though, & I was not able to get more than the FT3 & FT4, which confirmed my suspicions. They have closed ranks, so my only hope now is the Endo, if that is - IF I get the referral. The latest 2nd opinion GP that advised me to get endo referral was recommended by alopecia UK, as most of my hair has fallen out & won't grow back. They said he would refer me to dermatologist, but he didn't. He believes that all the illnesses including the skin, bones, depression, alopecia, & cognitive, cfs are endo. All the other GP's & 2nd opinions said I have chronic major depression, (they take the word of the GP but don't examine me), & that if the antidepressants make me ill & don't work then I have to take lithium instead, which I won't do.

I need to find out if the hypocalcemia is a possible cause too, as I had secondary hyperparathyroidism, & below range calcium still & getting lower also if I have other endocrine failures. If I alienate any more Dr's in the process then I don't care, as I am disfigured by very dry skin as well as being bald & housebound & in pain from nerve damage & skeletal/spinal disc porosis. I have 0 left to lose now. Also my iron levels go below then above range! So to get the big picture I need to see a proper DR. I am going to mortgage house now that I'm old enough, that will raise enough to see it through, also the lawyers.

BTW I take k2 D3 magnesium selenium zinc, & a whole host of other stuff which helped enormously, & got me out of bedriddenness, all thanks to thyroid uk, & so I proved to myself that my 'hypochondria' was not all down to malnutrition as GP suggested!

Thanks, I am getting there!


You have done so well - have odd snippets of info on hair growth, and prostaglandins.

Also have been reading information concerning other minerals which aid metabolism

and vitamin function. Hypercalcaemia is indicated with too high vitamin D and iron levels. Will send some links which might be useful and sure you will find other information to help as you are a skilled researcher.


Thank you hawii60 for your kind words.

I experiment with minerals. If I see something going cheap on line like 'warehouse deals' I try it. I take minerals every 3rd day to build me up, when I run out I will see if I change. I take individual vit b's every 3rd day, & a 8b's + c every 3rd day. Also daily at the moment coq10, vits D, K2 mag citrate, zinc,selenium, L-tyrosine, 5-htp, L-lysine, & metavive, which is OTC NDT & rice flour supplement, prescription cetirizine, & HRT. Need to try & find out what my iron levels are though, as I stopped taking them after getting headaches, then discovered weeks later that the iron levels were over range.

But when I started taking vitamins & liothyronine that a friend gave me my hair grew back, then fell out when I ran out of them, & the same thing happened when I started taking iron!

The depression eased a lot as well as 1000 other things when I started taking T3 (liothyronine) - but according to the real psychiatrists/statistics of their day, T3 is the only medicine that works for treatment resistant depression... which would indicate that a pandemic of depression in women is caused by Hypothyroidism, reading between the lines here - when big pharma found out this, they ensured that t3 was administered in conjunction with anti-depressants, then eventually big pharma cut out the t3 altogether! so back to cheap gin in pill form again. Every time something comes along that works, big pharma outlaw it! They did that with NDT too, & they replaced clinical signs with TSH. My tsh is on the floor as is my ft3, so I am a prime candidate for this atrocity.

If I can't get T3 on prescription from an endo, & I get suicidal again, then I will have to go down the route of black market overseas internet T3 - without blood level monitoring, less chance of a horrible death that way, I reckon.

Take care x


Hi Jenny have just seen Elle Ross, a doctor in US on video available for another 18 hours or so through Thyroidunlocked..She has written a book about the Paleo diet and T3 and her experience which was that an old protocol over forty years ago was still being used. and was out of date. The problem may be due to a reverse T3 fluctuation. When bloods are taken it takes four hours before the T3 circulates through the system. If a blood test is taken first thing in the morning when you have taken your NDT then the levels of free T3 may be artificially raised and do not reflect that your T3 might be too low. If you have your test, may be you should take your dose three hours before you go for tests, so the level won't be too raised.

She recommends taking a split dose throughout the day. She says adrenal fatigue may be treated, if necessary but to stabilise the adrenals, the thyroid is the prime

agent in the function of the adrenal gland. She recommends Armour rather than Synthroid - but there are combination T3 and T4 which she says are more efficient than T4 only. Tests given for T4 function are used incorrectly assuming that T3 is not needed. Guess you need to know your free T3 and T4 levels and to know if you have a reverse T3 problem. The paleo diet recommends removal of grains from the diet as these are part of autoimmune responses, in many people with hypo thyroid.

She is a Hashis sufferer, and has swung from hyper to hypo with weight gain. She like many people went incorrectly diagnosed and treated. Reckon her book looks good. You can look her up on the net and also the Paleo diet. I have been on a grain free diet for a year excluding maize, rye, barley, wheat and rice. I can eat oats though. Progesterone cream helped her, as it is a necessary hormone for women.

There are certain foods rich in progesterone which helps to activate T3.

For hair growth black seed oil, can help people, by rubbing it into the scalp. It can also help for sinus congestion and depression too. Vitamin F is found in evening primrose and starflower oil, and helps women, encouraging hair growth, and helping menstrual cycle. Sunflower seeds or oil or Flora margarine can help progesterone, as well as sweet potato. Hope you find more answers - will keep sending titbits when I come across them. Aromatherapy oils can help depression -

and sleep. Lavender is very calming and can help sleep. Have a lavender pillow which has dried lavender in it. Chat soon.


