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Evening everyone, just a quick question as I'm getting all confused... I take my thyroid meds at night with water away from food & drink. It's the day time supps which are confusing me 🙄

Morning 2hrs after breakfast = iron/vit c

2hrs after = selenium

2hrs after = vit b12/b complex

2hrs after vit D/vit k & just ordered magnesium citrate too....

I'm wondering if I can take the vits (not iron) with food as I usually eat every 3hrs???

Thankyou X

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  • I take my thyroxine first thing in the morning as per packet instructions,it bump starts my day. I take other meds at intervals with the help of phone alarms. Does not taking it at night affect your sleep?

  • Angybabe Many members take their Levo at night and find it works better for them. It's a personal thing, we all need to find what works for us individually. I take mine in the middle of the night when I need to get up for the loo so usually early hours of the morning, maybe 4am, sometimes a bit later.

  • I used to take it every morning (for 8 years) but need 2 eat breakfast as soon as I get up rather than waiting an hour...someone mentioned taking in the evening which suits me better & I am the worst sleeper in the world anyway so wouldn't make a difference, in fact, I may actually be sleeping better for it :)))) thankyou for response xxx

  • Lisas_tired It's generally said vitamins in the morning, minerals in the evening. So your selenium could be after your evening meal and the magnesium is best in the evening as it's calming and can help aid sleep. I take mine about an hour or so before bed (I use powder and make a drink).

    B vits should be taken in the morning, no later than lunchtime as they can be stimulating. If your B12 is sublingual then that can be taken without food but B Complex is normally taken with/after food.

    Vit D and K2 are fat soluble so should be taken with dietary fat, usually the fattiest meal of the day or with a cracker and butter.

    Check the packaging of your supplements, it usually says if you should take with food.

  • Thankyou so much, it's said on the b12.... Take as prescribed by professional 🙈 ( so that's you lot on here to me) lol!!

    Much appreciated xx

  • Which B12 have you got? If it's a capsule or tablet then the B12 will get destroyed by stomach acid, that's why it's usually recommended to use a sublingual methylcobalamin lozenge.

  • I have the soluble (under the tongue?) jarrows tablet.. From Amazon xx

  • Perfect Lisas_tired :) . Just let it dissolve under the tongue which is where the blood vessels are and they will take it directly into the bloodstream.

  • Thankyou, will do xxxx

  • FWIW, I take all supps except iron together usually just after lunch, and iron and vit C after dinner. I take levo first thing in the morning. This regiment gets my vitamin/mineral levels up without issues. I second what others have said about taking the B's early in the day and the fat-soluble vitamins (A, E, D, K?) with fatty foods...

    But I don't obsess about it too much because the oily supps are already encased in oil to begin with. Also I was getting pill fatigue from overthinking it, e.g. I was taking minerals separate from the oily vitamins, and then just not remembering or having the opportunity to take them. I ended up not taking any vitamins at all, which was worse. IMO, as long as iron and calcium are taken away from the other vitamins, you should be fine.

  • Thankyou, yes that what I was doing, started missing a few but will get on track now:)))))


  • Lisatired, are you not getting sufficient Vitamins etc., from ANY of the food I presume you eat daily!? Over supplementing can be as bad/harmful as not having enough!

  • Hi SAMBS

    From my previous posts, my levels are all in the lower areas so I'm just supplementing with the vits I feel I need. I eat really healthy but no eat red meat & have suffered with iron for a long as I can remember. My doctors are really uninterested in looking into why my body doesn't absorb iron & have had autoimmune from it. As I said, i eat a really healthy balanced diet & am fit & generally healthy so after taking advice on here, am supplementing my b12 & vit d. Have just started on iron once again xx

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