where has my strength come from???

hi fibro buddies

not been on for a while so much has been going on where i have found my strength i do not know? still waiting to find out what is happening with the house already been served with an eviction notice for mid november been intouch with all the right people my husband doing everything posible to sort out but our world was turned upside down 10 days ago i may of said before that my eldest daughter who lives in australia had been poorly with gastroentroitis, well she was still suffereing with pain went back to doctors took blood the gp rang back with results to say she is severely aneamic and was refering her for a scan she had a scan 2days later the gp rang her back and said i am refering you to gastro specialist for the following monday she had bloods done again they where to still dropping she went to work passed out was sent home , she went to hospital on the night did bloods again they wher e extremely concerened as they where dropping still gave her some pain killers and said they where happy to send her home as she was being seen on monday by specialist she went home was back first thing saturday still felt unwell pain was getting worse she ended up having blood transfusion and iron infusion she was going to be sent home then thy decided against , they kept her in did further test she ended up having endoscopy colonscopy and the found a polyp on her bowel that was cancerous(cancer of the colon they called it) she had surgery to remove it on tuesday morning 9:30am uk time (6:30pm australian time)they removed part of her bowel also a lymph node as it had started to furrow into the wall, they have recommended chemo as she is extremley young and want to make it precautionary , i cannot believe this has all happened and i have remained strong and focused helping my 2 other daughters and my husband and keeping my poorly daughter hopeful i have ached like hell not just my body but my heart too as i just want to be with her and hold her but 36000 miles between us no funds just a lap top and the internet to keep her going and facebook and text messaging x my husband has really struggled so hard , i can tell you when your baby and yes no matter how old she is 25years young had a baby 27th february this year so much as happened in the first 2years of meeting her husband she has remained strong and positive to protect me i am so immenslley proud the prognosis is looking good for her , the specialist said we was extremley lucky if they hadn't spotted now good knows well i dont really want to think .... i would just like to say no matter what goes on and how you feel stay strong remain positive an chin up x we still have a way to go but POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE ALL THE WAY X take care teresa xxx i will keep you updated on her recovery xx

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  • Hi Teresa, my goodness you seem to have so much on your plate at the moment. It is wonderful that you are staying positive in spite of everything. My heart goes out to you as you must be so worried about your daughter. Thank goodness she is in the best place and it sounds like she is receiving really good care for her condition. She has age on her side so hopefully she will recover well from the op. My son has just gone to live in New Zealand with his Australian girlfriend. I miss him so much but am grateful that technology at least allows us to skype occasionally - better than waiting for letters! It's not the same as being able to hold or touch them though is it.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time. Jane x

  • no it isnt jane but it is as good as we can get do you go on facebook as you can video call through that now i do so every night technology is pretty amazing xx thank you for you kind words xx

  • sending you a big gentle hug xx

  • thanks xx i am sure at some point it is going to hit me and hard but i dont have time to think about me for now my time is for my daughter she needs me more xx

  • I am sending positive thoughts, she is young and they've found it early so it all sounds very hopeful. The internet and Skype are so valuable and the distance between you disappears when you can see her, it's not like a hug BUT it almost is, knowing your loved is a vital part of healing and I'm glad that you are able to see and talk to her it must help settle your mind.

    You're having such an awful time lately, I hope this is the start of the good times.You've been strong for everyone else, allow yourself time, keep in touch, sandra.

  • Teresa us mothers, always find strenght no matter what when it come to our children, they are our life, my prayers and thoughts are with you, anything I can do just let me know hugs xx

  • xx

  • thanks fibro buddies your kind words aare appreciated xx will keep you update , she had a tough night as the removed the drip but is more positive as the physios have had her up and she has made the trip to the toilet on her own which is all good she said she is feeling more normal today xx

  • I have to say that your daughter is in a far better place for treatment. Just read what you have written and see how quickly the medics responded to her problem. We have more family in Aus than here, I used to live there, and I am still registered with a doctor there. I have an empathy with you on the distance, not 36,000 miles but it may as well be. We are fortunate in that we do get over there periodically and can touch, see and feel them for ourselves. When we will be able to afford it again is another question. Look to the up side, if you are unfortunate enough to have to leave your home you may have enough equity to enable you to get over there and not come back. There would be massive benefits to you in that, believe me.If you have to move, it may as well be over there. I am able to offer immense amounts of practical advice and support, I have been in your situation!

  • thank you for your kind words we went in april for 4weeks i enjoyed it so much but i did not benefit i felt worse health wise, my daughter lives brisbane and it is really hilly we wont have much equatity not enough to move over there any how as the debter will get it i also have 2 other daughters one who is 26 weeks pregnant and another who lives with her boyfreind i would move there tomorrow as it is a much better country i agree, it is very relaxed xx we saved every bean we could to go over there in april took us 2years we booked flights 18months in advance before hip replacement before my husband being made bankrupt due to looking after me mainly we do not have any funds full stop to be going over there fmily have offered to loan us but i cannot repay and i would not expect anyone to give us the money my daughter has said mum whe i need you i will let you know her hubby is amazing xx but all i want to do is HOLD HER XX

  • I know exactly how you feel about wanting to hold her!! We were in Brisbane in June! To see everybody we have to start as far North as Mackay, then down to Brisbane and then Sydney. We wanted to get down to Melbourne but ran out of time and money. I had to give up working full time due to my FM and had some scary moments financially. Now I have passed the 65 mark life is a little better with now having the State Pension instead of relying on Incapacity Benefit. We sold off some stuff that we could do without and now I am selling things we can do without on e-bay. Amazing what people will buy!! I put money into a Post Office account to save up for my car tax, similarly a TV licence account to pay the TV licence when it is due. All helps to not be up for huge payments, much easier to pop a few pounds here and there into these accounts. Take care, Life isn't fair and I am sure that you will find a way to keep going. Maybe going to Citizens advice will find out if there are benefits you may be entitled to that you may not be aware of? xx

  • thank you for your kind words x i am 45 and doing everything we can what doesnt break us makes us stronger so thy say x take care teresa xx

  • ooopps over 10.000 miles then xx

  • LOL, it's still a blooming long way!! xx

  • Hi hun at least she's been sorted fast, I'm worrying cos my youngest daughter is talking about going to live I Ghana as that's where her boyfriend is from they have a son who's 15 months old not looking forward to that, enough about me and mine I would cross my fingers for your daughter if it didn't hurt so. All the best for you and your family. Sithy

  • thank you huni ,

    you have to let them lead their lifes unfortunatley it makes them better people and well experienced x but when they become poorly and you cannot get to them that is hard very hard you look after yourself xx

  • At least they have caught it early and she is young enough to fight it all the way, wishing her a speedy recovery xx

  • thankyou xxxx

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