Health anxiety is killing me

I've always had mild anxiety since I could remember ..I guess my fears are fixated on dying ..these past few months my anxiety and panic attacks have been worse then ever and it's a fear something is wrong with my heart..I would get a fluttering feeling in my chest sometimes just relaxing and would have to catch my breath..when I was playing basketball I got the same feeling and that made me seek a diagnosis from a cardiologist ..everything was fine ..just recently went to another cardiologist and wore a 24 hour monitor he said he found nothing when I swear up and down my heart pauses for a second then beats hard right any little change in my body gives me full blown panic attacks ..if I stand up my heart races n this just recently started..I get chest tightness and pressure with flutters when I have my panic attacks..I'm even afraid to go outside in the heat ..I had a bad panic attack yesterday and I still feel like crap this morning my chest feels tight still and when I stand my heart rate goes up it's so scary idk what to do after already going to a cardiologist :(


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  • sounds pretty classic for health anxiety. It wont kill you, but wont easily settle until youostop worrying about it. Easier said than done!

  • Absolutely! I guess I'm on here for reassurance but I know the real problem lies within myself and my worrying..been a habit of mine since I was a kid and now the anxiety has developed into a monster

  • So now that you've had your heart checked out as fine you need to work on your distorted thinking.

    Good luck

  • I have this too it's health anxiety really bad. I'm scared about my heart but the best thing to to do is occupy yourself. And start beliebeing people when they tell you you're ok. It will be good. If you start feeling the way you do. Walk up and down stairs. Walk around the house. Just move around it'll take your mind off it. And remember to use your calm voice, don't let your anxiety voice take over. I hope you feel better soon

  • I'm trying but I'm just afraid to stand up cuz my chest gets tight and heart races..had a really bad anxiety attack last night I feel like it's carrying over to today

  • Are your shoulders crushed forward. Your chest muscles will be tense. Relax your whole body especially let your shoulders drop and When you relax them they'll feel really weird and possibly a bit heavy but the 'aching pain' will go away after a few mins. I do this a lot. Muscle tension gets me daily and I often forget. Let me know if it works

  • Your heart will be racing because you're full of adrenaline. Anxiety is all adrenaline that needs to leave the body. Your muscle stense up because of this and they'll hurt for a few days after. Mine have hurt for weeks on end, I've been having this 'heart attack' for several months now. All fine. You're going to be ok. This is all in your head. Even if you don't believe it: it is. It's hard but you'll learn to control them eventually. I promise

  • Thanks man I really appreciate it taking your time out to comfort me ..I will be trying these techniques asap..It's reassuring to hear your dealing with it in a positive way

  • Yeah I know it takes time. Just remember to try relax. It's ok to worry, but not too much

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