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Journey to Cure Anxiety

I am currently at age 31, I have been dealing with anxiety about my body everyday for the past 4 weeks. Mostly concerned about my heart and things relating to the cardio vascular system.

Rewind to age 19:

I like to think I'm a pretty smart guy when it comes to anything relating to science and in the past (Age 19) I had episodes of panic and anxiety that would come and go....the good news about these attacks were that I could feel them coming on and building before they manifested as full blown attacks (*the attacks themseles typically would last 30-1 hr for me) I knew I could try different things to prevent them before they manifested into those and tried many different methods ...after more research into treatments for this disorder I found that it was treated as a chemical imbalance of the brain and typically you are prescribed drugs that would increase or induce neurotransmitters in a effort to delude or essentially neutralize the attacks.... I figured if they medically treat panic and anxiety disorder as a chemical imbalance it is just that however treatment with medication might be fine for some, I would prefer not soak my brain in drug inducing chemicals that would ultimately just created a dependence on those drugs because they are not the perfect dosage . (unlike what a doctor may give you to do something similar, I knew I could induce neurotransmitters by the simple act of laughter and it would be the perfect dosage and not mess with my brain) At first the laughter was very mechanical and even fake...and wasn't working so well but ultimately the attacks would come less and less until I didn't feel anymore coming on and i was normal for 10+ years.

Current: Flash forward to today at age 31.

I have a difference case, this is constant anxiety and mild attacks..for the past month....the feeling of my heart being inflamed at times...heart inflammation and soreness feeling and Difficulty Breathing Everyday. Also feel light headed and I lay around all day...but some days are better and I move around and even try some exercises...seems like small exercises helps...for me...too much makes me worry.

I am not 100% sure if this is a medical condition or anxiety since I am not able to see a doctor currently but honestly I really hope its only anxiety. (constantly worrying about my heart, laying and not moving much...some days are better than others) I was having heart pains around week 1-2 mild slight heart pains...but i started taking L-Arginine a amino acid to help convert nitric oxide (Which would be a similar result to what the doctor would give for "Angina" or "heart pains" but its something I could have my family pick up at the local store) I no longer have heart pains and no longer have been taking that amino acid either. I have been trying a lot of things to solve my problems...krill omega 3, ASPIRIN is my friend (seems to help me...somehow)...take it everyday...every now and then sodium naproxen ...seems to take my nerves down a notch...but I still haven't cured myself and still feel somewhat comes in waves and leaves...i also check my blood pressure (it comes up all good every time unless I'm freaking out...then the sys is abut 145 or mild hypertension...still not that bad), check my heart with a stethoscope as of recent...thanks to my sister whose a nurse and had a extra.. honestly by checking on myself it reaffirms my mind and makes me less worried...I generally sleep fine...and often find myself pressing with my hand on my left side lower rib cage.

Anyways, I made this post to show that you can get over your panic and anxiety (even if for 10 years) and also because I plan to cure myself again and keep a log of my journey to do so in the comments of this post.

ill list my current general symptoms:

1. Difficulty Breathing

2. Feeling Dizzy and just not like myself

3. Not wanting to do much/laying all day/worrying/ feeling sick

4. Heart Soreness/Inflammation feeling

5. Occasionally possible heart palpation

6. Lots of twitches in different areas daily.

(doesn't bug me much unless its my heart area, links back to heart palpation)

7. stomach sickness

8. feeling like my heart is beating to "hard" but I never seem to have a heart rate over 80...usually between 50-80 mostly 60-70 so im solid there...and blood pressure is great and m heart sounds good on stethoscope but beats hard sometimes, prefer it softer.

That pretty much sums it up...ill add more to this list if I remember or feel it. Feel free to respond if you have similar issues and I hope what I do to solve my problems can be informative to others.

oh and i was tested with dyslexia so sorry about any typos or terrible writing.

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I found your post quite interesting. I suffer from the same symptoms and more. When my anxiety first started my heart was always 80-90 resting now for the most part it is back to 60-70 however I too feel it beating very hard even though it is at a good rate sometimes I feel like my body shakes to the rythem of my pulse as its so hard I find it very disturbing but like all my other symptoms I try my best to not give it much attention and let them pass. I hope you do feel better soon :)

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I appreciate it, ill keep it updated...plan to be back to normal! looking forward to the days of being happy and drinking coffee happy go tends to set my nerves on edge so layed off today at least :)


Omg is anxiety resulting all these lower blood pressure my gp says its all good but i seemed think its too low.. I got soreness in the chest and it worries me that ig going to have a stroke or heart attack but i got heart test ecg, everytime i go to the clinic because i panicked they put me straight away but its normal, stress test,ekg and 24hr holter all normal and my gp rule out heart disease... To many test name it ive done it all.ive got appointment next week for neuro to check me for dizziness and terrie headaches so hopefully its just anxiety and it will go away...


Self Treatments I've been using thus far and (how often):

1. Tomatoes, I noticed they make me or my heart feel better. (I eat tomatoes everyday!!)

2. Asprin (I take it everyday)

3. Lecopene the thing in tomatoes that supposed to be good. (take it sometimes, I prefer tomatoes)

4. L-Arginine (took this to try to get rid of heart pains, they are gone...haven't take it since)

5. Sodium Naproxien (alieve) Occasionally, i perfer aspirin as its much better of the NSA-IDs (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug) but when i feel really nervous and like asprin isn't helping to handle this nervousness I take it.

6. Krill Oil (I take it 80% of the time, good for the heart)

7. Magnesium and Zinc...(rarely)

Thats all im taking currently until I have more ideas to solve my issues.

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I got exercise, breathing deeply,fush oil, vit d and magnesium everyday.. No sodas, coffee and chocolates. Chamomile tea sometimes... No junk foods i feel guilty on myself if i ate one.i drink warm water and i drink greens everyday kale, spinach,berries..if i panicked i do any household chores and if i felt dizzy i watch comedy shows or movies...


yeah i try to do the same generally.


The day thus far: feeling half was decent today but I need to eat something generally up at nights now. I had some pains in my right side lower rib cage when sleeping and mild chest pains so I took some L-Arginine, I drink a lot of water these days...seems to help with sleeping pains...sometimes i feel like when i dont get up to sip once or twice while sleeping water i end up with some pains.


Hi , just reading your post and can't believe you can't see a doctor because of insurance.... Terrible system. I'm so lucky

Having the nhs! Hope you get to see one soon..... Can u go to a&e and have an ecg? Take care x


yeah i whent to er already and got ecg and they said i have premature heat beats and palpitations


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