Thanks, there's a lot of those Ive tried, but paleo is out of the question, an aquaintance is trying that one though, gluten free is essential for hashi's sufferers they say, but my pig headed hashi's friend won't hear of it!

I wonder if I will get the hashi's test this year? been waiting 40 years for that 1.

I paid £50 in October to get the hashi's test, they sent me the graves test instead lol. & in December I went to a GP in another practice £45, to ask about the talking therapy that the government here tell everyone about, GP told me it is just a moan in for young people having a bad day - & that it would be unsuitable & even dangerous for someone with any kind of mental illness! propoganda?

I got a letter from him on Xmas day to tell me to stay with the GP practice I am stuck with, even though they have disappeared my records - or so they say.


Cutting out grain and being tested for celiac disease are not the same as indicated,

in a paleo diet. These 2 facets have not been part of your assessment. Hashis may be determined by the type of flare ups that occur up and by your thyro-globulins as you know. Your island looks a lovely island for tourism. Being unaware that the EU had taken over the Channel Islands, in 1993, I can see how far the EU is stretching it's tentacles as a super state. There are questions over the future of Northern Ireland as Southern Ireland had a forced referendum to be part of the EU. All the EU did was wait until a referendum was given with a different result to ensure Britain did not stray from Europe. Have you looked at your ferry routes to England?

As a great lover of Dorset county - it has a good write up from the quality of care commission as do other areas. It has the specialist facilities you need.

I was interested to see that Jersey has a Heritage Museum with a research department for archives and information concerning people's certificates.

You can find out about relatives from visiting the museum and also interesting artefacts and history of the Island. If we lived nearer the south coast we would love to visit Jersey for a holiday. If you want to PM please feel free. Do not want to invade your space! Bet you are exhausted after trip to doctor - so stressful.


PS Jenny -

is useful to see how gluten can affect your hormones and your tissue giving rise to fibromyalgia, endometriosis, thyroid disease, arthritis amongst some autoimmune disease including celiac disease.

It shows how you can use other types of grain which are gluten free.

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I can't afford to eat a gluten free diet now, food here is extremely expensive, & it's taxed, and until I can raise money to renovate house, the kitchen is virtually unusable, but I do my best.

If I can get the hashimoto's test from an endo, or if I find that I have an auto immune disease, then I will concentrate on the gluten aspect more, A few years ago I couldn't eat any gluten at all! it made me so ill.

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You can use gluten free flour- chestnut flour- coconut flour-rice-flour I eat oats as do not have any problem with these or gluten. You can eat food made with rice flour as a substitute. A good range of rice snack jacks in supermarkets.

I eat cous cous chick pea tiny balls, I boil in a pan, or place in plastic bowl cover with water ,put plate on top and microwave for 7 minutes. I check after five minutes to see if any more water needs to be added thens train off water. It tastes like rice. . I use chick pea pasta. and houmus. delicious on oat bisucuits You could buy oatmeal biscuits wit. I use the Nairn range

I make sure there are no other grains mixed due to grain intolerance. I like Lidl or Aldi as you get special offers A nice breakfast is 2 tablespoons of clear honey, half a pint of milk, 6 tablespoons of porridge, (I like Scots oats having Scots origins.) 2 tablespoons of nuts and raisins. You mix it all before serving for 2 people.

For pudding I often have stewed apple with one or two dried apricots, mixed with a few sultanas, and some oats. I mix this with milk(lactase free in long store cartons)

Ginger flapjacks are tasty made with butter or sunflower margarine, 6oz, 4oz of demerara, 1oz of golden syrup 8oz of porridge oats 1 level spoonful of ground ginger. You can buy flapjack, checking it is only made with oats. It is worth changing your eating habits with white flour, as it I highly processed and may contain chemicals which whiten it. Olive oil, mixed in salad dressing with a little cider vinegar, and honey with a dash of salt can make a nice salad dressing. Sunflower oil in margarine, can help produce progesterone, which helps to activate T3 production in the thyroid.

I eat well, but cut down on red meat only having a two ounce portion of scots mince

with carrots, onions, and potatoes. A roast chicken will last five days, with hot meat, with vegetables, then cold with jacket potato, then in curry- then the carcase is made into soup with carrots, onion, or leeks and potatoes, salt and seasoning to taste.

We find we can cut our bills by looking for packs of baked beans-soup, - we like cane sugar - rather than beet sugar, as less pesticides are used. As you may have too high levels of vitamin D, with high iron levels, and low ferritin too high vitamin D can affect your iron and calcium levels. You need to stop any supplements of D and iron.

Can see you are getting there - you need more info on the osteo problem in your spine

and have some good links with research.


Celiac disease may be related to other foods other than gluten in grains.

If ferritin levels are too low then they can be raised by removing foods which trigger celiac disease such as egg, dairy, grains.

Serum ferritin levels in celiac disease-PubMed-NCBI-

Treatment by removing gluten from the diet which is found in grains wheat rye and barley, can raise ferritin levels.

Bone health is not only dependant on vitamin D but on many other nutrients-

sodium, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium.

Research by Robert Heaney in a paper indicates that in the west we eat more salt

than potassium. If there is not enough potassium in the diet then it can affect the calcium levels in the blood, and the bones as potassium controls calcium homeostasis.

