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blood test results please advise

TSH 7.21 (0.35-5.00)

T4 10.5 (11.00-23.00)

CRP 3.7(0.00-5.00)

total 25 Vit D 26(50-150)


bilirubin <5 (0.00-21.00

ALT ! 65 (0.00-41.00)

gamma GT ! 191 (0.00-42.00)

total protein 72 (60-80)

alkaline phosphatase 88 (30-130)

Urea & electrolytes serum sodium 139 (133-146)

potassium 4.4 (3.50- 5.30)

urea 6.1(2.50-7.80)

creatinine 83 (45-84)

GFR MDRD 64 ml/mun/1.73sqm

ferritin 320 (12-300)

folate 5.8 no range given

B12 299 (200-900)


white cell count 9.05 (4.00-11.0010*9/l

haemoglobin estimation 1%2 (115-165)

platelet count 344 (140-44010*9/l)

RBC 4.41 (3.800-5.8010*12/l)

haematocrit 0.402 (0.37-0.47)

MVC 91.7 (82-98)

! MCH 32.2 (27-32)

! RBC width 11.1 (11.80-14.00)

neurotrophil count 3.81 (1.60- 7.5010*9/l

lymphocyte count 3.85 (1.00-400/10*9/l)

! Eosinophil count 0.52 (0.04-0.4410*9l)

! Basophil count 0.11 (0.00-0.1010*9/l

Nucleated RB cell count 0 (0.00-0.0110*9/l

wow that was long txt sorry about length but any advise appreciated. Just been inceased to 75 levo on today results. GP also started on 40,000 vitimin D3 1x week? Bit low frequency I thought. Also sending me for bone profiling. GP concerned about liver sending for scan of liver & gallbladder may be gallbladder as have on off problems irratation of both of these??? GP also a bit confused over high feritin and will retest this no illness at time of testing but did feel gallbladder niggling last week so could be inflammation from this? I supplement with magnesium citrate 400 and selenium 200 for last few weeks as only newly diagnosed still on starting doses of levo so far XXX


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Hi Speckles, You certainly did need the increase and will probably need more. Your B12 is far too low and you should probably supplement with a methylcobalamin sublingual version. Your ferritin is high but this may be due to inflammation. This website offers a lot of information.

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thanks for your response. Am definitely going to supplement B12 with above-mentioned but need to leave it another week whilst starting my D3 / K2 first. Not sure to start on 5 or 10,000iu though? May do loading of 10,000 for few weeks then drop to 5,000 for maintenance?


My first D reading was the same as yours and I wasgiven 20,000 iu one a week for 12 weeks then retest and then maintenance dose given it got mine upbtobabout 90 so not quite the recommended range.

After my first dose I felt so much better but then back to square one the next day. Week 2 was good for 2 days then back again and so it went on. However I joined a D group on Facebook and answered someone's query like I have yours and got in bother! Apparently I was told you need to take the same dose every day! I just thanked him for the info but said I can only comment on what I did and it worked for me! But I do think you need more than the GP has given you. The other thing I've picked up on is that apparently the NHS prescribes Fultium D3. I wasn't given thatcput Por D3 but this group told me the Fultium should not be given as it's carcinogenic down to some of the incrediences as I wasn't given thstvi dontvknow but again may be someone else may comment on that you should also take K2 alongside it to get the calcium into your bones and teeth and not have it stuck in your blood where it could end up as stones on your gall bladder for example

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thanks for replying. I think am going to start a loading dose of 10,000iu D3 daily from Monday as took gp 40,000 yesterday, I do feel ok so far today no aches or pain! 😊 I will take K2 also.

so did you increase your dose or stick to GP advice? What is your maintenance dose?


My maintenance dose was 800 iu Adcal butcthen I realised it had Soy in it which thyroid beeds to keep away from so now take take Pro D3 1,000 iu a day. Notvhad a check recently thoughbut next bloods March

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