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snoring hubby, no sleep and worrying about all my daughters .......LIFE IN GENERAL THEN !!!


not blogged for a while just not felt in the mood to be honest bit passed myself but went to bed at 11ish and not a wink not even a stinky 20mins ha ha, feet,shoulders hips, hands you name it it's playing up grrrr, my daughter inboxed me to say she has gonet to hospital as she passed out yesterday and the pain in her tummy is no better she has gastroentoritis a couple weeks back and tummy pain still nigglin her, she saw her gp in the week thy took bloods and sads she is seriously anaemic arranged a scan she had the scan and has been refered to gastro specialist on monday(she lives in australia so everything is delt with asap), they have took more bloods at the hospital today and have said they need to find why it is so low and where it is going they think one theory is polips on her ovaries, but laid in bed thinking allsorts my hubby is snoring his head off but don't want to wake him as he has hurt his back lol ohh isn't life funny......NOT ,eventually i get up as my freind inboxed me at 4-45am as she is is upset and could do with a good freind to to talk to and get some advice , my friend rang i have been sat listening to her troubles and trying to advice her as best as i can , i have cleaned up , had 3 cups of coffee my breakfast put a wash in and i aam still awake and on her lol i bebating to go run the bath and have a relaxing bath as i ache so much , i prefer shower as easier to get in and out of with a struggle apart from lifting leg over the bath to get in and out of it were as sitting in the bath i have use all my energy to pull myself out decision decisions jeeeez my life is so complicated haha

i have such a lot of things going on i am about to lose my homewe have been given 8 weeks notice from the morgage company we have so much paid for by the benefits office plus we contrubute a small amount ourself i feel so bad because if i hadn't of been unwell my husband wouldn't of had to lose job contracts by taking days of to take care of me his business wouldn't of gone bankrupt , i wouldn't be losing my home my pregnant daughter wouldn't be becoming homeless ohhh god , thank god my husband sort help yesterday so fingers crossed we should get some help trying to sort it

enjoy your day x take care a very tired worried teresa xx

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Hi Teresa

Im so sorry you are going through this. I've just had to do the same. I hope admin don't mind but I'm going to post a link that helped me.

It's a charity website where you answer questions about what you need and it lists charities that will possibly help you. It's worth a try. Also, another good one for knowing your rights is

They are really good for helping people about such things as checking the mortgage company has followed protocol, template letters to send to all your creditors etc. Its a forum so you basically post what you need on there and someone will help. It's very much like this forum as it's really friendly. If there's anything that can be done to help save your home or even buy you time, somebody will advise you. The last thing you need right now is all this stress making you worse. Have a look and let me know what you think. I would advise you to have a good look around on consumer action group (c.a.g) to get a feel for it. You might even find an answer to your problem without having to post although I would advise you to post so the most knowledgeable have as much info as they can get in order to give you the best advice. They don't just do mortgage help. They do benefits, shop goods, insurance, clAiming back bank charges and ppi claims amongst lots of other things. It's an excellent site and even does template letters that you xan ask somebody to check over whatever you plan to write to see if it can be worded better or something. None of us need this extra stress so if anyone can help they will. I got my bank charges back just before xmas a couple of years ago (20th dec I got back £2200) was a lovely Xmas that year lol.

I really hope admin don't mind me putting these sites on here. I think they can help alot of people who are struggling right now.

I hope this helps you. Will you have a look and let me know what you think and how you get on?

Both sites are free

Love and gentle huggles

Chilli xxx


thank you chilli we went to our local community law centre and they made my husband feel awful reall interegated him as if he was being fraudulent they advised in the end to go to our local housing associasion they was extremely helpful and thy is a possiblity it can be in the morgage relief scheme , we are also registered with sanctury the debt side has just about been sorted we have wrote and offered payements on mine debt my husbands bankrupcy is being delt with its a roof over our heads that is worrying us as the morgage people want us out by 18th november even though we are doing everything possible to help them we are aware of the turns2 u site my husband found by curiosity the other week but my husband said he will check the other site out xx thank you so much once again xx im sure everything will sort itself out we are doing everything we need to do thank god my husband is on to it i just feel soo helpless at times x but i know it will be ok eventually x


Hi Teresa

You are going through a stressful time !

Have you got some where to go if you are given a date to move out?

I nearly lost mine twice but just scraped through.

Is there anyone to help you.

I know you worry about your daughter and thats very understandable, but she is being looked after and you must try to get upur own stress levels down.

Is your Dr helpful through this have they offered you counseling - i was offered but never used it. Think sometimes its because you feel your losing your strength to cope with what happens and my thoughts are nope i will deal with it and get through it.

The main thing is that you have somewhere to start a fresh in the long one and see it as you can only build up again.

I known a friend bankrupt and thought life was just giving them hell.

They are now better off than any of us as they started again and built up.

It is easier said than done when not happening to you to give advice etc and yes am sure you have been down every route for help, but never give in.

We have been through so much ourselves i feel bad a lot of time as i am like yep been there worn T shirt lol but its about the experience in life that helps you to be able to help others.

Have you got something to help you sleep.

You need to be snoring like your hubby!!

Men stress but do not worry things i dont feel as much as us women.

Think they do but silently as they have to be our strength at times.

I really am keeping fingers crossed for you that some light is shed and things move on for you. Am sure it will!!! Your hubby can start again?

My friends started under a new business as the old led to bankrupcy.

We have almost hit this too and i have no savings or anything we just manage.

I am self employed and classed as employer and wrk is very slow and when you are not well enough either its a twist of how to move on.

Take care xxxxxx cazzie


Hi, just read your blog and just wanted too sy I'm thinking of you

Nicki xxxxx


thank you xx we have done everything we need to that is possible and my husbands business was only a a small one man business he had his own business as he is a qualified heating engineer by trade but because he was taking more and more days off to be with me and help even though my family help, me and my hubby are stubborn mules at times xx im sure we will be ok in the long run what will be will be , we are fegistered with the local housing assoication, and they said they will be intouch asap x thanks every one i didnt put on for sympathy as the mess we are in is down to us and up to us to sort out i was just typing away and it suddenly hit me that we had that certain amount of time i think tiredness is making my brain tick tock xx take care teresa xx


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