Title Sodium potassium and magnesium.

If vitamin D levels are too high then this can affect your iron levels in the blood.

It can also cause hypercalcaemia.

Is vitamin D harmful without vitamin k k.

More information on ferritin level test can be found on- Health/Ferritin-level-blood-test


No one will address the iron deficiency. I have no way of knowing if I have inflammation of chronic disease, or if I have celiac like my late Mum had, I only know I'm not bleeding, as the quacks won't disclose that info, they told me to take supplements & iron, That I was run down, ( I kept getting shingles ) & that I probably had what a quack called CFS. He also told me that I had thyrotoxicosis, when I asked him how he arrived at that - he replied that my tsh was low, when I pointed out that tsh is not a thyroid hormone he disappeared the records on screen, & threw me out, cost £50, I was so shocked I couldn't find my car for an hour. But after several years of self medicating they finally let me have a Vit D, B12, folate, & FT3, FT4, & tsh, they were barely in range, so I started buying high individual doses, but now can't get tests!

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Your iron is 31 - the norm is up to 30. The ferritin is a transporter of iron to the cells and you are deficient at 40 + which goes up to 205. This may be a sign of overdosing with vitamin D. Really pleased you are having some tests done.

Some of the private tests online cost £100 at least for just thyroid. Guess you still will have to foot the bill for these. I like the description of your fate entombed

in a row of houses waiting to be refurbished by the developers. We have loads of holiday homes - people buy may be to retire, but find the councils are making them pay full council tax even if the house is furnished and people live there for just undr 6 months of the year. You have a project ahead painting and decorating - I guess unless the homes next door are occupied, the developer has his eyes on it as a steal. For a mortgage in the uk your home must have a kitchen and bathroom

in working order. The roof must not have tar on it. Equity companies have charges which they don't disclose so when you think there is something in the pot the adverts are a pile of crap - the charges may eat up anything left. Some countries like Spain make the next generation pay up debts - so beware of terms and conditions of the law concerning the island. If you look up your area - you might find Zoopla will give a range of prices for your area - they are very high - so use your research skills to find out how you can increase the value of your home, as it might not make a difference to the amount given from an equity loan. In the Uk banks such as HSBC can give mortgages to pensioners which are to be repaid back in 5 years.

Guess it's worth looking at options where you live, as may be France is more sympathetic to a short term loan and may have lower interest rates. Do you have Nat west in Jersey? Over here they are shutting banks and tills so it is hard for people to access their cash. Be interested to know if any of the links sent work - as it seems you are experiencing problems with your server.


Hi Jenny - do a test for 64 foods with postage and lab results included.

It is £68. Food intolerance/Allergy home test kit.

additional information on vitamin support is to take B1 B5 the adrenal vitamin B6 is the neurotransmitter B9 folate and B12 are also important. Progesterone in food and in creams increases TPO enzyme. This enzyme binds to T3 to help synthesise it.

Information from Elle Ross.

Progesterone producing foods are sweet potato, sunflower seed oil (organic) and pumpkin seed oil. Ordinary potatoes contain some

but may be not enough for daily requirements. Another nutrient necessary is gluthionine found in Brazil nuts and meat. You only need to eat a brazil nut three times in a week to give you enough. It is also found in meat. it helps with repair of tissue,

and protects against infection. A final tip is to take coconut oil, about a teaspoon a day

on a biscuit or in a salad dressing - you can get this in jars at your supermarket and should not cost too much. It protects your brain, and is recommended to help memory, and brain function.




I had edometriosis when younger, also I have arthritis, I also had thyrotoxicosis, & possibly caeliac, or gluten intolerance, also my mother had all but thyrotoxicosis, Her Mum had that too, + My Mum had pernicious anaemia, severe osteoporosis, lack of intrinsic factor, (untreated) celiac according to a sister, myxodema, brain damage/dementia, probably as a result of the obove untreated illnesses,

& a host of other things, including recurrent TB!

The other females in the family have these problems too, so surely some bad genes there.


That's why going gluten free is important as it is implicated in so many foods with mainly white flour. T3 is an essential for your thyroid and too low levels may give rise t

to problems. Celiac disease egg dairy and gluten are the main tests on NHS. |Pernicious anaemia requires vitamin B12 and iron injections but your iron count is high but your ferritin is low. so it does not seem this is your problem. Know you have this under your belt already - it is your T3 levels which were taken which may be misleading. If you took the t3 just before you had your test. Elle Ross recommends

taking her NDT in trhe early hours of the morning, if the test is later in the morning

If you take it too early your levels will look normal. The hormone leaves the body after 4 hours.


