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Change is possible

Hard work is required

Respect to all

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It does get easier

Best wishes always

Focused on saving lives not idealism

Glad tidings to those trying to overcome challenges, it does get easier

Give yourself a chance mate

You’d be surprised what good can come of a care plan

Am still alive ❤️

With love be mindful & always open to the possibilities 🤗

Complaining about my former doctor

So I complained about the behaviour of my former doctor. No need to get into the...


Hi everyone. New here today x

How do I fix my sadness?

I’m not clinically depressed or anything. It’s just my fear of failure I feel re...


Arrived today 49 on mirtazapine 15mg for 3 months,feel a lot better for the meds...

Hope for the hopeless?

I'm new here, recently diagnosed with chronic depression which has crippled me m...


Hi everyone, new here today! X

First post

Hiya here! I am new on this app and joined as I am very home based and suffer fr...

Wanting to go to uni but college messes me up

I really want to go to uni do something with my life but I’m so scared it will m...

Not enough courses on disability

Not enough courses on disability, there are courses on the law around disability...

Have you seen drugs in mental health centres?

I'm new here, so I am sorry if I am bothering anyone. My question is for anyone ...

Going down

I have been diagnosed with major recurrent depression and GAD since I was 15. Th...

My Partner's Mother

The first time I met my partner's mother (we'll call her HR) it was really weird...

Anxiety by proxy?

Hello! It’s been a while since I posted and in theory I guess I could say things...

Struggling today

Hi all am struggling today have been separated from my ex for a few months now b...

Losing Medicine

They are chopping down the Brazil jungle and Madagascar Jungle to make way for f...

pinterest searching brain regeneration

Lion's mane mushroom - good for regeneration - neuro - nerve and protects brain ...

New and at a low point

Hello, I am new to this. I just moved to a new city for my boyfriend but he l...


Been put on zopiclone for v bad insomnia.anyone know how long you can be on them...

It's my First time use of any Anti-depressants, been given - Mirtazapine 15mg. Could anyone guide me and give me tips please?

Anti-depressants Mirtazapine 15mg


They are not solving the problem of poor people or special needs people - infact...

I am suffering a lot

Guys I don’t know what to do I had my first marriage anniversary yesterday but I...

Mirtazapine and weight loss

Hi everyone. I’m new here so I’m not too sure how this works but I’m struggling ...

How to do EFT youtube

Tapping for mental health or health issues, some results in clients!