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New tests results

So you may remember I posted test results from 2014 the other day, saying I was due new blood tests. Well I've now got the results back and finally got some results!!

It's a long list so any comments on any of it is much appreciated... I've summarised at the end for those short on time/energy!

TSH 6.2 mu/L (0.4 - 5.5) 6.2 is an increase from 4.6 in 2014

Free T4 13.8 pmol/L (11.5-22.7)

Testosterone <0.7 nmol/L (0.5 - 2.6) Is this too low or ok?

Cortisol 390 nmol/L (120.0 - 620.0)

B12 vit 214 ng/L (210 - 910) is this too low given my folic acid is so low?

Folate 1.2 ug/L (5.4 - 24) I've been prescribed 5mg folic acid once a day for 3 months then retesting. Is this caused by underactive thyroid?

Ferritin 50 ug/L (10 - 307) is this too low, given B12 maybe also low and folate definitely low?

Sodium, potassium, creatinine, total protein, calcium are all middle of the ranges.

GFR calculated abbreviated MDRD 70mL/min, no range given.

Albumin 45 g/L (35 - 50)

Adjusted calcium concentration 2.29 mmol/L (2.25 - 2.65) is this a bit low?

Alkaline phosphatase level 63 iu/L (38 - 126)

Bilirubin 5 umol/L (1 - 22) is this a bit low?

Total white blood count 9.6 10*9/L (4 - 10) is this a bit high?

Platelet count 331 10*9/L (150 - 400)

Haemoglobin 133 g/L (120 - 150)

Haematocrit 42% (36-46)

Red blood cell count 4.48 10*12/L (3.8 - 4.8)

Mean cell volume 94 fL (83 - 101)

Mean cell haemoglobin 30 pg (27 - 32)

Neutrophil 6.13 10*9/L (1.8 - 7.4)

Lymphocyte 2.57 10*9/L (1.1 - 3.5)

Monocyte 0.56 10*9/L (0.21 - 0.92)

Eosinophil 0.27 10*9/L (0.02 - 0.67)

Basophil 0.03 10*9/L (0.0-0.13)

Nucleated red blood cell count 0.00 10*9/L, no range given. Is this ok? Or does it mean test wasn't done?

erythrocyte sedimentation rate 30mm/h (1 - 12) Highlighted as Above Range And being retested in a month.

total 25-hydroxy vitamin D level 39.1 nmol/L (in the 30-50 "Vit D insufficiency, consider replacement" range, highlighted by dr and told to take a vit D over the counter supplement. I bought a Vit D3 1000iu, 1/day. Is this right? Dr said to take for 3 months then retest.

Alanine aminotransferase level 23 iu/L (5 - 33)

Plasma glucose 5.0 mmol/L (no range given)

"No visible haemolysis"

C reactive protein level 15mg/L (<12.0) "Above range"

I think tthat's everything! So in summary the things flagged on my results are the following


C reactive protein


Vit D

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate

And some of the items I've questioned above are in range but I'm personally concerned if they're ok still... (not flagged by my dr).

Any comments absolutely gratefully received as brain fog is slowing me down figuring things out aand I'm in a battle trying to get my symptoms recognised at my gp practice.


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Raised TSH, low Vit D Low B12 Low folate low ferritin, from personal experience I would say typical readings for someone who is hypo. GP clearly not recognising that you are hypothyroid, TSH is over the range. If you don't get started on levothyroxine i would look for a different GP. I am not medically qualified but thanks to advice from people on this site I turned my health round.


Thank you Crimple

GP says to wait 3 months before retesting my thyroid and that's that.... infuriated I got a 2nd opinion from a GP at another practice over the phone, and he said (as I'm reading regularly) there are those drs that "wait and see" and treat only based on test results. Then there are other drs who treat if the symptoms are excessive and need to take priority over tests. He said he could see no reason not to explore further immediately given my mum is diagnosed hypothyroid!! And he mentioned the thyroid antibody test that I've not heard any other dr mention.

So I'm pretty sure I'm going to move to another practice, as none of the GPs at my current practice seem interested in helping! Just making me feel crazy and likea hyperchondriac

I'm so pleased for you you've turned your health around and thank you very much for responding as it gives me hope and helps me see the reality and not the dr-fog xx

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It is really difficult to stick up for yourself when you have severe brain fog, that was my main problem when diagnosed hypo. I also have a strong family history but many dosc seem to discount that. Gradually as the brain fog clears and your understanding improves you can take charge of your health. It takes time. I'm still lerning after 4 years on this site and 10 years hypo! Glad you have found a more knowledgeable practice.


It's crazy isn't it. I just don't get it...

Yes I agree it takes time. Quite overwhelming at the moment but I Must keep pushing forwards somehow as it seems no one else is going to do that for me, no dr I mean.