That's interesting - all that hereditary autoimmune disease. I've never had celiac tests

but as mentioned changed my diet to avoid grains, only eat hard cheese, gone lactase free no eggs. I have substituted chick pea pasta which tastes similar to what pasta, and I eat cous cous instead of rice, maize, wheat, barley derivatives ie malt, in vinegar and mayonnaise malt drinks, biscuits, sorbitol made from corn syrup in maize. It has taken ages to read all the ingredients on the back of packets to remove them. I now eat ish and chips removing the batter and bread crumbs, use olive oil and coconut oil for frying, removed tannins from roasted leaves which can lower iron, and like you am taking supplements such as vitamin C with zinc, vitamin d3 and am finding my skin and digestion is better. It just shows if you cut out the gluten and the grains it can turn your life round particularly with metabolism. The cous cous is not dear and a little cooks up to a good portion. I have only recently been using it to cook myself but it takes a few minutes. I use a microwave, covering the cous cous with filtered boiling water, then putting a plate on top incase it boils over. I leave it for about 4 minutes and it is cooked. It costs much less in our supermarket but a bag would easily do at least 10 servings. The pasta is online but is not too expensive. If you like spaghetti Bolognese

and eat meat or curries, both substitutes for grain are free from gluten and do not cost much. I often jut use vegetables over the cous cous tastes like rice, and the chick pea pasta.


If you join thyroid unlocked you may find that the endo is not a magician and so many complain that their illness has not been looked into and some that their levels are not diagnosed and treated. Do you think you have symptoms of celiac disease which are often linked to thyroid and other autoimmune disease. May be you have multigrain intolerances, egg, dairy, and certain foods which increase your histamine response. I have to take antihistamines every day as I have rhinitis. Since cutting out lactase in cheese and going lactase free, this has helped. I also have intolerances to wheat rye barley maize as well as egg and some dairy. As you cannot get tests for these where you live you could try going lactose free and cutting out soft cheeses cream cheese, cottage cheese, blue cheese, camembert, brie. You can have a little gouda or cheddar cheese which has minimal lactase/lactin, with may be a rice biscuit. As you are taking NDT you need the essential elements and minerals which include zinc and copper, selenium magnesium, and potassium. Your frustration seems to be linked to not knowing your status as a long term resident of the island and whether as part of the eu you are entitled to be registered as a eu citizen with a carte de sejour. As the Channel Islands have lost links with Jersey and have no reciprocal agreement for free medical care, you have the option to ask the British Irish component of Jersey government, to establish your citizenship rights. Your birth certificate and your family citizenship may be tracked through geneaology, to establish your nationality . There are free websites where you can look up birth death and marriages for Uk and northern Ireland. You are battling against a privatised system with no access to free medical help. It is worth trying every avenue as you need to protect your family. If you have adrenal cortisol problems then advice from UK thyroid unlocked may encourage you to help your adrenal glands with large amounts of vitamin C. I get these linked to zinc and other minerals from Redoxon online. They are dissolvable tablets so if you split the tablets into quarters, and have some several times a day, it may help your adrenal function. If you have celiac and gluten problems they can cause damage to the spine, and to other tissues. Other food intolerances can affect the colon or combined one

can damage other systems as well. Filtering your water might help to screen out chemicals such as chlorine and pesticides. I can look up some papers which might be useful. Think you are so brave to find the right help on your own - thyroid unlocked may be another source to gain information about your physical and mental problems. I am not giving up. Well done for doing so well.


Oh yes, I know what u mean about magician Endo's! when I asked for parathyroid & calcium test from GP a few years ago, which confirmed that I have secondary hyperparathyroidism, she referred me to endo. I must have seen a registrar though - as he didn't realise that Jersey does not have a 'sainsburys' supermarket, (Registrars here only stay 6 months),You see, after googling on his PC he discovered the 'cure' for hypocalcemia is - wait for it - sainsburys orange juice! for some reason I asked him how he came to that conclusion, he patiently explained to me that Sainsburys orange juice contains calcium. So now u know.

He also proudly exclaimed that he was brought to Jersey especially just so that he could single handedly - it seems - end the pandemic plague of rickets afflicting the island!

which - apparently is caused by us proles working 16 hours a day 7 days a week in windowless rooms...

He then issued me with a prescription for high dose vitamin D3, which I took to the hospital, only to be given a prescription for calcium (calcichew) identical to the script from the GP, I gave it to one of the Portuguese 16 hours a day proles for her osteoporosis....

So Jersey don't do D3, only calcium, the endo said I must not take calcium, but that's all they issue here.


And I started out with cortisol problems, then I was told I have a wheat allergy, I also discovered I could'nt digest dairy, then I got very ill with insomnia, worsening allergies & rhinitis just like u! are we related? also hypothermia very high BP, seizures, pots, etc. I could only eat ginger for nausia, & later tinned sardines kiwis & bananas, the only things I could keep down. I lost 1.5 stone, & £1000 in Dr's bills. But no blood tests.

I think my immune system had packed up, & all the anti -biotics gave me dysbiosis, & perhaps the stress hormones along with 40 years of DR's burying my thyroid medical records, along with a growing allergy to the (all my adult life) anti depressants followed by discontinuation syndrome when I had to stop taking them suddenly may have knocked out the HPA axis? + 12 drugs, including ppi's which made anaemia worse - just a guess. But that's why I ended up without much calcium in my diet, also I kept getting kidney stones & pressure in my neck when I self medicated with calcium.

I will probably have to find a substitute for cheese now, but I do have a craving for it. It would help if there was a phlebotomy service & lab in Jersey though, then we would know where we stand.

I have borehole water, but it's probably contaminated, but every year I poison myself with ant killer, ants live in the walls & windows, so every year for 3 months I have to spray & dust everywhere. I am taking high dose vitD3 on advice from thyroid unlocked, but I think I will have to start taking the prescription calcichew as well again though, as my hair & nails are really bad, & I can't afford to lose any more teeth. I will look at the redoxin 1 too.

