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Blood tests annoyed with GP!


I have been diagnosed with under active thyroid about 4 yrs ago and being very naive about the condition just trusted my GP with my condition even though I'm a quailified Nurse lol ......it has only been in the last yr (or since I joined this site and started reading up on hypothyroidism) I have really tried to take control of my health! I'm now on 125mcg thyroxine I take a multi vit, 10mg omeprazole, and I have recently started taking selenium 50mcg daily anyway went to my GP today and saw the HCA to take my bloods and they had only asked for TSH so I asked if I could have my B12 n iron n folate etc and was told that as I had them taken in November and they were"normal" I couldn't have them done this time!!! So I will get my GP code n hosp number and get the phlebotomist at work to do them n put down I want my iron B12 etc lol lol ......I'm sorry it's a long rant but I needed to vent......I bet there are loads of ppl in this situation ........

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There are. I suppose to a certain extent I was too. Not any more though. I'm always amazed at the people I meet - and not just thyroid patients - who take a pride in saying they 'trust their doctors' and who haven't a clue about their blood test results - when I mention that they should and that they are entitled to know them, they look at me like I'm a bit odd for even wanting to know and say 'oh, the doctor (or even worse the receptionist ) says my results are fine'. Needless to say these people know nothing about lab ranges etc either and just generally take no ownership of their condition.

Good luck getting your B12, Vit D, ferritin and folates done.


Cannot see why they cannot test them, all they need to do is ask for a full panel blood test to cover that specifying them. Also your doctor may have told you your levels were ok but the problem with medicine is they have ranges, and if you fall in that range then to them your ok... Here's the problem with thyroid issues especially it's not falling in the range that's important, it's where in the range you fall, as its important to fall in the upper portion of the range especially say B12 plus with iron, it's the ferritin levels you need to get.

Also ask your doctor for a printout of your results, for reference points... Hope that helps...

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I have a print out from my last 2 bld tests on done in

sept 2014

Where they only did TSH

TSH 9.2 (0.35-4.5)

Free T4 13 (11-24)

last one taken in October 2014

Serum B12. 272 (180-866)

Serum ferritin 102 (13-150)

Serum folate 8 (4.6-18.7)

TSH 0.984 (0.35-4.5)

Serum Magnesium 0.78 (0.7-1.0)

Awaiting these results from today........

When I'm due blds again I'll have them done at work and fill in my own form and tick my own boxes for B12 and iron etc..........we'll see 😳


Hi, TSH should be about 1or below so that looks ok, but the B12 should be about 800 level and as B12 being low can have similar symptoms to thyroid symptoms. You could also do with having your Vitamin D levels checked too as its quite often low with thyroid issues, have you had your adrenals checked too, ie cortisol levels, blood test is not that good for cortisol reason is cortisol by nature should be higher in the morning as its part of your waking up process, problem with the morning only blood test is it doesn't let you know what your like the rest of the day.

Hope that helps some...?

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I asked for my vit d check on my last bld check n was told it's too expensive to do! Lol

I've never had a cortisol check for my adrenals, why is it such a battle to get these tests done? I spoke in passing to a endo on the ward I work on about TSH etc I don't hold out much faith with getting anything sorting out any time soon.......

I've never had my throat felt , should I get referred to an endo consultant?

Even as a registered nurse I know u shouldn't just go on results alone!! Look at ur bloody patient too ask them, they live with the condition!! Sorry I'm ranting again 😬


You are entitled to rant! The situation is dire. Doctors Don't know what being a doctor means anymore, they are just technicians, now, just looking at the numbers on the screens. They wouldn't know a goitre if it got up and bit them!

Yes, I hate doctors, too! lol

With a B12 that low, a multi-vitamin isn't going to do much good. And, besides, it's usually a cynocobalamin in them, you need sublingual methylcobalamin. But first, perhaps you should get tested for Pernicious Anemia.

Why are you taking PPI? That could be the reason your B12 is so low - and all your other vits and mins will probably be low, too. Most hypos have low stomach acid as it is, PPIs will just make it worse.

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The biggest problem with these issues ie thyroid adrenals etc, don't know much about it, in most cases patients know more than the doctors, mainly due to our own research, which includes some trial and error as we're not all the same. It's better to get educated and go in armed with the info, it kinda forces their hand a bit that's why being in range in tests doesn't suit everyone,

Being in range and still feeling crap, is like someone wearing size 7 shoes when they have a size 9 foot... Would you do it after all the size 7 is a pound cheaper... What you think your footsresponse would be 😉

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Hi Td, I may side with your doctor on this one. What did your lab tests read six months ago? If they were high enough and you aren't taking anything that would improve them, they may not show any difference, however, if they were not in the optimal level we hypos need, they should have supplemented and therefore retesting is wise. Can you get a copy?

You know it's more likely you have low acid and omeprazole is a bad idea in that case.

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I was started on omeprazole due to GORD I've had it cut down from 20mg to 10mg daily , I take a multi vit and 50mcg of selenium and my 125mcg of Levothyroxine ......when I have forgotten to take my omeprazole I can feel the acid 😟


Yes, I understand. I had the same problem and always wondered why almost all the alternative doctors say that Gerd is due to LOW acid. It seems the stomach lining is doing something in reaction to low acid that causes Gerd. If you can take vinegar with meals or betaine as an experiment, you may find it is true.


Hypos usually have low acid. No wonder your B12 is so low. When we have low thyroid hormones - every cell in the body is affected. That also affects the cells in the lining of the stomach. The Parietal cells that line the stomach wall secrete intrinsic factor that binds to the B12 molecules in food so it can be safely transported through the gut to the ileum. Also the cells secrete acids to break down proteins. When the acid is low - proteins lurk in the stomach and eventually ferment - this upward movement of fermentation vapours cause the reflux. Think yeast bubbling away before you add it to the flour to make bread :-) So suppressing this valuable acid has a negative effect.

I think it better to take the individual vitamins like D and B12 on their own - the amount in a multi-vit will not do the job required. Your Ferritin looks just a little high - this normally indicates some inflammation in the body somewhere. Could it be the thyroid ? - Do you have Hashimotos ?

As others have said - it would be good to have VitD tested....

ww.vitamindcouncil.org - click on to Health Conditions at the top of the page :-)


Thanks all for your advice I'm really sorry if it's sounded like I was ranting xx

Reading through some of the posts and people's blood results it seems like they test for more in other countries than here in the UK!


Tdrewett, testing frequency and even being done at all varies from doctor to doctor in one practice let alone across countries. Annual/biannual testing is generally all that is required for vitamin D, ferritin, B12 and folate. I takes 120 days for red blood cells to die off and renew so it's not worth testing ferritin, B12 and folate more frequently. Most NHS labs decline to test vitD more frequently than every 6 months once deficiency is corrected.

I blagged a trainee GP at my practice to order the tests above when he was advising me about another investigation. The results showed vitD and folate deficiency, low B12 (but higher than yours) and over range ferritin. As soon as vitD and folate were in range prescriptions and testing stopped. The practice has never suggested follow up testing and I haven't asked as I feel reasonably well. Endo tested vitD in Dec which was twice over range and has ordered a follow up and calcium profile. I think his interest more related to mild osteopenia diagnosed in June than anything to do with thyroid.

If you intend getting the blood tests soon don't supplement B12, you may as well get a baseline result. If not, supplement 5,000mcg methylcobalamin sublingual lozenges, spray or patches for 4-6 weeks to boost levels and maintain on 1,000mcg daily after. Add a B Complex to improve your folate and keep the other B vitamins balanced.

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Osteopenia is a vit d deficiency disease


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