The 2nd opinion dr said he wouldn't refer me to a specialist but would treat in surgery. Is this ok?? Wouldn't it be better to have an Endocrinologist look at my whole system (I'm seeing Dr Peatfield in December but I mean on record, on nhs)

Thanks again Crimple


Most endo's do not look at the whole system, and in my opinion, unless you get a thyroid savvy one are just as unhelpful. the gp you spoke to seems more on the ball, thats the sort you need. Seeing an endo does sometimes have an up side however as they can order more tests than gp's seem to be allowed to theses days, for example Ft3 and the antibody tests the gp mentioned on the telephone. You definately need starting on some sort of medication though with your symptoms and your tsh at that level.

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I did wonder if a specialist is really needed, if the gp knows their stuff. This gp I spoke to said if it were him he'd have the thyroid antibodies test done straight away, on nhs, and without seeing a specialist. So it sounds like he's allowed to do that.

I was going to see my partner's gp next as she has been very helpful. Not pretending to know everything like some do! And open to exploring and testing whatever my partner has suggested for her issues pretty much. But now I have a carrot dangled... this other gp... Oh what to do....?!?

Would I be allowed to see 2 different gps at 2 different surgeries for "second opinions" so I can test out who to sign up to? So without committing to join the practice?


Based on my recent experience with discovering that I have Hasimotos, I would go right to the other Doctor you talked to over the phone. He has it together! You should be tested for Hasimotos via antibodies test. If you have Hasimotos it is an autoimmune disease that causes hypo and the antibodies can attack Other healthy cells in your body besides your thyroid. 80% of hypo patients have Hasimotos. If you are one, work with doctors to reduce antibodies. Good luck!


Take some vitamin D, 5-MTHF, get B12 up to over 800, switch doctors, and ask if you have an infection of some sort...

Also, have free T3, reverse T3, and thyroid antibodies checked. Your TSH is working overtime, but T4 is low. You likely need some T4 or maybe NDT or T3. Try a gluten free diet, and maybe that and fixing the infection/inflammation will put less stress on your thyroid.


Thank you Learner1

That is very useful

I googled and found this helpful article

About folate, folic acid, 5-mthf. Is this what you meant? It all sounds great until I read about commom side effects of supplementing with 5-mthf at the end of the article. I'm not sure what to do, as I'm quite sensitivie to things I find. Yesterday I took my vit D and folic acid supplements for first time, with food, and later ended up with diarrhoea! It could be a one off, so will try one on one day, and test individually. But this is common for me to react to things....

TThat's very useful re the thyroid info too, thanks so much. And I had no idea 5-mthf existed!! So I am definitely keen to try it and see if I tolerate it...


Yes it is. I'd skip the folic acid in favor of taking 5-MTHF. Start with the B12 for a week or so, then add the folate. Too much B12 isn't a problem, but it's important to get the folate dose right for you, not too little or too much, or you could have serious problems. Get RBC folate measured every once in awhile. And methylmalonic acid, MCV, or homocysteine can help you monitor. Keep reading!

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Thanks again Learner1

Just before seeing your reply I checked a bottle of vit B complex my mum just had delivered to me (Mum has same problems as me) and realised it has the 5-mthf in it! It's called Methyl B complex by Lamberts. Happy to find I already have this! Pieces of the jigsaw falling into place a little.

I checked what folate it has, and it has 200ug in it. My prescription is 5mg, and checksd the conversion and that is 5000ug. So took my prescription folic acid with the Methyl B Complex. Given how low my folic acid is, I thought this would be ok to do. I'll test today and see how I feel. But I don't really know what to do about the prescription folic acid now, as it was very low on my readings, but the drs ignored my b12 and iron looking low on the scale too?? Gosh I have such little faith in my drs it makes me so confused! On top of brain fog.....


You could probably take 400mcg safely for awhile.

Taking folate and B12 could impact your mood, so be observant, and adjust if you need to.

And get B12 and folate checked again in 3-4 months.


Learner1 but 400mcg is only 0.4mg? And I've been prescribed 5mg day. Did you mean 400ug, which is I think 4mg? Even that is less then what I've been prescribed. My current level of folate is 1.2ug/L.

Also you said taking folate and B12 could impact my mood. Did you mean it could make me depressed/low/anxious? I thought these two would improve my mood, Not worsen it.Sorry if these are silly questions or I'm missing the point.

My current gp said they'll retest folate and vit d in 3 months so I'll ask for vit b12 to be tested then too, thanks!


What is the danger with too much folic acid? With too little currently I am certainly feeling the effects.


Too much folic acid can build up to toxic levels in people with certain genes who can't convert properly to the active 5-methyltetrahydrofolate.

Too little 5-MTHF folate can impact Methylation, leading to inability to get rid of toxins, inability to copy DNA properly, inadequate hormone production, mitochondrial membranes damage impacting energy production, and cancer. Too much folate can lead to cancer, too. You want the Cinderella amount.