I was born here, Jersey is not in the EU BTW, it is totally independant/self governing by & for the mafia! I nearly bought some gouda & cheddar today, but the gouda was nearly £4! for just 100 grams. I was so shocked I forgot the cheddar. I had a very expensive addiction to gouda until I started taking k2 BTW! - I nearly went bankrupt... Nice to know gouda & cheddar are low lactose, I look forward to being a 'gouda head' again - after I sell house.

I will let u know how I get on on Tuesday, when I go to battle with GP for referral.


Did some home work about Jersey - I was looking for everyday facilities and see

you have Morrisons which is cheaper than Waitrose, and you have several banks including Natwest. Comparing loan deals from banks Barclays are 29 APR but N.W,

is much lower. We have been pleased with the service and they have helped with disputes over returns refunds. So many banks are closing down we are relieved we have good reliable banks where we live and plenty of cash tills free, to get money out.

Guess you know all the routes to obtain loans. If you ever have a chance to drop in

to a different bank and compare their rates, it might be worth changing your account or opening a new one and then deciding if you want to transfer some funds to the new one.

We get rewards with direct debits which helps with about £120 a year to go into our current account. You mentioned your ant powder - (we have ant traps we place outside.) - and the water. We use a water filter to screen out any chemicals but used to live in area where there was too much copper in the water where the pipes were corroded. Do you have a free water testing service and do you have to pay water rates? If you do then you should be able to find out about the composition of bore hole water to see if there is anything wrong. Hope I don't appear nosy but we have had problems which needed sorting and were given the right advice on how to cope with the water.



Yes we are starting to get UK food stores here, but they are franchises, as sandpiper plc own all supermarkets. I have never shopped at Morrisons, as it is the most expensive, far dearer than Waitrose. I get most stuff from Iceland - usually the cheapest. Some Own brand Waitrose stuff, & anything out of date 20% cheaper. The local equivalent of VAT (GST) - is on everything including food, + VAT 20% surcharge from goods imported from UK is not removed. As a result all goods are typically at least twice the price, but minimum wage is lower & rents & property is higher than London. If u have at least £100,000 savings u might get 0.25% on savings on deposit, but loans cost a lot more. We don't have the same banks as UK - except in name. Nat West is not Nat west PLC, it is offshore, & a totally different animal, as are the others. Don't take the mission statements at face value! Jersey is & always has been a "potemkin village" built by the rich , for the rich, & is totally corrupt. Still no sign of my SAR results.

A recent survey revealed that the rich poor divide is much higher here than in UK by a huge margin. I import almost everything from Amazon, usually "warehouse deals". I have never had a loan in my life in my own name.

There is no water testing facility here free or otherwise, I live in a toxic water zone. When neighbours cut off the water supply to my house which was a frequent occurrence I had to walk up a very steep hill about 500 yards to a water pump for water with 2 buckets, so that my sick & dying family could wash & toilet. I wore out my left arm, couldn't straighten it, as a result most water spilt & rotted all the carpets. The water in that pump was condemned as unfit many years ago too.

There is currently a lot of controversy surrounding contamination of water supplies. Farmers dump & leach all sorts into resovoirs making it unfit. Also the rich build on toxic waste dumps. A report was published many years ago warning of what would happen if building work started on a particularly contaminated area on the seashore. The result is that now that building work has commenced & high tides stir up the toxins - the whistle blower that commissioned the report is proved right as always, but "prophets of doom" are never vindicated here , just persecuted - as they show up everyone in government & their associates for the corrupt greedy incompetent spivs that they are.

Be grateful that u have a level of freedom & opportunity in UK - in spite of the Tory controversies.

Take care.


Yes - we are lucky - despite the upheavals. I can see that owner ship by the wealthy

has stifled community living. I cannot take in how a water supply could be stopped.

As for toxic waste it is prevalent round many coastlines especially farm and industrial waste which can get into fresh water supplies. Expect you need a

way of obtaining detoxified water. If you were part of the |Eu you would be able to have rights over water in your area ensuring the water was of sufficient quality.

As Jersey was part of the Duke of Normandy land it seems to be in no man's land.

I read a little about two the UK must protect the channel islands with defences but

there is nothing about protecting the citizens of the Channel Islands. I read that Northern Ireland is linked to the government of the Channel Islands. It is so undefined that the whole area is not even a grey area or a white wash - it is like a submerged island waiting to erupt from the sea. So pleased you have improved by your own efforts. I can understand the frustration of not being allowed to know the results of your private tests or to have further investigations. You have no citizens rights of access to change or erase in accurate records and would have to employ a lawyer in the UK to even eradicate or alter your notes unless you can sort out matters with the practice manager. In the Uk you can get a print out of test results without having to pay unless it is 3 weeks after the results have come back. You can have your notes erased or altered - as it is so important for medical notes to be accurate for a job, and to have rights as a citizen of Jersey, it is confounding to accept that the Channel Islands have no democracy - I don't know if you even have a vote. If you cannot vote then as a woman you are not equal. Without co operation from the community you would not be able to ask the government services to examine the water supply. Expect you might find some research about water quality before the islands were no longer part of the UK.

