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hey my fibro buddies

my eldest daughter who lives in oz is home now after her operation she is on the road to recovery, she had the tumour removed and 14 lymph nodes (four of those was cancerous aswell) they have told her she was extremely lucky to find when they did PHEW!!!!, SHE STILL HAS A WAY TO GO, she starts chemo in 6weeks that will last for 6months she has informed me it is of the mild form intraveinously but she should'nt lose her hair they said, me and my husban just feel lost and in a bubble we are here and she is there we are coping as a couple and as a family just holding together , she messages me all through the night thank god for technology eh!!!! i am tired aand exhausted but i will be with her all the way every steps she takes i'll be there even though i'm here xx she is sooo brave at 25 she has her whole life ahead and a young baby of 6months , i am lost but proud soo proud of her because she is dealing with it head on , she also informed me today that the octors have recommended she has some eggs removed and stored for the future i feel so sad and useless at the mo but i am positive and being strong and i so want to hold her xx

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  • So glad to hear your daughter is on the road to recovery! My very best wishes for the future treatment xxxx

  • My daughter is 25 and has a 9 month old baby. I can't begin to imagine how it is not being able to cuddle them.

    Main thing is that she is now on the road to recovery - just think by Xmas 2013 there will be a toddler loving Christmas and a fit and well Mummy doing all the Australian Christmas things ... it takes time, love and patience in the coming months but you'll all get there.

    Best wishes and good luck to you all

    Julie xxx

  • The main thing is she has a carering family help here every step of the way my prays go out to your daughter....

    Soft hugs debbie x

  • I've just read your blog, that must be so painful for you not being near your daughter physically , but your all there in spirit, so young but seems hopeful

    Love and hugs to you all

    Nicki xxxxx

  • So glad that the op went well for your daughter. She will know how much you love her even though she is so far away. Yes technology is great when it comes to keeping in touch with family who go abroad. My son is in NZ and Skype has been a godsend! Will keep my fingers crossed that all continues to go well for her. Jane x

  • thankyou you are all so kind xx

  • That's good news that your daughter's operation went well and that she is on the road to recovery. I can't imagine how hard it must be for you and your husband being over here and your daughter being in Australia. You sound loving and supportive and your daughter knows this, sometimes distance is only a heartbeat away, you are with her in her heart and I am sure she feels your presence.

    Try to take it as it comes, one step at a time. Your daughter is in the best hands and I am sure they will monitor her every step of the way.

    Thank goodness for technology, at least you can have some form of contact and "see" her if you have Skype,

    Wishing you and your hubby and daughter all the very best, and sending you a hug. We are here for you and please keep us informed as to how she is progressing. Bless you! (((x)))

  • thanks libby i sure will as this site helps me immensley to talk about how im feeling i use this site to release my frustration and feelings plus nobody else i know uses this sight so i can be myself without worrying family and freinds xx it is a great comfort to me and i can express myself i don't blog for sympathy or attention just for release like so many others the lovely comments i/we get back are a bonus to us xxx

  • Hi Teresa,

    Wishing your daughter well and thinking of you take care xxxxx

  • Morning Teresa,

    Good news for you all. Now take it gentlly and I send you courage and hugs the first you already have but I think the stocks are a bit depleted.

    My thoughts are with you x gins

  • thank you everyone your kind words are comforting to hear and very grateful xxx

  • i was quite upset by your blog this morning but havent managed till, now to reply.i cannot even begin to imagine wot you and your hubby must be going through right now.nor her as everyone needs there mom no matter how old.

    is there any way you can both raise the money now to go over there?and if you could would your health be a prob?

    i really wish i could say something that would help but i pray that things turn out okay and that you all get through it best you can..


  • thank you sammy my daughter is being super positive and strong and for now all she needs is her husband and her son she has promised when and if she needs me and her dad she will let us know the outlook is very positive sooo we are being as supportive and strong and positive from this end of the world to help them xx

  • also we did the journey in april and i cannot lie it really took its toll on me i couldnt do the journey on my own they is also the financial side to it but family have insisted tht if we need to be there they will do what they can to help xx

  • this year started good , then the past few months have took its more out us if you read all my other recent blog we are due to be evicted out of our home in november i have another daughter who lives at home due to have a baby mid december so it is all so complicated, they is no issue what so ever in priority that is my poorly daughter but we have to respect what she wants she is soo brave and soo positive she is amazing i will do my job from this end until she says "mum can you be here with me" x thanks for all you support and advice fibro bubbies xx

  • home already! that is good. I've been thinking about her, hugs to you all.


  • teah sandra everything has happened soo quick in the space of 2 weeks from feeling poorly gp, consultant specialist have continued to get to the bottom of why my daughter ami was feeling so poorly , they quickly founf the cause and acted as soon as , she has been soon strong , still away to go but she said to me mum please try not to worry which i know you will and i expected but last week i had cancer and this week i dont just a sore tummy on the outside where the wound is and just bit sore on the inside fron tugging and pulling about( i know so brave) xx the road to recovery begins(chemo 5weeks away) and i know it will be tough but great support from you n dad and everyone else i will get better her words xx

  • That is great and it is excellent that she has a good prognosis, she sounds like a very positive young lady and that is half the battle with that horrid disease. Wishing her well and strength to you all xx

  • thank you x

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