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Latest Blood Tests & Med Questions before doctors tomorrow!

Latest Blood Tests & Med Questions before doctors tomorrow!

*Rest of Blood Tests taken for Vitamin levels and possible PCOS*

Serum B12 - 286 (>183.00 ng/L) - Normal

Bone Profile - Normal

Calcium - 2.34 (2.20-2.60)

Calcium Conc - 2.37 (2.20 - 2.60)

Alkaline Phosphatase - 104 (35.00 - 104.00)

Albumin - 38 (34.00 - 48.00)

These were taken before i started taking my B12, B Complex & Vitamin D supplements.

I have been taking VitD for 9 days (40,000iu), B12 (5000mcg) & Complex for 15 days and the only difference i have noticed is that i'm a lot calmer than i used to be and don't get as irritated quickly.

I take the first VitD, B12 & Complex together after breakfast and take the second VitD before bed and wanted to check if that was ok and it wasn't affecting the absorption of any of them? (I know it can take weeks to have any real affect but was hoping for more of a difference early on.) I'm only taking the 40,000iu for the next 5 days and then lowering it to 5,000iu a day as advised on here and will also get updated bloods.

I want to start my Iron & Vit C next and know that it's an hour before or 2 hours after food that you take them but wanted to see when was the best time to take it & again, if it would affect the absorption of the others?

i'm also hoping to re-start my Magnesium too (at quarter of the dose as advised on here and build up), I will be mentioning it to my doctor tomorrow about the bad migraines i get after taking them and also to see if there is a link with the fact i get them with Laxido and Fybogel also (all 3 i have stopped taking and have not had a migraine since) and see if there is anything she suggests to do or what could be causing it.

The main reason i'm going to my doctors tomorrow (i have thought i had it myself in the past and was brought up again with the migraines after the Magnesium) is to hopefully be tested for Adrenal Fatigue or Adrenal Insufficiency.

I'm not sure if it's that or possibly exhaustion but i've been feeling it for nearly 6 weeks now and seems to be getting worse and i have a lot of symptoms of AI and quite a few for Exhaustion.

I started my current job in January '16, I was on the Counters so it was not very strenuous, since then i have moved departments and now do replenishment but, i work on fresh foods and only have 30 minutes max per roller to get the stock out. At first i could do 13/14 rollers in 5 hours or so but in the last 6 weeks i've really struggled (yesterday, it took me 2 hours to do 2 half full ones). I do have insomnia, I don't sleep well at night and i know that Hyperthyroidism can cause tiredness too but i feel it's more than that. i never have energy or the motivation to do anything, when i wake up i'm yawning and continue to do so throughout the day, if it's my day off i want to sleep all day and my eyes get really heavy around dinner time. It feels like my body is at it's limit and the more i try to push myself to get through it the more my body resists.

My FT3 & FT4 is within range and my TSH is surpressed, i have no other side effects of my thyroid as they have been put down to my low levels of VitD, Iron & Folate.

It's really affecting my job and can't afford to lose it or give it up and was wondering if anyone has any advice on what i could do or if there is anything else i could be tested for that it could be? In a previous post, I stated how great my doctor was as everything i wanted checking she did without questions or trying to get out of them, well tomorrow is her last day at my surgery and have a feeling that nothings gonna be checked unless necessary after this appointment :(

Sorry if this doesn't make much sense, my brain is working faster than my typing and i'm trying not to forget anything.

Also, does anyone know if GP's can prescribe Metformin or is it just Gynecologists? I was being referred to one but it doesn't look like i am now and i need my blood sugar and insulin levels under control as well as the fact that no matter what i do i only seem to put weight on or stay the same and not lose it :(

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Firstly your post makes sense and I'm sorry you are losing a helpful GP in regards to testing.

Secondly Vitamin D is best taken with food with fat in so if you just eat cereal or toast for breakfast then you won't have sufficient fat in the meal. If you eat eggs or similar then it's fine. (Though you shouldn't be eating refined carbs. More about this at the end of the post.) Take your vitamin D doses instead at lunch and dinner, or take both at dinner. It doesn't matter though taking the doses together as it means it's easier to fit your iron in.

Iron and vitamin C should be taken 4 hours away from thyroid meds, and 2 hours away from other food, drink and supplements to avoid interaction and decrease adverse effects. Iron can cause constipation, diarrhoea or you can suffer from both randomly. This is why you want to ideally have take your iron then take the rest of vitamins and minerals later especially if the iron makes your bowels loose. If on the other hand you are constipated start taking the magnesium asap. Magnesium can have a laxative effect. Unlike vitamin D you do have to take iron in two doses as it increases the amount that is absorbed.

There are apparently ideal times you should take different vitamins and minerals but if one of them is causing you bowel problems then you need to work around it to get the rest of them into your system.

Unfortunately until you get your iron up and your hormones at a good level, both thyroid and insulin, you are going to feel tired. You also won't lose weight but worry about the weight after you "fixed" your vitamin, mineral and hormone levels.

Finally in regards to regulating blood sugar and your insulin levels have a read up on the low carb high fat diet. There are lots of resources on this. Off my head I would direct you to the forums on due to your issue with blood sugar. If you follow that diet hopefully you won't need metformin and risk your vitamin B12 status. Being diabetic is linked to loads of long term serious health effects, and if you have issues with your thyroid hormones as well you simply don't want to even look at going there so changing your diet is better.


Thanks bluebug,

I didn't know you could take both together...I'll start taking them at dinner too and see if that helps.

My doctor told me to get my VitD levels up before retaking Magnesium as it will absorb it more and hopefully get less Migraines. The ones I have are Thorne Magnesium Citrate 135mg...would it be work trying taking half of that and see if it helps?

The Metformin is for my Polycystic Ovaries, I was tested for Diabetes but don't have any symptoms or pre symptoms of it. I hear that regulating your blood sugar level and insulin level would help with the symptoms of PCOS as well as helping with weight loss and cravings?


The only thing to be wary of is if the vitamin D keeps you awake. If it does move to taking it at lunch time. You can also take you B vits at the same time.

It is iron and other minerals you need to be careful off as they can interact, and in the case of iron cause bowel problems.

Not sure about the PCOS but I do know regulating your blood sugar helps with weight loss and cravings.

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I take my Iron before breakfast with Vit C and then when i get home from work around 11.20pm. I take my VitD and B's around 12-12.30 when i have my dinner before work.

Spoke to my doctor yesterday about being referred to the gynecologist and it looks like it's happening now so hopefully they will give me the Metformin or something to regulate my blood sugar and insulin levels.


You actually want to sort out your blood sugar levels with diet rather than drugs. This will help you in the long term as you have two conditions that predispose you to other conditions and diabetes is one you definitely don't want to add to the list due to the horrific side effects. In addition even if you are on diabetes drugs you will still have to change your diet to keep your blood sugar down as drugs aren't a quick fix.

So have a look at the links I sent you and also look up info on about PCOS then when you see the gynaecologist ask him/her lots of questions on what courses of treatment you could try.

If possible take someone with you preferably a friend over a family member - doctors listen more when it's a friend - so they can take notes and ensure you ask all your questions.


Diet alone isn't working. it's not a strict diet i'm on atm by any means but if anything i'm putting it on or staying the same rather than losing it so that's why i wanted to try the Metformin to go alongside the diet to see if it would help as i've read it does.

I will have a look at the links you've given me, thank you. i'll try to get someone to come with me but they'll all be working as it's first thing in the morning :(


Just ask people - someone will you will be surprised. There are people around with flexi-hours or who can make up the time. There are quite a few people around who don't want others to be in pain


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