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Blood results need help

Hello I am new to doing a post I am 45yrs old was diagnosed with hashimotos 2yrs ago I'm not on meds for it at moment I'm so called normal well I've just had a copy of recent bloods I carnt understand them hope someone can help

serum tsh level 3.8miu/L (0.3_5.5)

serum sodium level 138mmol/L (138_145)

serum potassium level 4.8mmo(3.5_5.3)

serum urea level 5.2mmol/L (2.9_7.5)

serum creatine level 86umol/L (55_100)

plasma glucose level 4.1mmol/L (3_6)

GFR calculated abbreviated 62mL/min/1.73"2

haemoglobin concentration 14.2g/DL (11.5_16.5)

total white blood count 6.4 (4_11)

platelet count observation 319 (150_450)

haematocrit 0.418(037_047)

mean cell haemoglobin level 31pg (84_102)

mean cell haemoglobin concentration 34g/DL (28_33)

neutrophil count 2.4 (2_7.5)

monocyte observation 0.8 (0.1_1.5)

eosinophil count observation 0.1(0.04_0.4)

basophil count 0.1 (0_0.15

Red blood Cell count.4.58(3.5_5.8)

I hope some one can understand them thank you

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Welcome to the forum, Shortytree.

I edited your post to make the results easier to read but you need to post the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results) for anyone to be able to interpret your blood results.

Underneath your post is a v down arrow inbetween +Follow post and Share this. Click on the v down arrow and select Edit. Insert the ranges and click on the orange Edit response tab below.

Alternatively, go to which explains what the various tests are.


Thank you I have just updated my post


Hi Clutter, Shortytree has responded below and its self-explanatory. I thought you might give better advice as she was on Carbizamole previously and I now understand she has hashi's.



Welcome to the forum. Ranges matter as different labs have different ranges. Your TSH looks high and unfortunately it's the only thyroid reading. Sadly it doesn't really tell a great deal unlike FT4, FT3 and antibodies. I imagine you aren't feeling 'normal'. Thyroid UK site has a list of thyroid symptoms. It might be worth printing this off and seeing how many you can tick. There might even be things that you hadn't thought of being a thyroid problem but whether your GP will take any notice is in the lap of the gods. You could look into private testing, details on the site, as the FT4 and FT3 may well give a better idea as to where you are.


The best lab results to get for thyroid problems are T3, T4, Free T3. FreeT4 and Reverse T3. Plus your antibody readings which are TPO and TgAB.

You won't get any doctor or Endochrinologist to do these labs because the Thyroid training and teaching in this country is 40 years behind.

I would recommend you pop along to a web site called Stop the Thyroid Madness for more information than your doctors know.

I started self treating at a TSH level lower than you are because i was fed up of being fobbed off with Anti-Depressants. Your TSH level should be below 1 for optimal health. All your doctors are doing is keeping you ill.


If you have antibodies you should have been treated two years ago. If you email and ask for a copy of the Pulse online article by Dr Toft who was President of the BTA you will see that he advises that antibodies should be treated by giving levothyroxine to 'nip things in the bud' and the dose. Make appointment with GP and discuss getting medication. Unfortunately, the education of most Endocrinologists/doctors is lacking in that they don't know/don't understand much about thyroid gland and the lack thereof of hormones.


Yes - most Endocrinologists specialise in Diabetes, not Thyroid, disorders and know very little about thyroids (and aren't really interested in learning, sadly). If you inform yourself about your condition you will quickly come to know more about it than the consultant. Folk here know that it is important to understand one's own condition so as to be able to fight one's corner about it. You've taken a goodly step by joining this forum, where there is much experience and knowledge.


Hello I was treated I was on carbimozol 20 MLG then went down to 5mlg until levels were stable now I just have blood tests by Dr the endocrine Dr arranged a scan of thyroid and found a 3milimetre nodule on left side but he wasn't concerned


This result looks very suspect to me :

mean cell haemoglobin level 31pg (84_102)

Can you double check that both the result and the range are accurate please.


Shortytree, your TSH is high enough that you may be experiencing hypothyroid symptoms but thyroid guidelines mean it is unlikely you will be given a diagnosis and treatment until your TSH is >5.5. Hashimoto's diagnosis means you have autoimmune thyroid disease which is causing your thyroid to fail and is the reason you are becoming hypothyroid. Many members find that adopting a gluten-free diet can reduce the attacks on the thyroid gland and may help reduce antibodies.

Ask your GP to test ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate as levels often drop prior to a hypothyroid diagnosis and low levels can cause musculoskeletal pain, fatigue and low mood similar to hypothyroid symptoms.

Is there a typo in this: mean cell haemoglobin level 31pg (84_102) ?


Thank you all for the info I believe I am hypo at moment I keep getting palpitations in my throat especially in my sleep and waking up feeling wide awake and its 3am


According to the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, the TSH reference range should be: 0.03 - 3.0. According to the British Medical Association recommendations as written in their BMA publication: 'Family Doctor Guide to Thyroid Disorders', written by the President of the British Thyroid Association, Dr Anthony Toft, the reference range should be: 0.15 - 3.5. The range you have been given is out of date and misses many people who have Hypothyroidism. If you are at the upper end of that range, your risks for cardiac disease and osteoporosis are increased.

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Thank you for the info I definatly feel I'm hypo I keep getting palpitations and waking up early hours in morning and tired in day pulse racing confusion which I was like a year ago when I was hypo but like you said drs here class 3.8 tsh as normal I was told ifiI start to lose weight the endocrine Dr needed to know but my Dr said to just let him deal me unless it got really high then he recommends radio iodine as the next step


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