Does pregancy affect anxiety?

Hi ive been in a relationship with my parnter for 6 years now and we have a 4 year old son . Who will be starting school in september and me and my partner would love to have another baby and give our son a brother or sister. But i suffer with anxiety and odd panic attacks . I had anxiety 8 months now . Im not taking any medication for my anxiety as dont like the idea of taking tablets. I was just wondering whether you think my anxiety would increase in pregancy or after? As dont like the thought of being pregant and having s panic attack. I dont wanna put off having a child to long as dont want to much of an age gap for my son and my partner not getting any younger. We planned to have another baby when my child was at this age before my anxiety strarted..anxitey runs in my family my nan has it and my mum and sister. I use relaxation and excersise to help my anxiety. But still suffer with heart palpations and shortness of breath feeling at times and werid scared feeling some times . Just wanted to hear of other anxiety suffers thoughts. Thanks :)


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  • Hi michelle

    I have two little ones and I found my anxiety wasn't a problem whilst pregnant. I ate well, drank lots of water, attended aquanatal classes and did a gentle pregnancy yoga DVD so maybe I looked after myself more? I'm not sure but it was after 12 months of giving birth with each child that my anxiety went wild and I ended up needing medication and I've struggled with it since my teens and I'm 40 now. If you were ok with your first child I wouldn't let it put you off. I have a friend who also struggles with anxiety but was ok whilst pregnant too and she had two healthy pregnancies like me. Good luck whatever you decide love eve x

  • hey michellec22, I'm lillymai, I'm 22 years old and I have a two yer old and suffered from panic attacks from 19 and I've suffered from 'health anexity' I found that when I got pregnant it made me forget about my worries as all I concentrated on was my baby growing inside of me and I stayed strong for her, but as she was born and a few months later all my anexity and panic attacks come back as I was so frightened of dying and not seeing my daughter grow up. two years on I'm still suffering! I've wrote a blog on here named "frightened" if you want to read it... I wish you well and wish you well in your future pregnancy

    lillymai xx

  • suffered from panic attacks from being 18 sorry not 19 x

  • Hi Michelle I have five children and was very well while pregnant with the first 3 my forth was terrible which is where my health anxiety started from but only as it was a bad pregnancy and in the later stage I became very depressed it was awful my advice is to go and see ur doctor and talk to him or her about this as u know urself when u are pregnant ur full of hormones and anxiety and depresstion are all to do with a chemical imbanlance xxxx

  • Hi thanks for all the comments was good of you all to get back to my post .i wanted to hear from other anxiety suffers. I've heard a couple of women said there anxiety has died down alot during pregancy. Thanks eve for your comment nice and posstive. i think find i would like to give the pregancy yoga ago. I've never thought of doing that Before. I've read your post on frighted i get alot of them symtoms head ache etc think its just down to anxiety. I hope your feeling bit more better and able to start getting out of your house again. thanks maria think i would talk my doctor before i try for another child. Yeah thats one thing what scares me more than having anxiety is getting really depressed while pregant or after the baby born. I had a lovely pregancy and birth with my son but thats before anxiety hit me.X x x

  • I'll keep you all posted if i decide in the year to get pregant thanks x x

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