Upset - kitten needs emergency treatment after eating one of my tablets

I went to take my tablets at about 4 and the diclofenac bounced off the counter and Khaleesi wolfed if down. I'd just bloody fed her do she wasn't hungry. She is now at the vets on an IV and we have to take her to another practice where they have overnight facilities. I'm worried sick about her. She will not throw up despite me forcing water down her throat. The big worry is kidney failure but I got her to the vets quickly so vet said she should be ok. I feel sick with worry. Got to go back at 7 to pick her up then take her to other vets will get home late it's not fair - first day back at work and I can't even come home and relax :-(

Work was ok apart from no idea what I'll be doing and they are looking to move me to stage 2 sickness which isn't fair when management told me to have the operation!

Storm :-(

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  • oh god I hope she'll be okay hun. Keep me posted ((hug))

  • Thinking of you xxx

  • aww am so sorry to read of the mishap Stormwytch. will keep fingers crossed you get your moggie back safe & sound. You acted quickly and they'll be flushing her system out. She'll be fine, but I imagine you could do without the aggro as well as the worry. Let us know how she gets on.

    One of mine had an accident about 6 weeks ago that he might not have survived except for a stroke of luck - they can surprise us and delight us, as well as vex us, eh? he's here now, cuddling up to me and purring loudly as if he had no care in the world!

    Take care and think positive x

  • Thank you - we are at the emergency vets now she seems fine but it's whether she has kidney damage :-) keep everything crossed for little Khaleesi

    Storm x

  • Will keep everything crossed, if they flush out in time there should not be any damage as hopefully it won't be in there long enough for the drug to get into the bloodstream. Will check in again soon hun xxxxx

  • Aww stormy hope kitten ok bless, i have 2 kittens and they always getting up high on surfaces and i have had to keep my meds out of way as i leave my lyrica and pain killers every where, so feel for you x let us know how things go hunibuni xx

    (((Huggles)))) xx cazzie xx

  • poor thing, you must be really worried sick. I was always scared of that happening because I always had to cats & my little dog round my ankles, but thankfully they never touched the ones I dropped - which were many!

    Will be thinking of you & puss, hope everything is ok

    (((((((((hugs))))))))) cobweb x

  • Thanks everyone for your responses. We won't know for 48 hours if she has kidney damage. Her kidney function is normal at the moment but it can take 2 days so not out of the woods yet she's a feisty little creature and still very lively.

    Ran up the cost of a holiday for 2 so far - I hope the insurance pay up!

    I just want my kitty to be safe :-(

    Storm x

  • So sorry to hear about kitty Storm. I hope it all goes well and she is ok, bless her. Our pets mean the world to us don't they. We paid a fortune for one of our dogs last year, worth every penny. Thankfully the insurance paid out afterwards. I am sure it will all work out fine for you and kitty.

    Please let us know how you both get on. (((hug))) xxx

  • I guess they have to give you the worse case scenario. Diclofenac is really toxic to cats (and dogs) I pray she is ok

    When will this bad luck end? Think I need to do something about it!

    Storm x

  • We're all praying with you Storm, hang on in there my dear xxx

  • Thanks guys. I've took double zopiclone or I don't think I would sleep tonight :-( I've asked Arcgangel Raphael to look after her

    Storm x

  • Bless, I hope she's ok, thoughts n prayers are with you's

  • The vet just rang about Khaleesi and she is showing signs of kidney damage I'm so scared we are going to lose her

  • Hi storm I hope your kitty is ok as you akted so fosk itn should be, I'm like you I have to be vigilant with my pills when my grandson is over I used to leave him in the living roon while I went into the kitchen to take them but he's figured out how to open the doors so now he follows me, my solution now is to take them over the sink that way if I drop one it ends up in the sink and not in my little man. Any way I'm sure puss will be fine thanks to your kwick action good luk and gentle hugs. Sithy

  • I rang the vet and she is as fine as cab be. Obs are normal today but not out of danger till tomorrow

    Storm x

  • Hi there,how awful for you hang on in there you got her to the vets straight away and i am certain she will make a full recovery they just need to be absolutely sure that it is out of her system xxx

  • I've been out most of the day so I'm just checking in. I hope she's gonna be okay hun. Keep us posted xx

  • I will do - Lucien keeps miaowing at us but I don't know if he's missing his sister or just being vocal. We will know the outcome tomorrow - couldn't concentrate at work tho :-(

    Storm x

  • So sorry to read this, I hope your kitty is OK, I'm keeping everything mentally crossed, I can imagine it will be impossible to concentrate on anything until you know whats going on. xxx

  • Any news about your kitten xx

  • She's at home now tho we have to give her Zantac by srynge and she hates it so we have a right merry dance!

    Thank you for asking, I added another post on Thursday to let everyone know she is ok :-)

    Storm x

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