Expect you think people like myself are naïve reading the information on the web taking it as gospel truth. Suppose you don't have the opportunity to have Tesco's bank account online. It is possible to open an on line account but you have to have at least £500 a month going into one, but loan rates are better. I have an account with another bank but it would be an offshore bank serving the wealthy in Jersey.

www:// -of-elevated-cortisol-levels

. is quite interesting recommending the supplement phosytidalserine to help lower cortisol levels. Expect you have read it already! No need to reply.

PS have you ever thought of doing an online course in a subject like sage accounts

or book keeping which you could do from home? There may courses to do proof readings for specialist subjects such as engineering for copyright and patenting and commercial use. Know someone doing an OU course in accounting and others from open access courses. Do you have colleges for locals to study? Don't think we would like to raise a family or live in Jersey with no civil rights at all. Ha!


Hi wish you a happy Easter - have been looking at for a water distiller.

They are a bit misleading as the do 4 litres of water which takes 4 hours for most

but you just have to fill them half full to save electricity. There is one that looks quite good Hopopular which has 3 reviews and seems reliable and takes much less time.

Good tips on how to clean the gubbins with white vinegar, lemon juice, and other methods. I have a water filter but it only does chlorine and sometimes I have to filter several times to be able to drink the water. Take care.


Have you tried CBD ? Can you get your hands on it either gummies or even oil that you can take orally? Do some research it has a lot of medical benefits! I use it myself the CBD gummy bears and it’s helps a lot I don’t need to take my anxiety meds as much because of it.


I had a quick look at the Jersey CBD site today, will look into that in more detail next week.

No reviews though.


Hemp oil is similar to CBD oil and has had good results for health problems. You can buy it online from Holland & Barratt in the UK. Believe Jenny's problems are linked to lack of T3 which is known to help depression and other illnesses part of the thyroid. Gluten is one cause linked to Hashimotos and this might be one food intolerance affecting the thyroid and digestion. Masking the symptoms with thyroid diseases with some oils might not help as it is a hormone imbalance responsible. Oils might give relief for depression.


One of the second opinion GP's believed that the depression & all the other symptoms & complications are from the lack of T3! But as he's not my GP - he couldn't

refer me himself....


Had your test results back yet? Did you have parathyroid hormone levels tested?

is interesting. Did you say you still had a lump in your neck ?

Hope this has been checked

might be useful explaining how too high vitamin D gives rise to too high calcium in

the blood. As you said you had a lump in your neck hope this has been checked.

I too have hypercalcaemia mild raise. Mine is linked with too much calcium/plaque being

deposited on teeth. This plaque is similar to calcification of arteries. As a cheese- o -holic

my intake of calcium was too high. I have cut this down and cholesterol levels have decreased. Hope your anxiety levels are not too high.


I was not able to get the tests done till yesterday. I wouldn't have got to the fasting of T3 & test even then, had it not been for a postponed important meeting with gov officials! I am totally non functional without metavive or T3! I left 24hrs T fasting gap b4. They never test parathyroid, but she did request D3. My calcium levels are always below range, in spite of truckloads of calcium/vitD3. And it shows! I am taking the prescription 'calcichew' again. My teeth & nails were breaking off a few years ago, & now again.

It sounds like u have primary hyperparathyroidism? Do u have a tumour on the gland?

The only lumps I have are on the side of neck, lymph nodes. Do u have a lump, & if so has it been checked out? vit D increases calcium intake, K2 (which I take) is great stuff.

My anxiety is very high, but only bcoz of dreadful "into the lions den" meetings, every other day over last week! Hows yours?

It took ages to get blood from me yesterday. Phlebotomist tried both arms,1 twice, & I had to boil my hand, there was no blood in my cold corpsed hand, nada in hand either... Then next door to the most experienced vampire. Left arm again, success. I embarrassedly explained that my 'black market meds' give me veins, 1 day without it - I don't have veins....

Take care.


Ha -love your attitude! Had a nurse who took about 4 stabs leaving me black and blue with bruises up my arms. I then changed to another assistant who gets it right first time. Clenching your hand can bring up a vein. No I don't have any lump other than a goitre which I made shrink with taking iodine rich food. The thyroid gland works with iodine from your diet. That is what your levothyroxine is a supplement which makes the iodine convert into thyroid hormone. Have you tried taking iodine with nose drops? Global health is an ace website for help about your thyroid and iodine.

I take D3 under my frenum under the tongue. The tissues absorb rather than digest it.

You can get D3 drops for kids at When you know your levels then

you can supplement.

The calcium is being leeched from your body and is not being metabolised properly.

Hyper parathyroid means you have a calcium over load in your blood?

I guess you are eating yoghurts, drinking milk eating meat, and green vegetables. If your doctor has not worked out why your bones are not absorbing the calcium, then

may be can find other articles to explain why your calcium level is too low.

Your magnesium level is ok?


They don't check magnesium here. Don't hurt to take it though.

2 kinds of hyperparathyroidism, mine is secondary, as distinguished from primary by levels in blood. So secondary is indicated by LOW calcium & HIGH parathyroid hormone. Para's fire out of gland & head for bones to steal all the calcium from bones to replace the missing calcium in blood - as u can't live without calcium, it is needed by all the cells. Then your skeleton crumbles to dust... There is another kind of secondary hyper, but u would have advanced kidney failure with that 1.

