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After an age - it must be nearly six months

I am seeing the Nurse on Monday to have a leg review and new Farrow wraps I hope.

stockings but in reality I dobt it will

After so long the edges of the elastic are becoming frayed and the feet part loosing its adhesive qualities, So what a relief to have new ones for Christmas. All I want for for Christmas are new farrows!

My skin underneath is good and I have become very good at putting them on! All you other full time users. will under stand how I feel, One day I hope my back will allow them but that is is wistful thinking. I hope you all have a good day


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Morning gins hope all goes well on Monday and that your new Farrows do the biz xx


good luck for Monday it will be worth it in the end


Hello there good luck for Monday. I use Farrow wraps on my left foot, ankle and calf. I attend a Lymphodema Clinic, and they start the ball rolling so to speak, but I get the Farrow Wraps on Prescription. As I live in Wales this means there is no cost, but even if there was it would not involve a six moth wait. Is there a reason for your long wait, such as made to measure? Anyway enjoy them, everything is so much better when new.


Hi Sundance how often do you get your changed would be interested to know as thinking about it your right six months is a long stretch :) xgins


Gins, do you have the farrow wraps because they are easier to put on than stockings? I have an appointment with the LE nurse next week but I haven't been able to wear my stockings since July because my hands are too sore and weak and I am keen to know what the possible alternatives might be. Thanks, Linda


Linda I wear them because of my back I have stenossis , damaged discs oh all sorts so the wraps make a real difference no pulling or struggling.

I hope you get some thing helpfull Do you wear rubber gloves and have you a frame to stretch the stockings over this makes a tremendous differance when applying stockings xgins


I do use rubber gloves but until I see the nurse I can't get a frame which is not great.


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