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*****Anxiety attacks******

hi my name is glenn and I suffer majorly from panic attacks and strange chest pains like I'm losing breath and a lot of feeling dizzy I don't know why this happens but my doctor said it's anxiety but the thought of death scares me as I have a 18 month old son and I really love him and the thoughts of not been here for him would kill me I worry about dying and heart attacks and strokes all the time but don't know why would really like to here I'd people have similar issues as I like to share information about this as when I talk about it I feel better sometimes ha, hope not many people suffer with this as it is horrible as it takes a toll on you sometimes please write back if there is people with similar issues as I would love to here your story and I am writing this now I am having a attack but I can't sleep errrrggghhh

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Whew, take a deep breath. I could feel your anxiety through the internet. Anxiety and panic attacks can make you feel horrible, but I haven't heard of anyone dying from them. :)

Really, my panic attacks can totally cause me to race around the house, or hope I would just fall over and black out just to get relief. But my heart is just fine.

If a cardiologist has told you your heart is fine, perhaps you can shift your concerns away from it.

Have you seen anyone for anxiety that can lead to panic attacks?

There are many self-help tips on the internet to help calm you at the moment. Perhaps you should consider talking with your family doctor about how you feel. Sometimes medication may be helpful on the short term, or like in my case, it's coupled with the help of a therapist.

If you need to vent again on this venue, please do. But think about getting some professional help, too, ok?


I get the same Glenn. When it happens I double over due to not being able to breathe whilst everyone else freaks out. My doctor advised me it was due to my anxiety (even though in my head not being able to breath = dying). What I do in this instance is once I catch my breath I start to take deep breathes and after I have calmed down I take note in my phone of when it happened, the symptoms and where I was. At the end of the week I then go over my notes and see if there are any similarities and figure out if it's somewhere I have been or something I have thought of. I know it might be the last thing to think about but it may help for future episodes. Hope this helps. I also have an app called Pacifica that allows you to records thoughts and conduct self help like cognitive behavioural therapy.


Hey, I have/had a lot of the same symptoms. The dizziness is the worst.

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That is the truest statement of them all.


This was like reading my own story. Firstly the good news, a panic attack can't kill. Basically what it is, is your body doing its fight or flight response. If you was in a situation such as a fight or something your body would do exactly the same thing as happens in your attack but because you're so focused on fighting or flighting you're not focused on how bad the response makes you feel. It does feel like you're dying and I know exactly how you feel.

Something that works for me is a simple breathing exercise as the basics of a panic attack is hyperventilation as like you say you feel like you're not getting enough air... trust me you are, I am a first responder at my work so I have a portable heart monitor as part of my personal medic kit, when I was going through a severe panic attack I thought I was getting no oxygen so I decided to put the portable heart monitor on and checked my oxygen levels... surprise surprise it was 99%.

For the exercise I do, its very simple. Its just to slow down your breathing to a normal rate as if you stop the hyperventilation 9 times out of 10 you can stop the attack (like I say this works for me, it may not work for you)

All you do is breathe through your nose for 5 seconds, hold it in for 5-10 seconds whatever you feel comfortable doing but try and progress to the 10 second mark and then exhale for 8 seconds. Keep repeating this exercise, I usually go for 2 minutes and like I say, for me this will usually stop the attack in its tracks.

I also agree with Hidden, seeing a specialist is the best thing.


I really appreciate all the answers so far I have went to therapists and all its just I'm a very bad worrier since I had my beautiful son and some days I'm OK but some others like when I'm working it can really affect me and I don't like it but I'm trying to get on with it but some days it can take your live over as some people would know if they feel similar to me.


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