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Blood Results

Hi, Sorry it's taken so long to post my results but I have been quite poorly again with ulcerative colitis/diverticula problems. There don't appear to be any for FT3 & FT4, & I'm not sure about the VitB12 & Ferritin, but I don't really know what any of them mean.

Total white blood count 4.71 10* 9/L ( 4.0 - 10.0)

Red blood count 4.32 10* 12/L (3.8 - 4.8)

Haemoglobin concentration 134 g/L (120.0 - 150.0)

Haematocrit 0.414 (0.36 - 0.46)

Mean cell volume 95.8 fL (83.0 - 101.0)

Mean cell haemoglobin level 31 pg (27.0 - 32.0)

Mean cell haemoglobin concentration 324 gL (315.0 - 345.0)

Platelet count observation 289 10* 9/L (150.0 - 400.0)

Neutrophil count 1.76 10* 9/L (1.0 - 3.0)

Lymphocyte count 1.76 10* 9/L (1.0 - 3.0)

Monocyte count observation 0.40 10* 9/L (0.2 - 1.0)

Estinophil count observation 0.10 10*9/L (0.02 - 0.5)

Basophil count observation 0.03 10* 9/L (0.02 - 0.1)


Percentage nucleated red blood cells Not detected

Nucleated red blood cell count Not detected

Haemoglobin Alc level IFCC standardised 35mmol/mol (20 - 41.0)

Serum parathyroid hormone level (UOM ng/L) 33 ng/L (15.0 - 65.0)

Serum C reactive protein level 8mg/L (<5.0

Serum thyroid peroxidase antibody concentration 156ku/L (<34.0)

Erthrocyte sedimentation rate 24 mm/h (<35.0)

Serum TSH level 3.87miu/L (0.3 - 5.5)

Serum calcium level 2.26mmol/L (2.2 - 2.6)

Serum adjusted calcium concentration 2.36mmol/L (2.2 - 2.6)

Serum Vitamin B12 level 573 ng/L (197.0 - 771.0)

Serum total bilirubin level 4 umol/L (<21.0)

Serum alkaline phosphatase level 75 iu/L (40.0 - 129.0)

Serum alanine aminotransferase level 12 iu/L (< 40.0)

Serum gamm-glutamyl transferase level 37 iu/L (7.0 - 33.0)

Serum total protein level 69 g/L (60.0 - 80.0)

Serum albumin level 36 g/L (35.0 - 50.0)

Serum globulin level 33 g/L 25.0 - 41.0)

Serum sodium level 144 mmoi/L (133.0 - 146.0)

Serum potassium level 4.3 mmoi/L (3.5 -5.3)

Serum urea level 5.7 mmoi/L ( 2.5 - 7.8)

Serum creatinine level 59 umol/L (45.0 - 84.0)

GFR calculated abbreviated MDRD > 60 m/L / min / 1.73m2

Serum total 25 - hydroxyl vitamin level 28 nmol.L (50.0 - 144.0)

My GP put me on a 15 day course Fultium 20,000 IU with a repeat prescription for Fultium -D 800 IU. I am also taking 1000ug of sublingual Vit B12 & 100ug of Vit K2. The blood tests were taken on 15th & 18th of August.

I am so sorry it's such a long post so I hope someone will be kind enough to advise me. Thank you.

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Serum C reactive protein level 8mg/L (<5.0

Not sure if the C reactive protein result is complete? If the result was as above you have a slightly raised CRP which may indicates a slight amount of inflamation so you could as your doctor about it.

Serum thyroid peroxidase antibody concentration 156ku/L (<34.0). You have thyroid antibodies which evidences a thyroid autoimmune condition otherwise known as Hashimotos.

Serum gamm-glutamyl transferase level 37 iu/L (7.0 - 33.0) This is slightly raised. I'm guessing it pertains to the antibodies but I'm not a doctor so you could check what these results mean with your doctor. Bear in mind doctors rarely call thyroid autoimmune conditions Hashimotos so if you mention it, they may not use that term.

Serum TSH level 3.87miu/L (0.3 - 5.5) Your TSH level is higher than most people with Hashimotos would wish it to be so if you are not already taking levothyroxine, it's something to consider but you will get better advice on it from the Thyroid UK Website, the section on Hashimotos.

Vitamin D is too low, sorry, just spotted it. Serum total 25 - hydroxyl vitamin level 28 nmol.L (50.0 - 144.0). So your supplements are not sufficient. 800iu is not even a sufficient maintenance dose for many people. Search for and read SeasideSusie posts to find out how you should be treated for vit D deficiency. You may need to buy and add your own supplements to your prescription but ask your GP why he/she thinks you're not maintaining a good level.

There are no tests shown for B12, or folate so you really could do with those too. Also, with Hashimotos TSH levels can vary with the activity of antibodies so you could test TSH, FT3 and FT4 again in a couple of months or if you start feeling unwell and compare. If you doctor won't do them you may have to get them done privately. Thyroid UK lists reliable laboratories on their website.


Thank you so much Nanaedake. Yes the serum C reactive protein result is complete & exactly the same as it appears on the blood form. At the time the blood tests were done I had upset tummy problems, but I also have very swollen & painful finger & toe joints so I expect it is all connected. I really appreciate the time everyone on here takes to explain things properly & in a way that can be easily understood. I will see my GP next week to discuss things, as there are still questions I would like her to answer for me, but they all seem very dismissive, especially when dealing with elderly people.


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