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Bloated stomach with supplements


Hi everyone,

So after a bout of illness over xmas I have finally regained my health with

vit D (1000iu with k2mk7 better you brand)- level was 50 on last blood test but I wasn’t supplementing properly (have had loading doses in previous year)

and the b12 3000iu spray (same brand )- had loading dose injections in February - serum b1/ was 173-227 pre injections - same in 2015. Negative for IfA but not done any Gpc testing.

I take 400mcg of folic acid and a natural sea Source of magnesium tablet (has several types of magnesium in it)

I also take an effervescent 1000mcg vit C with 20?mg zinc tablet drink with spatone iron sachet.

I take 200mcg selenium with my thyroxine (125mcg) in the morning. Tsh And t4 fine. T3 was mid range. And now vitE also with it.

I’ve felt the best I have in ages- but I notice my stomach is very bloated. Part of it I think is digestion issues with the iron and magnesium I think-

But I’ve read that high doses of vit C and b12 and D can cause bloating ?

Any thoughts? I do love feeling better (and have reduced and alternated my vit C and iron dose) but a massive stomach isn’t helping! I’ve always had issues with bloating before- haven’t gone gluten free properly yet but previously it has helped. This bloating feels different though ... not sure if I should be worried.

I do think I need hcl betaine with pepsin for digestion and some liver reset support. Looking into that now.

Thanks in advance for any replies. ☺️

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Have you considered Digestive enzymes. These seem to work best for me, but of course everyone is different. If the HCL betaine doesn't solve your problem you might want to give them a try. You need enzymes that break down protein, carbohydrates, starches and fats. I take one immediately prior to breakfast (which contains protein, fats and carbs) and one at my main meal. They shouldn't be taken with a snack.

Saya85 in reply to Hidden

Hi, thanks for your reply.

I was recommended hcl betaine (for stomach acid) along with pepsin (protein digestive enzymes as I do think that’s the biggest issue I have with digestion)

But an all round digestive enzyme supplement would be useful ~do u have any recommendations ?

Hidden in reply to Saya85

So sorry for the lateness of my reply. I have used various brands, the one I have just finished is Solgar Digestives enzymes which contain a lot of different things including Betaine HCL to break down proteins, carbs, starch and fats. It might be easier to read the label on Amazon (there are quite a lot). They are effective for me, the only downside to them is they are in tablet form and quite large, you need a good gulp of water immediately prior to a meal.

I have just received (and will start tomorrow), Digest-Tonic (UK made) by Troo Health Care. I have used their products before. The ingredients in those are Betaine HCL, Bromelain, Papain, protease, amylase, lipase, apple cider vinegar, caraway seed, chamomile herb, fennel, ginger root, peppermint leaf and turmeric - so I think they have all bases covered and they describe it as "A potent blend of Plant digestive Enzymes and soothing herbs". Also they are in capsule form.

Hope that helps.

Saya85 in reply to Hidden

Thank you! I will check both out as I have been contemplating natural remedies too- and turmeric and apple cider vinegar in one tablet might make life simpler (!)


It’s all a guess unless you have a stool analysis test- only then do you know if you have low stomach acid no probiotics or bacteria. Or even candida.

1000 mcg vit c is a small dose. Not a good idea tho to have those fizzy ones as they contain aspartame and are cancerous( Dr. Mercola and Dick cheyney wrote about it) That may cause bloating and kills off good bacteria in the gut.

I suggest you swap to ascorbic acid powder- tastes lemony and is far cheaper- I have over 10000 mcg p day with no effect. You can add it to drinks. Also kills viruses and helps the gut. You can take it to bowel tolerance.

I take magnesium in a bio multi minerals without any issues or you can use empson salts.

Good luck

Saya85 in reply to Howard39

Hi and Thanks !

I was just thinking the same thing about the effervescent ones- yes ur right/ the effervescence itself could be causing bloating. And yes I was worrying about the sweetener side of it- I bought it in haste as a quick fix when I was rundown.

Ascotbi. Acid powder does seem much better - willgive that a try next.

I chickened out with the stool test but based on months of working out issues I do feel I have all the above! And many symptoms of them all- so am trying to reset as much as I can.

Many thanks again

Hi Saya85,

I would agree with everything Howard suggested and just add check out Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND website, her research and data suggests steer well away from some types of Mg as they can do more harm than good, she lists them, and recommends only 3 forms of Mg that we should be taking.

Every best wish, G.

Saya85 in reply to Gillybean1

Oh how interesting! I did know that magnesium oxide apparently is not great but didn’t think some would be harmful.

Will give it a try because I think they are causing tummy upsets whereas the spray version and salt baths I love of a different brand.

Thanks again

Gillybean1 in reply to Saya85

my pleasure, she seems to know her stuff , seems to be her life's work, there is alot to read in sort of bite sized amounts so if your pushed for time you can read a bit and come back to the next part, but basically its how our different metabolic pathways work synergistically, and it may be an answer for you as you. Ive always adopted try changing one thing reivaluate in 5days or so, to see what works or not , before introducing something else.

All the best G

Try Acidophilus .. I buy mine from Holland and Barrett

And I take 40 Billion per day

I have Graves’ disease and it helps enormously with bloating in fact it’s gotten rid of mine and I suffered badly with bloating and pain .., but .... no more 🤗


Saya85 in reply to madge1979

Ah yes I’ve been very lax on my probiotics

And def been having more gluten sugar (and dairy) than normal.

Just feel digestion is quite sluggish but it’s a bit up and down. I’m hoping bloating is just because of that and nothing else.

I’ll start my tabs again and see ☺️


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