BTW, DR's here don't try to work out what u have or cure it. I have artificial eye drops now. No one is worried for my eyes. They just attempt to 'mask' symptoms here, it's not like your uk system. I have - crocodile tears, embalming fluid, leprosy soap, anti- sneezeamins, leprosy shampoo, hormonal bandaids,

& last but not least - chalk, with added excitotoxins. Presumably that lot is cheaper than referrals & treatment for primary disease, + u keep coming back to GP. Nice little earner for GP's, & less overheads for health service. They've just spent billions on a blueprint for a new hospital, just the paperwork & arguing about a potential site. but they can't find a place to build it.

So they will probably knock down some poor houses compulsorily, & spent several more billions building it...

I need to start eating properly - I know, but whenever I take your advice - I forget I have something on the hob. I have burnt 2 £5 chickens in last week. & when I put chicken bones on hob ( for collagen) I burn them too.

But what can I do? they have closed the only home for the bewildered...


Ha! ha! - been on

Hypocalcaemia can be due to an electrolyte imbalance. If your magnesium is too low then to correct your calcium blood levels you might have to ensure your magnesium levels are normal. If they are too low this one part of the electrolyte balance. Too high potassium with too high magnesium may lead to hypocalcaemia.

Eating a ripe banana every day, or drinking tomato juice are two sorts of accessible magnesium and potassium. Muscle spasms might be linked with hypoparathyroid.

Calcitonin controls calcium levels promoting bone growth and decreases calcium levels in the blood and parathyroid hormone which does the opposite.

Magnesium carbonate in Rennies indigestion tablets available in chemists or supermarkets helped me. They have the daily dose of 340 to 400 mg in one tablet.

Drinking tonic water can help muscles and cramps. When in trouble |I take some tonic water with a bit of banana. I also take a Rennies. Worth a try!


links not working Bt can be a poor server - pay far too much for no service!


If you were registered with social security before 1975, you would be able to get your pension at 60. Your pension could be transferred but you might have to pay tax. Logging onto the government website yourself should give you info. None of my links work.


I don't qualify for pension any more. They changed the rules a few years ago. I would have to wait till I am 67 yo, & even then I probably won't qualify, as I have not been able to work for so long. I will most likely be dead by then anyway. But then I have no desire to see another winter - anyway.


Surely you are entitled to a state pension in Channel islands? You have lived there and were born there?


I don't know, but at any rate I have to wait now till 67, so they told me, as Jersey have stolen our pension.


If you have 4 and a half years of contributions then you may be eligible for a pension and if you have worked in the UK and have contributed from work there, Jersey

has an agreement with the UK. Be interested to know when the age changed from 65 to 67? It seems you have Uk law, but don't get other subsidies and help.

I think your idea o finding a tenant might be a good idea. What about your family? A police man or a student nurse might be a good tenant. People are not so fussy about kitchen space they just need a room to themselves. Short term lets are safer for landlords

No need to reply. Know you are up to your eyes in it.


House is uninhabitable, thanks to neighbours & cowboy builders. Also I would lose pension, as they class tenants as cohabitants....

I had to live on the uk contributions rebate when I was forced to return to jersey. It was my only income at time.


(((((Jenny583)))) Take care . You are too strong to give in to them - they are not worth it. Your son is your wealth and pride. What would he do without you???


If I could renovate & split the house in 2, I would not wan't a nurse or a policeman! I would be dead by then - anyway, & if not dead then in solitary confinement in Orchard house, or OPH, which has been condemned by human rights, Jersey no place for the old & mad, but stuck here.


Oh dear - it's good to make your dreams come true! Sorry about the police man or the nurse - they could be tricky - what you want is an eccentric millionaire who likes a home

without all mod cons - you would be surprised how many there are - an out door lav would be trendy - an old rusty lion legged bath, would be a collector's item - an invasive ivy clad balcony with a view of Orchard House would be a plus. As for OPH condemned by human rights - no one cares about human rights that's why we don't want to be in the EU with Uk

no one cares a fig for all these laws in the EU countries That's why they've sold electricity and water to the EU as they can blame someone else when something goes wrong.

Hope you get the results back soon. You must be so frustrated with everything.


Hi Jenny - hope you get your test results back soon. You must be feeling at the end of your tether with no way of finding out about all these related problems. I guess the drugs all have side effects, and some of the problems might be down to these side effects including low ferritin. Osteoporosis is linked to too little potassium when the sodium potassium balance is disturbed, Drugs may affect potassium levels. You can check side effects on and cross match these with yellow card uk gov drugs profile analysis which shows a graph of the side effects of each drug you have taken.


Hi Dagrant

Yes, tether long gone! test results - now all normal - on this test.

Adjusted calcium is now :- 2.33 mmol/l ( 2.20 - 2.60 )

Iron :- 15 umol/l ( 7 - 30 )

Transferrin Saturation :- 24.9 % ( 20 - 50 )

C reactive protein < mg/l ( 0 - 10 )

TSH < 0.2 LOW mU/l ( 0.50 - 5.00 )

Free T 16.3 pmol/L ( 10.0 - 25.00 )

Free T3 6.1 pmol/L ( 4.3 - 8.1 )

Total 25-OH Vitamin D = 85

I have not been tested for any of the tests I asked for - other than Thyroid.

