Anxiety and panic attacks

Hi my name is Joe I have been dealing with these same feelings I see many of you talking about. I was 26 when my father passed away and had my first panic attack it was 1985 I am now 56 and still have anxiety issues, pains, heart racing, dizziness, all kinds of stomach pains. I've been to tons of Dr's and also to counseling for about 10 years. this really helped but you have to learn to keep pushing forward everyday. first If you are having any of these symptoms it is always best to see a Dr first and get the ok to push yourself. You have to fight everyday and it does get better. Also I would read lots of books on Anxiety these things do help. get around people that have been through Anxiety and panic it all helps time and research whatever you do never give in or give up. Tomorrow will always get better. I have also had all of these symptoms Anxiety is a very scary feeling.

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  • Nice post..

    Yeah! Anxiety symptoms are really horrible. But it will get better only by taking proper medication and therapy. And seeing a doctor should always be your first step.

  • Sadly, I totally understand. It never really goes away :(

  • Me too Koe B!! Its very scarey and I feel its taking over my life!! Ive had panic attacks and anxiety for 7 years and it has definately affected the quality of my life!! I live in fear just about ever single day! I would Love to talk to you more...I think we could compare stories

  • May I could give you my email address and we could talk.

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