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How should the £79-million the Government has just announced for Youth Mental Health be spent?

Do you think that mental health education should be compulsory in our primary and secondary schools (if taught in an age appropriate way)?

Do you exercise regularly and which do you find helps you cope with daily life.

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Who do you feel listened and helped you most?

Are you more aware of your Depression when you are alone at home or .....

Does the time of year affect your depression? Do you feel brighter during....

Would you prefer separate Forums for diagnosis which includes depression eg Bi-polar or are you happy to be included under 'Depression' ?

What's the most difficult New Years Resolutions you have kept? and what are your intentions this coming New Year.

How do you cope with the coming Season?

How old are our members who visit the Action on Depression Forum

How often do you visit the AoD Forum

How often do you visit our AoD Forum

How many days a month do you suffer depression approximately.

What types of CBT have you found to be beneficial (if any)?

Summer Holidays - What affects you?

What does 'Spring' do for you?

What do you do over the festive holidays?

The programme "Bedlam" has just finished, what did you think?

BBC 3's Series on mental health issues. If you've been watching any of them, what have you thought of them so far?

Do you use 'apps' to manage your depression? e.g. "My Journey", "Mind Games" "Depression CBT"?

Are NHS mental health services letting you down ?

How long do you feel you have been depressed?

Does the festive season hinder or help your depression, anxiety etc.

What have you used or tried to help with your depression/anxiety

Do you feel that your GP/Hospital etc. helps you understand and support you with your condition?

Would you consider your depression and/or anxiety to be under control?

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