I'll have to apologize here... some people need 1-5mg of 5-MTHF a day, more than I said. I'm leery, though of taking too much without monitoring and getting enough B12 first, it's needed in the next step if the methylation process called the methionine cycle. So, yes, try a larger dose, like 1.5 mg or even 3 mg and retest.

Either it's poor digestion, or more likely, with your values, you may have done genetic mutations causing deficiencies - DHFR, MTHD1, MTHFR, MTR, MTRR, BHNT, CBS, etc. A 23andme test with some followup would give you that info. Might be worth looking into in your case.

On mood, it can change things. Finding a balance is key. In addition to folate and B12, you may also need B2, B6, magnesium, potassium, and certain amino acids. Missing an ingredient or being inadequate in one can cause symptoms. I just gave the warning in case you feel anxious, depressed, OCD, irritable, etc. If you feel any of these, it's a message that you're not in balance.

I take methyl B12, up my dose til I'm not fatigued. Then, if I start to feel weepy or depressed, I take 1mg of 5-MTHF. I also take a B complex to get the other Bs and some magnesium. I like Thorne Research's products, as they're the most bioavailable forms of Bs.

Hope this helps...

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Learner1, Thanks so much for all the info. It's invaluable. Very new to me, but it's gradually sinking in lol.

I took my 5mg folic acid prescription yesterday and the day before and both days I had a bad stomach, which was unusual for me at the moment. Today I thought, I'll just take half, then thought actually maybe I should Only take the 5-mthf one, and not take heaps (like the prescription standard folic acid) until I can get tested further. Thank you for helping me come to this conclusion. I hope it's the right decision! Today I am taking my Lamberts Methyl B Complex which has 200ug of 5-mthf in it along with the other B vits.

Have also realised my main focus needs to be on getting past this cold. So am taking vit c and echinacea for that. Because with a cold I can't move forward with my tests and don't want to risk passing it on to Dr Peatfield!

So, I'm calming down :) phew...

Very valuable info, and I thank you muchly for your time xx


Hi Learner1 I just wanted to ask, I'm really struggling again, I tried my methyl B complex, vit D, folic acid prescription and vit C, and ended up with my candida symptoms flooding back. So have had to stop all as I don't know what's causing what. But without anything candida symptoms have dropped but now I'm even more exhausted and got low mood. I can't win and have no idea what do. Any ideas?

Got Dr Peatfield appointment in 2 weeks.... but what to do in the meantime?



If I were you I would take the prescribed 5mg folic acid. Most people are fine with folic acid and some people have adverse reactions to methylfolate. You need to improve your folate which was very deficient at 1.2.

Reintroduce the other vitamins one at a time at 2 week intervals. That way you will be able to tell which is causing any adverse effects.

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That does make sense since folic acid was my worst test result. But then someone said if I have trouble processing folic acid it could be too much, toxic? I think that was the general concern. The 2 days I took my prescription folic acid I had a stomach upset... biley. But I also felt more alive... maybe I should test just folic acid again, the prescription one. And see if the stomach upset returns. But I worry about the toxicity fear if I'm not processing it?

I am so confused and got no dr to turn to :(

My partner said maybe I should be in hospital! But no way as they would either pump me full of stuff that'd likely make me feel worse because I don't think they get this candida issue, or they would label me a time waster (likely the latter)



Take the folic acid. If it gives you stomach upset you can't tolerate then try methylfolate. You'll probably only be prescribed 5mg folic acid for 2-3 months until folate is range so the chances of toxicity are minimal.


Thank you. Yes got 5mg daily prescription for 3 months then retesting. Just called my dr in despair and they said it was anxiety causing my upset stomach. Ahhhhgggg! Change the bloomin record... anyway waiting to hear what the dr says as they are going to call me back.

I am wondering if my prescription folic acid upsets my stomach would antacids help? It is very biley burning bowl movement I get (sorry for the detail)



IF it is folic acid causing upset stomach try methylfolate instead. You'll need something like 6 x 800mcg methylfolate tablets.

Antacids lower stomach acid and that can cause other problems.

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As long as your readings are within the range given by the lab then gp will say all ok. They will even say ok if you are lower than range for say Iron, as they did with my Dad but that is not good. I got hauled over the coals for having very high B12(taking supplements) and very low TSH( 0.03) can lead to heart attacks and osteoporosis-they say and wanted me to lower my levo intake. I have ignored them as my T4 and T3 are low in their ranges.

I have never seen an endo but my previous GP got in touch with local endo after I had asked GP for antibody test (itcame backpositive) and I asked about treatment. Endo said no treatment, that's when I learnt from here to go gluten free and eventually lactofree, made a big difference. Unfortunately, they are mostly focused on numbers and ranges-"the computer says NO"- and not listening to symptoms. "You cannot possibly be feeling ill if your numbers are ok- go away it is all in your head and take these antidepressants!"

