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Multi-Layer Lymphoedema Bandaging

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I am shortly to start a three week period of intensive Multi-Layer Lymphoedema Bandaging with (from the presciption) Coban Comfort Foam Layer and Compression Layer. This will be from toe to thigh on my left leg. I have no idea as to how far my mobility might be afected by the bandaging. If anyone has received this treatment could they advise please. And how effective was it in long-term swelling reduction?

19 Replies
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I had multi layered bandaging in both legs 25 years ago (full leg bandaging - both legs at the same time). I lost 2 litres of fluid between the 2 legs (from my calves down). I went to work each day of the 2 weeks of treatment (on the London Underground) and the reduction has been maintained for the 25 years (although I still need class 3 knee length stockings - and still have swollen ankles/feet).

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I had multi layered bandaging from knee to toe for 6weeks may have been longer the reduction was amazing. I ow where farrow wraps and my legs are a good shape still slight puffyness in foot. It did not stop me getting about but did have to sit it leg raised as do now. Good luck xxgins

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Coban should be very effective in reducing fluid in your legs quite quickly. It is very flexible and allows good mobility. You will be encouraged to move as much as possible so that your leg muscles will push against the bandages and encourage the lymph to move. Remember to have much larger shoes available unless you have been prescribed bandage boots as your feet will be larger in the layers of Coban.

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Coban is not as bulky as standard wrapping. My son has had both kinds and both times he managed to walk around no problem. you will need loose clothes and outsize shoes, the latter is tricky as you can't really find some to fit until you've got the bandages on ... We paid a visit to a shoe shop on day 1 and got some cheap extra large trainers

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I use Coban in my practice, and find that those people who do not need to have their toes wrapped, can manage to get their usual shoes back on.

Coban (I'm assured!) is very comfortable and far easier to live with than the multi-layer cotton short stretch over layers of padding! People used to leave me looking like upholstered chairs!!!! Now, they put their normal trousers and normal shoes on and drive away (doesn't stop people driving).

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I often have multi layer compression bandaging and while it can be painful and just a damn nuisance, it does help my legs a lot. My mobility isn't really affected, although mobility is an issue at all times!! The only other problem is not being able to have a shower. I resorted to all over washes at the bathroom sink and baby wipes!!! XX

there are frustrations; but it is worthwhile. I worked everyday too and got some funny looks; but who cares! I lost over 20% volume in my legs so was thrilled. I keep that down with regular use of my lympha-press!

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LenaB52 in reply to naominorthenellis

Hi naomi, whats a lympha-press?

it is a compression therapy pump that i now import into the UK. happy for you to try it at some time should you so wish. send me an email and let me know where in the UK you are based and I will make arrangements, NNE

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I live in Ukraine and Iaam so interested in this device. I will email you leter today.

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Hi niomi could you send me your number again I have lost all my numbers thanks kate

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Coban bandaging is quite flexible so when you first get them on they are a bit awkward to move around in but they ease off a little as you wear them. It does get very frustrating when you go to bed in it... and you'll really want to take them off... but bare with it. I went under treatment for 4 weeks from toe to thigh. My legs reduced in size and then I received level 3 compression tights to wear during the day and then wraps for wearing during the evening. Hope you get sorted out.

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pushkin in reply to jansec

Hi there. I live in ukraine. Are the compression tights you are using similar to ordinary tights and from where can I find out more about them please?No such here in Eastern Europe. How \I long for such help Thaanks

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jansec in reply to pushkin

They are alot thicker than normal tights.. need to be measured for them. They are available from Germany, maybe worth looking on the website if you can.

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pushkin in reply to jansec

which website

look forward to receiving your email pushkin and I will let you know who your local distributor is. NNE

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Thank you everyone for infornation and encouragement. It seems that mobility won't be quite the problem I feared. Treatment starts on 2 December; I will post a report of how it goes.

Hi Pushkin, the name of the Lympha Press distibutor in Ukraine is Arthur Nes His e-mail is:

good luck.

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Thank you for all your comments which helped ease some of the advance worries. I am now in second week, third change of bandages this morning. They are getting progressively tighter, but I can still walk around for household purposes and short outside walks. Driving is ok for short distances.There is some reduction of swelling in lower leg, although none in thigh which seems to be gaining fluid as calf loses it. Not sure if this treatment will be long-term effective but the inconvenience will be well worth it if the reduction lasts. Meanwhile, another two weeks in track suit bottoms because hardluy any of my trousers will fit over the bandages.

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