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Hi guys . New to this thought id try it out . I'm a 23 yr old female who has been suffering from major anxiety / panic attacks. It started 2 months ago. I've always dealt with anxiety but not as intense as its gotten. The physical symptoms have gotten so bad that I've ended up seeing a cardiologist. My heart races crazy fast , I get dizzy , I've had headaches that come and go for the last 3 weeks. They stopped for 2 and came back as of yesterday. Now my head feels sore ? Idk it's a weird sensation. I ended up at the hospital when j he a panic attack about 2 weeks ago thinking I was going to die I'm sure some of you have felt like that at one point. They ran tests , X-rays . Everything came back fine , was put on propranolol which definitely helps with the physical symptoms. But doesn't really help with my mind if that makes sense ? Today I felt a panic attack coming but obviously the med wouldn't let my heart race and I felt so weird . Like I was high sort of ? I got some what light headed but once I layed in bed it went away . My chest pains finally went away after having them constantly. My body does twitch a whole lot though . I fear that I might have a heart condition . It's all I think about which I know is what causes my anxiety / panic attacks. I feel alone my family doesn't understand the feeling ...I'm trying my hardest everyday. I have a little girl who is 3 and I fear that I won't be able to take care of her if I continue with this horrible disease . I use to be very active / social , use to workout 5 times a week which made me feel AMAZING. Now Immscared to even go for a walk thinking my heart is going to explode . 🙁 Very very hard .

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I feel your pain I am going through anxiety too . It started for me late August last year and slowly I would get new symptoms . It started with feeling dizzy at work and I got weakness in my legs felt like I was gonna faint very weak loss of appetite and I got headaches , pains shortness of breath pretty much everything and anxious thoughts sleep patterns . Can't believe that anxiety causes all these symbols lately I've been reading about it called the dare response you should check it out :) learning about it helps a bit and excercise yoga and acupuncture however I had the same feelings as you I didn't wanna push myself to work out or do things anymore but u gotta really break the cycle of anxiety and challenge the sensations it brings if u wanna talk more fell free to message me :)


Also how did your anxiety start ? What do you think triggered it ? Did you have any sort of thoughts ? It's really a cycle that we need to break so that we can get back to normal . I think stress did it for me and thoughts . I would also try natural supplements . Because meds just make you feel weird like u said u felt kinda high . I've never tried them for that reason 

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Hi ! I've started meditating which is helping me cope and feel relaxed. But only helps me feel relaxed for about 2-3 hours. Then I feel my anxiety get triggered again ( by negative thoughts) .  I want to try natural remedies but am scared too since I haven't been cleared by the cardiologist. My next appointment isn't until April 8th. I never thought anxiety could make up all these physical symptoms which scared me even more . Well what triggered mine I believe was a panic attack I encountered at work. It came out of no where ( I had been stressed about my baby sitter situation , my mom was leaving to Mexico due to family emergency and didn't know when she'd be back and my daughters father was the last option which made me few uneasy) my hands had gotten very cold and I noticed my nails turning blue which had never ever happened to me before so I got scared and called my doctor. ( may I add first time ever seeing this doctor since new insurance came in ) so I made an appt went in and explained my sypmtoms . Didn't even get to see the actual Doctor , PA only available. And she scared the living shit out of me. Seriously zero experience . I told her I'd suffer from panic attacks in the past and that it was normal for my heart rate to get crazy high when I was extremely anxious . Which happened while I was there in the office . My heart rate was at 127bpm. And she said anxiety wouldn't cause my heart rate to get so high that k could stroke out or have a heart attack. This was the last straw for me . That's all I needed to trigger this horrible anxiety / fear / constant worry . She then referee me to a cardiologist who may I add at my initial visit told me it was anxiety . He wasn't worried about my heart at all he said it was normal for body to react that way . But yet I still have my doubts of course lol. Until I receive my results which is in a few weeks ! It's a constant night mare 🙁


Also I have lost 13 pounds 🙁 Appetite is not compared to how it used to be . I feel tired all the time very hard for me to get out of the house too


Have you seen a counsellor? Some are rubbish but keep going until you get a good one. I know it takes ages on the nhs but it's worth the wait. I suffered from anxiety and depression for many years, to the point where I became agoraphobic. I had counselling but it didn't work (if I'm honest this was because I lied to her to avoid disappointing her and told her I felt better even though I didn't, which is apparently a typical response from a depressed person) but I eventually found someone who knew how to help and taught me how to think through my feelings so I can rationalise the negative ones. It is an ongoing process and I have to practise every day but I finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. My panic attacks have stopped and I can go outside without being afraid of having one. You will get there as well. Sending good thoughts your way.


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