I will have to burn my boats & ask to be taken on by the GP that told me that I need to get my GP to refer me to Endo, but now that all the very expensive supplements I buy

have made my blood very rich & normal - I don't see how I can be taken on or validated or referred - by anyone.

Also the other GP's don't give out results of tests, so no way of avoiding going over range or unbalanced with nutrients. I went over range with iron in October.

Have just started iron pills again, also the calcichew calcium/vitD.

Meanwhile hair still not growing, back still hurting, eye still bad, circulation & temperature still bad,skin getting worse, depression to the point of suicidal ideation - constantly.

And now, no gluten free vouchers anymore.

I can only put my affairs in order now, & part of that process will involve a lot of

litigation, because the health service, & everything else here is totally corrupt, & I see so many people wasting away or killing themselves, I feel I have to make a stand.

Oh sorry, I almost forgot, GP gave me script for artificial tears! just forget all the above ranty rubbish...


Hi Jenny -glad your test results are back and they have improved thanks to your self help. -loss

is a great article explaining how your ferritin and iron levels can affect your hair growth.

Another great article "Nutritional iron turned inside out intestinal stress from a a gut microbial perspective". Explains the factors which help the iron bind to proteins

and to be absorbed. Ascorbic acid (vitamin c) facilitates ferritin absorption whilst citric acid may reduce absorption. It also explains how pathogens can use the iron to survive.

Diseases such as candida yeast fungal infection, can use the iron stores depleting levels

of iron storage and release into the cells. Having gut problemsmys;ef all the info points to

how my gut has been affected. Foods such as cereals might slow down the absorption of iron from the colon in some people. If the lactobacillus is not functioning, then lactase in dairy might be affecting the absorption. Lactase free milk, has helped my gut.

As for thinning hair - had a haemmorhage (after birth,) and my hair fell out in chunks but had iron injections which help restore health and hair.

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Hi Dagrant,

Thanks for reminding me of that. I had almost forgotten about the role of iron, vit c etc. I take vit C & now am taking iron again, but I am feeling bad when I take iron, & my ears ring, it seems to pool in the blood too, without significantly raising ferritin.

After GP told me to take iron & other supplements a few years ago - she never let me have ferritin results till last October, the only 1, & serum iron was over range.

I do wonder if pathogens could be hyjacking iron though? last serum iron was low like before October. I felt inflamed with headaches too in September, at a very crucial time, & could not speak coherently. Though it could have been stress, but I am very senile today. Next week I have a crucial meeting, I dread it, because I don't feel intellectually up to it.


My hair started growing - after I started iron pills, but then it fell out again in September. It's not growing, & getting thinner, but then it could be that I am taking the wrong thyroid meds? (bovine ndt supplements).


I had 'gut issues' in 2010 - 11 so bad that I lost 1.5 stone. I felt sure it was candida, but I didn't dare say anything to GP, She said It sounded like 'wheat allergy'.

After Easter I will have to bite the bullet & try & persuade the GP that I saw about my hair - to take me on. He told me I had to get appt with Endo through my GP, But I am abandoned by her, not even any anti-body tests, so I have been in bed for months now. And no one gives a s#ht.


Hi Jenny - some useful information for mental health problems and for health and immune system can be found on these websites.

These have helped my immune system and can have great effect on anxiety and depression.

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Thanks hawii60,

The 1st site is :


We’re sorry — looks like that page is under the weather.

Aaaand so am I right now.

Will look at the others when more time. I cook with olive oil.

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Just write in the sites yourself - get your problems with computer!

Monolaurin in coconut oil can help ward of infections bacteria and viruses.

It also improves memory and brain function. it also helps the heart.

Olive oil is similar- it can be mixed in salad dressing, or used for frying.

It also helps prevent cancer from h.pylori, bacteria.

A tissue of lies? Ha Non.


I try to take coconut oil every day, But I am so senile now that I often forget, Just took it now.

Thank you.


Ha! You should take at least 4 teaspoons ful - 2 tablespoons are recommended

a day but guess you are like me. I thought it might be bad for the heart but it isn't -it is used quickly for energy in the brain and helps digestion. Have been taking d3 tablets - think they have helped my skin. Had a small cancer op several weeks ago

but these problems crop up unexpectedly.


Thanks, yes you are right, I should be more disciplined & take much more. Been getting C oil for a few years myself too.

I'm sorry you had to have a cancer op. Hope you are OK now.

Take care x.


Thanks for support - very welcome!


Thank you for your support - I have a check up soon but am still a bit worried in case its not ok. Have been looking at Jersey for holidays- was interested in shops and services in the area. I noted that you have marks and spencer food hall co op and Asda George.

Asda has banking online facilities and you can get a loan for as little as 2.9 percent. I looked up the site - it looks good and as you have an outlet for Asda, for clothes, you could be eligible to have a card and get a loan. Co-op used to do banking and marks and spencer does banking cards as well. They do loans and insurance too. If you are anything like us you shop around for the best deal. Thinking of getting an Asda credit card as you get 1% back on shopping in our area. Expect now ITV sandpiper have bought out Liberty Wharf it won t be long until Asda food will be available. Weather been sunny. Hope you are feeling better.


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