If you are supplementing and have raised your vit & min levels from deficient &/or low in range, do you continue to supplement?

It's unlikely that I'll be able to persuade my GP to provide regular blood tests for ferritin, vitD, B12 and folate now I'm within range so do I go on supplementing or stop?

Currently supplementing vitC 1000mg, vitD 2000iu, B12 1000mcg, magnesium 300mg, zinc15mg, B1, B2, B6 100mg each on alternate days.

I'm awaiting delivery of B12 and vitD as i've had some muscle cramps and leg pain having stopped supplementing end of Jan. I intend to supplement a while longer, until stronger and weller, but wondering how much longer or forever?

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I have found, through numerous hosp blood tests, that my body is unable to hold on to its vitd, which I suspect is due to gut issues, so am supplementing 3,000iu daily. With my doctors know how this will continue long term as it has been proved, through testing, that if left to its own devises my vitd will again drop after a very short time.

I suppose I was lucky that I had several consultants taking blood tests at regular intervals and if vitd was not requested I use to ask for it, saying that my levels are unstable and I wanted them checking to see if the 3,000iu I was taking daily were maintaining my levels. Usually they were very good and ordered it for me and I have now ascertained that 3,000iu is the correct level for me. So if you are ever called in for any sort of blood test my advice is to ask the question - they can only refuse. Also try the nurse if he/she is ever taking bloods, explaining you have unstable levels, as they will often order the test for you. I think I have had more vitd tests ordered by nurses than doctors.

The trouble is you don't now what is giving you the pain, low B12 or low vitd, and if I were you I would re-start supplementing B12 first to see if the pain goes and if not I would then re-start the vitd. I think you are right to be cautious about continuously supplementing vitd as, unlike B12, it can cause damage if you take too much.

Moggie x

Thanks, Moggie. VitD was 116 and B12 725 20th Jan, so a month without supplementing they may have dipped. I fully intended to continue with vitD until sizzling spring or summer to boost up as toxicity isn't indicated until >250. B12, I know can't be OD'd.

All tests are ordered by GPs at my practice so I don't have the luxury of a practice nurse to slip in any requests I might make.

May it be worth getting vit d test for £25 to check your current level.... i get it from the dlux website .

Thanks, Sezzy. 20th Jan vitD was 116 so I think I can safely maintain supplementation until the summer and see if GP will retest in Autumn.

looks like it's this NHS lab in Birmingham


I used this lab recently, you ring up, give them your card details and the kit comes next day, they were very efficient and I was pleased with the turnaround time.

I use it too as GP refuses to do a VitD test (or B12) :D

That's why I did it. Easiest way.

I was thinking of posting the same question! I was put on Vit D by Endo-think reading was 25 or 27 so given booster dose and now Ad-Cal+D3 800 IU daily which I supper isn't enough. My last retest level was 87 but hadn't been on maintenance dose long so may have dropped. I was put on 5mg Folic Acid for 4 months but not been retested so again think I should be. My last doctors appointment though before Christmas she asked me to stop taking supplements ( also take B12 selenium zinc and magnesium) other than Vit D as she wanted my TSH to be measurable. I said I would but I haven't. When had chance to think about it have been taking Selenium and Zinc for over 20 years on and off, only having breaks when too tired to organise myself! Blood donor doctor suggested I took B12, my blood was very useful to them but kept failing finger prick test but when tested properly was ok so wanted to push it up a little so only thing newish is magnesium. Logic tells me this way isn't going to increase TSH Though my bloods suggest either reverse RA or a conversion problem. After that I thought to be more reliable taking supplements and may be help Levo reach the cells better and then see if I could even lower dose slightly to see if still felt good but TSH might rise. Taking supplements I feel has been successful though been I'll with something more flu than bad cold so body just now recovering so in a similar position but do think I should continue supplementing. Found the replies helpful-thank you!

In November I was also folate deficient and prescribed 28 days x 5mg folic acid. I was a bit annoyed, having read the PiL which suggested 4 months replacement but end of Jan folate was high in range, so it was either sufficient or supplementing B12 helped.

I really don't get why some doctors want supplementation stopped. What on earth can they have to do with TSH other than aiding absorption of Levothyroxine?

I haven't got a definitive answer to my question other than to have regular blood tests which I don't intend to do privately so I shall suck it and see as they say.

Yes my docs answer didn't make sense to me either! She has got cold feet I think because whilst ever Dr Skinner was treating me he was responsible for me. All I asked was could we woke together and would she take blood if I wanted to test privately. I was treading very carefully as my last GP was senior partner and reported Dr Skinner as she was convinced I was over medicated on the evidence of TSH! My other results which she didn't bother to ask for suggest I'm not good at conversion. I had said to her that symptoms of over can be the same as under. She said she knew that but preferred to think over! Another useless statement so decided had to help myself.

They behave like witch doctors sometimes! There are medications which affect TSH & FT4 but supplements don't seem to be among them. If you click on thyroidresearchjournal.com/... and scroll down there is a list of medications excluded from the study.

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