Keep learning, you will get there.


Yes both my normal drs and the gp I got the 2nd opinion off said my TSH is normal /borderline, even tho its out of the range! I just don't get how they can't see the bigger picture.

I guess we have to go by how we feel... it i hhorrible having to go up against the drs. Computer says No, and go away and take these antidepressants. That's so my history too, and many others it seems. Scandalous and Criminal.

I feel so impatient to find the solution for me, I feel so Awful :((( my partner is really struggling too. I can barely work. I just see my life crumbling around me and now I have to battle for my right to get help. I know I'm not alone in this. And one day when I have energy I plan to help others in this area too, but right now I must get better somehow, before everything in my life completely falls apart xxx


Tinkerbell22, it sounds that you need to change GPs. I've tried every single GP in my practice and have fallen out with a couple. In my view, a GP who does not understand thyroid issues or is disinterested in it is only going to be a barrier to you regaining your health.

I wonder if having some backup docs for your new GP, which explain the treatment of hashi may be helpful? I printed out a copy of the Pulse magazine article, which is mentioned here a lot (Louise kindly emailed it to me) and the last GP I saw showed interest real in reading it. In this article Toft also mentioned treating ppl with antibodies if their t4 is within range but tsh is elevated. In this article, the tsh of 10 is a bit misleading as I think this used to be the blood test range before,ie now it is closer to 5?

Maybe other members can think of another source where a GP can see that treating on numbers within range is recommended?

My endo told me to supplement 500mcg of b12 daily (I take solgar 1000mcg sublingual methylcobalamin ) as well as 20,000iu of d3 weekly. You may find that useful as a reference point.

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Yes this really resonated what you said about the drs being a barrier Sybilla14

I've tried everyone at this practice now. Time to move on! IIt's a shame as they are in walking distance and I can't drive at the moment, but no choice.

Yes good plan to take along backup docs of some sort. The key is if they show interest, or in some WWonderful cases where they spout out the info in your document before you've even dug it out to show them :D one can dream!

Thank you so much for all your advice


Hi where did you get these tests done. Was it you or am I muddled (wouldn't be the first time) who was going to get a finger prick test done. By the way, I know nothing about thyroid but as for your calcium, that looks good to me (from a sufferer of primary hyperparathyroidism) and I wish mine was at that level.


Ah hugs, I'm sorry to hear you're struggling with your calcium levels!

Yes that's me, we talked about finger prick tests. I haven't gone that route yet but may do. I had NHS bloodtests booked and so waited to see what they covered. My GP arranged them after I literally begged in floods of tears for help...

I asked my gp for thryoid, adrenal, vits, minerals and electrolytes tests. I refused to aaccept his depression and anxiety conclusions. Yes I may be, but that's not the source of the issue! He was very off with me, very dismissive, said everything wouldproprobably come back normal. But at least he did the tests.

By the way, I got the bloodtest results the day after taking the tests! Unheard of! But the receptionist ran through them sooooo fast over the phone it was extremely overwhelming. I kept saying slow down, one of my symptoms is brain fog, but she kept rushing through and was very abrupt. I've only just realised, I ought to have been offered an appointment with a gp to follow up these tests and talk through them surely??? But good luck with that, they have zero appointments for a month and the drs are all on their holidays!!!

Sorry, ranting, I keep feeling ao angry and so confused xx


Thanks for quick reply. Your GP surgery sounds as bad as mine, except they would never allow all those tests to be gone. By the way, you are perfectly entitled to get all your results printed off. That is what I have done in the past as I don't trust them, not after my calcium was 2.68 and gp hadn't noticed and was wanting me to chew on two 1500 mg calcium tablets a day for my osteoporosis!! That is what led me down the private route but sadly £6,500 later and quite frankly flushed down the toilet I am still in the same predicament in fact worse with shoulder tear now and these wretched antibodies. I wanted to do the Medicheck Thyroid they were doing a black Friday special for £113 but when I emailed to ask where I could get assistance, no response. Their chat on line thing is pretty hopeless. All I wanted to know was where would be the nearest place I could get assistance with the finger prick, simple question but no answer. I am just nervous of not being able to squeeze enough blood out and one of the chat people said oh we can send you another kit if that happens. I think Blue Horizon do a similar test a few less but for £99 and being as they also do parathyroid and calcium for around £200 but at the Spire hospital Cambridge, I was thinking of doubling up but never any response. So fed up and my savings are running out. I feel I have to do my own thing as nobody gives a toss and my appointment on the nhs in the endocrine department is not until the 7th February and they don't have a very good reputation, not for hyperparathyroidism anyway.


It's just awful isn't it :( I don't know what we're meant to do, I really don't. Big hugs to you xxx


Applying to a new surgery pronto :)


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