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T3 or not T3? Anyone more successful on this in comparison to NDT?

Have decided to put up all my bloods over the past 2 years (relevant ones) plus my adrenal test which was done in 2012 (as attachment). The reason being that I had RT3 done recently and I have posted that result and had help (thank you Shaws, Faith and Heloise) :) . But I'm still utterly confused as what to do next! From what I can tell from having the RT3 result I had it is advised to do 12 weeks on synthetic T3. I can't see my doctor agreeing to this and then going back to Armour (She still goes by TSH but luckily is happy with my current result). So anyway here are my current results for Thyroid:

TSH: < 0.05 (0.15-3.2)

FT4: 15.8 (9.9-20.1)

FT3: 6 (2.7-7)

TPO: 267 (<35)

RT3: 0.40 (0.14-0.54)

I am gluten free, but not dairy free. I lost 3 stone last year but this year nothing. I still am a little stressy but coping much better than when on levo. My vertigo has virtually gone but still get very dizzy when standing up to quickly almost passing out but coming round just before. I have a huge belly as if pregnant and have only lost 1 inch off my tummy. My pulse is fast between 80-90 as far as I can tell. My blood pressure is good but was high. I am on:

Armour: 3.5 grains

Amitriptyline: 75 mg (for chronic pain migraines and headaches)

Cerazette: Progesterone only contraceptive

I want to come off the Amitriptyline and Cerazette.

blood results:


Vit D: 72

(<30 nmol/L risk of osteoporosis.

50-125 nmol/L at no risk of bone disease.

>125 nmol/L at increased risk of harm)

( was 17.9 nmol/L 2 years ago which was at risk of osteoporosis)

Sodium: 139 (133-146)

Potassium: 5.2 (3.5-5.3)


B12: 481.7 (191-663)


B12: 577 (180-866)

B12 again: 547 (191-663)

Blood cortisol: 224 (no ref given. Measured in the afternoon and nurse couldn't get blood from me! So she punctured me several times. Eek)

Ferritin: 60.1 (13-150)

Ferritin again: 66 (13-150)

Folate: 12.9 (3.5-16)


DHEAS: 2.5 (1-11.7)

In 2012 it was 1.7 but took DHEA for some time (20mg) was absolutely fine on it. When taking this with Armour I was losing 1.5lbs a week.


Adrenal saliva test:

Post awakening: 11.3 (12-22)

4-5 hours later: 12.7 (5-9)

4-5 hours after above: 4.6 (3-7)

Prior to sleep: 1.8 (1-3)

Total daily cortisol: 30.4 (21-41)

DHEA am: 0.68 (in range)

DHEA pm: 0.37 (outside range)

DHEA mean: 0.53 (0.40-1.47)

DHEA cortisol ratio: 1.73 (2-6)

So there we are!

Do I go T3 or Adrenal and Iron support?

Thanks guys. I appreciate all your help and advice and sorry again for asking the same stuff. I got the hang of armour and now new things have come up!


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Oh I read your RT3 as being out of range, but it isn't is it! I have messaged you x


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