Should I add T3 to NDT

Started NDT 6 weeks ago 1/2 grain morning/afternoon, and after about 10 days increased to 1.5 grains per day then 2. Defo felt more motivated (if not less tired), but soon after went downhill, now am on 2 grains per day and feel dizzy all the time and even more exhausted than usual, extremely irritable and snappy, swollen ankles, blood pressure is low (checking it several times per day), I also had perfect 120/80 blood pressure. I was thinking to add T3 to help flush out RT3 which showed on blood results. In the meantime as I suspect weak adrenals I have ordered the saliva cortisol test but I need to act now, I seriously can't function like this, I was so nervous driving earlier with my kids in the car. Any advice for me?

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Just looked at your old test results. Your vitamin D was low. Do you supplement? If so do you also take magnesium (recommended)

How's your vitamin B12, still supplementing. Also recommended to take good Vitamin B complex if taking B12

If you are taking vitamin B complex, or any supplements containing biotin, remember to stop these 3-5 days before any blood tests, as biotin can falsely affect test results

Was your high ferritin ever investigated?

Selenium supplements can help improve conversion

Vitamin C daily to support adrenals.

Don't want to increase dose to much or too frequently, it can make adrenals worse

Definitely avoid kelp

I think you've increased rather quickly, don't you? What were you taking before NDT? Adding in T3 if you don't need it is not going to 'flush out' rT3, it's just going to make your FT3 too high. Is your FT4 over-range?

Hi Gem

Couple of points - as per gray goose you increased a little quickly. NDT is great stuff but it needs a healthy body to take large doses, hypo's and people who have been on Levo for long periods are often quit run down. So when you start NDT you need to ease into it slowly and let your liver, kidneys and other organs repair. Once they get better you will be able to increase NDT dose. I would do an experiment, for 2-3 days just take 1 grain per day, do you feel better ? Then for 2 or 3 days take 1/2 grain more than you are currently on. Do you feel worse. Choose a dose where you are border line ok. With NDT (you) don't worry too much about blood tests in the first 6-12 months (your GP may/will) , go on how you are feeling, just try and increase 1/4 or 1/2 a grain extra per day every 3-4 weeks. Decide if you can stay on that or need to fall back. As time goes of you will slowly increase. Example - I'm on between 3 and 3,5 grains per day depending on what I'm up to and how cold it is (after 2 years on NDT). I slit dose 4 ways, if I don't I feel dizzy and fluey . Some people can take it all at once but not me.



As others have said I think you've increased a bit too fast. I increased 1/4 grain per week until I got to about 2 grains and then I held for about 8 weeks as Trying to increase further was causing hyper symptoms which I discovered was due to high cortisol. I addressed that and then began increasing 1/4 per month until I got to where I am now (4grains). It's a slow process and things like vit d, b12, ferritin, cortisol all need to be addressed in order to get the most out of NDT.

Also, I recommend keeping a diary, it makes it much easier to track dose raises, symptoms etc..and see what may be causing what.

Way too soon for you to be thinking of adding T3. Give NDT a chance and don't increase so quickly. Patience, Gem.

Wow what a brilliant explanation, what would you recommend to do, cut it out for awhile and then start over or stay back at 1 grain per day?

Thanks for all your comments.

@ SlowDragon, yes take B12 (Solgar sublingual liquid B12 with complex) & Vit D. Ferratin am told nothing wrong, have pushed her and being referred for more testing on it, have appt on Monday. Its clear now that I increased too fast. Back to 1 a day to try feel better.

Magnesium I dont take, can you recommend a good supplement? also same for selenium & vit C. Had been taking kelp previously but not for a few months now.

greygoose thats what advice I have read on several articles so thought it was the way to go. FT4 is low 1.17ng/dl (0.89-1.76). Was not on anything before as they have always told me I was fine within range.

As your FT4 is low, I doubt your rT3 is very high. It's perfectly normal to have some rT3, everyone does.

It used to be thought that rT3 blocked T3 receptors so that T3 couldn't get into the cells. But, latest research has found that that is not so. RT3 has its own receptors and doesn't block the T3 receptors.

If you weren't on anything at all before the NDT, then you really did increase too fast, and by too much at a time. Which is probably the root of your problems.

My RT3 is 14 and optimal at 11 or under. Ok so do you think I should cut it out for awhile completely or stick back to 1 grain per day?

I don't think your high rT3 has anything to do with your NDT, because your FT4 isn't that high. Perhaps you have some sort of virus, or something. Go back to one grain and stick with that for a couple of weeks, then see how you feel. :)

Ok will do, thanks for your advise x

You're welcome. :)

Calm vitality magnesium powder is cheap and easy to use and widely available

Vitamin C - personally I prefer Solgar Ester C as it's gentle on digestive system

Selenium - I like a Solgar vitamin E with yeast free selenium.

I am sure others will have different suggestions

Thank you very much, always prefer to go on a recommendation x

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