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I really need someone's advice, i have severe suicidal depression and I want to get help. I'm not saying antidepressants aren't helpful for some. But they are not an opinion for me. They fucked up my mom pretty bad and I won't touch them. I want to treat my depression with CBD oil (which is a chemical found in marijuana) but my boyfriend is so very against pot and me getting a med card. And we get in fights about it way too often.

We just got in a huge fight about it, mostly cause I'm done taking his shit. And now I'm afraid we're about to break up about it. Should I give up again and give him his way and stay with him. .. Or should I stand up for my health but jepordize our relationship

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  • Hi, I am sorry to hear you are between a rock and a hard place. There are a lot of new antidepressants on the market that work in different ways so you should not discount medication.

    Please remember each person will have a different reaction to a particular drug.

    If meds are not for you, please see your doctor for a referral to some therapy.

    If you can, perhaps you can get your boyfriend to attend an appointment with you.

    Just ask the doctor for a long appointment so that you can over the main points and have a treatment plan drawn up. It helps if you put these thoughts down notes and take them with you to the appointment.

    In the meantime, you might like to spend some time looking for online support ideas.

    All the best.

  • Thanks for that advice, I'll try that

  • I agree with blackcat! My boyfriend feels the same way about me and pot. I don't smoke just out of respect for him, but I do take antidepressants. Every medicine is different I had to switch one time because the first medicine that I took was not helping and gave me headaches. Don't worry you can do this with your boyfriend you can find activities that you both can do together that help with your depression. Like walking or working out together! Stay positive you can do this! And remember you are not alone!!!!!😊

  • Thank you, the fact that your in the same situation as me is reassuring

  • CBD oil to treat depression? Can you please site any formal research that shows evidence of CBD being useful for treatment of depression or even anxiety? 🤔

  • I know a few people who use it and it has really helped them

  • Do you also know if your depression is exactly same as theirs? Cause there are many degrees to this thing. I mean there are those who are depressed because they can't seem to get over a loved one dying, among other reasons and their are those who actually have a chemical imbalance that causes them into a depressed state. So is the type of depression the same as those who you claim were helped by CBD?

    Saw a documentary some time ago about use of THC for curing people who have some disease. I forget which. A family in Colorado swore that it helped their own child. So a doctor over in NY decided to research the potential cure. As it would turn out the results where not so great for many of his patients. Some experienced seizures when given THC and some noticed no major improvement. But the doctor hasn't given up completely.

  • Mines a chemical imbalance I inherited from my mom

  • ok. is that the with the others who were helped by this oil? Does the oil cure a chemical imbalance in the brain? Or is it used as a treatment for it? what are the possible side effects of using the oil? Or do you just assume that because it is in oil form, it won't have side effects?

  • What's the cause of your depression?

    Join a non profit organization. Get busy in life.

  • Me and my mom both have horrible depression, and I already have a super busy life, that box is already checked

  • Try meditation of 5 min only along with your prescription

  • Hello,

    I wish you well. I am sorry for you feeling like you do. Are you categorically not going to try antidepressants?

    There is a lot of research going on in England and Canada into cannabis for medicinal purposes.

    I know CBD oil is used for pain with great success.

    As a point of research I would start wit the endocannabinoid system in the human body.

    I have a liberal view with cannabis. If you get a medical card for your state so you can buy medical cannabis, is this what you would be using? Or are you just interested in non- psychoactive CBD oil?

    Who knows what secrets we will unlock with cannabis research.

    As of yet we cannot prove how antidepressants work or the best way to treat depression, as we still don't really know what it is. We have some great tools but we're a long way off and we shouldn't dismiss other ways to treat depression. Germany treat depression very well with St. John's wort, yet in the US and UK its still treated as a joke medicine.

    Best wishes with your research, there is a lot of interesting stuff on CBD. Personally I've tried CBD oil for my PMS. I've done a bit of reading about it. I haven't read about anything specific to depression but if I come across anything I will post it to you if you'd like?

    It's an interest of mine. I don't smoke it but think it has a lot to offer as a plant and medicine.

    May I ask why your boyfriend is so against it?

    Best wishes 💗

  • I found this for you.

    I would ask you to find a psychiatrist who is open to CBD research, they do exist in the US.

  • Thanks for that I'll use that article

  • In answer to your question - I think your health is the priority. Best wishes 💗 if you need anymore info feel fee to PM me 🙂

  • Thank you you're so nice, that's what I was leaving toward

  • I don't really know why he's against it he just hates it more than anything ever

  • It's a shame to have such a negative view on a natural substance. A lot of our medicines have a plant origin - aspirin and morphine for example.

    Anyway, you are the priority, getting you feeling well. Don't give up! 💗

  • Ya exactly I don't see why it's a bad thing and I just need to get help, it's shouldn't even be a question if that'll help

  • In order to get rid of depression you have to find out what the root problem is and go from there as much as you possibly can. Otherwise even though, pills do work to an the end all they do is manipulate your current state of mind and body chemistry and therefore the results are temporary. You gotta get this at the root or nothing will change. Ask yourself why you're depressed. And really come clean to yourself and be honest otherwise it's nonsense. Learn to cope with thing you cannot control, if you don't you'll go nuts. But things you can control... change that instead. God bless and P.S.....

    Suicide is NEVER the don't know what the future has for you. When in doubt look up to the heavens and cry out to God. He'll give you the answer but you might not always like...but He sees your pain and cares for you as a Creator should and does.

    "God is near to the brokenhearted"

    Psalm 34:18

  • I'm late to the party, but I just found this site. I can promise you if you are still on here, that you need to take care of YOU. First and foremost. Tell the BF or significant other that you are going to take care of you. You will do what's best for you as you need to get better.

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