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Blood Test Good or Bad

Got my results today sorry it's a bit long :-)

Free T3

Serum free T36.4 pmoI/L3.50 – 6.50pmoI/L

Free T4

Serum free T4<4.0 pmoI/L9.00 – 25.00pmoI/L


Serum folate6.6 ug/l3.00 – 13.00ug/L


Serum ferritin52ug/L20.00 – 200.00ug/L

Thyroid Function

Serum TSH level0.06mIU/L0.30 – 5.50mIU/L

Serum Lipids

Cholesterol4.5 mmoI/L1.00 – 5.00mmoI/L

Triglycerides0.8 mmoI/L0.50 – 2.00mmoI/L

HDL Cholesterol1.5 mmoI/L >1.00mmpI/L

LDL Cholesterol 2.6 mmoI/L 1.00 – 3.00mmoI/L

serum Cholesterol/HDL ratio3.0

Full Blood Count FBC

Total White cell count4.94 10^9/L 4.00 – 11.0010^9/L

RBC count 4.74 10^12/L 3.80 – 5.8010^12/L

Haemoglobin est 13.4 g/dL 11.50 – 15.50g/dL

Packed cell volume0.410 L/L 0.37 – 0.47L/L

MCV 86.7 fL 77.00 – 95.00fL

MCH 28.2 pg 25.00 – 34.00pg

MHCHC 32.6 g/dL 32.00 – 37.00g/dL

RBC distribu’ widith 13.8 % 11.00 – 15.00%

Mean Platelet volume6.9 fL 7.40 – 10.40fL

Nucleated RBC


percentage hypochromic cells 13.9

Vitamin A 1.1 umoI/L0.80 – 3.40umoI/L

E 27.1 umoI/L 9.50 – 41.50umoI/L

left out renal function test, liver function test and differential white cell count got tired of typing will add them later

left hand side my results right hand side is what I should aim for if results are bad according to Dr. He also wants me to take one tablet of levo’ once a week because my T4 is low I reminded him that I couldn’t handle Levo’ he told me cut it in half failing that use a hummer and get a little bit of the powder and take it I laughed at that but I wont risk it ?

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In my view, you need to get the Mean Platelet volume explained. Think you need someone who understands these things for an appointment. Way beyond my understanding.


Will do Helvella


More importantly, how do you feel? From looking at them I can see your iron is low and could do with being a bit higher, I can never make head nor tail of the cholesteral.

I am assuming you are on T3 only. I am too. My fT4 is lower than yours and there is no way in hell I would take any T4 ever again. Your Dr doesn't understand that the T3 is surpressing your thyroid which is why you have little or no fT4, can he explain why you should have T4? I am more surprised that he hasn't complained about your TSH! Mine varies between that sort of level and 0.5 and my GP agrees to leave me where I am. Have they tested your Vit D?


Hi Poppy

Yes my vit D which I am taking and is fine and so is my Vit B12 i just started taking vit B1 and Omega 3 EPA/DHA yesterday I will ring up tomorrow (today) and see if I need to see him. At this rate I may have to make my bed at the clinic as i have seen a lot this Jan. As for the T4 he just wants me to take it as he has never had a patient on T3 alone but i wont be taking it as he did say the T3 was fine. I don't think I will be going back for anymore blood test for a long while especially as it took two the nurses 20 min@ the hospital to get blood from me got pricked on both arms untill they got blood from my left wrist No more I have done the whole gambit except for vit C but that can wait. :-)


I think the doctors are so used prescribing T4 that they get very wary if the T4 gets low. Poppy is right in that if you are taking T3 alone your T4 will be suppressed as you are not producing any. T3 is the active hormone and T4 inactive.


I think I need to print out some information for him.


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