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Does anyone find they can do more with compression sleeves on?

I am going back to temporary work and could either do full time or part time, office work that is. Have had to go for part time as I can not cope with full time as have not yet found a suitable sleeve. Have got poor circulation on affected side and sleeves I have tried have not been suitable. Was told maybe a gauze one might be OK BUT can not get another appointment with clinic for six months. My last two appointments were close together, so I daren't expect too much. I felt I had had gone over my quota and had to be grateful. Can other people cope better with the right sleeves?

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I've found the sleeves mean I can do whatever I want. They've made a huge difference to me. I did some gardening the other day and forgot to wear my sleeve and my arm swelled up really badly, but I did manage to get it down again with some extra massage. The best thing for me has been the sleeves and regular MLD. I have monthly sessions with a therapist I found through MLD UK and I have to pay for them, but to me it's the best money I've ever spent. I was diagnosed last April when the difference in my arms was 27%. When I went back to the clinic in October it was down to 5%. Have you read Lymphoedema: Advice on Self-management and Treatment by Peter Mortimer, Jacquelyne Todd and Jenny Valentine? It's a good starting point, and with that and the right sleeve you should find a real difference soon. I wish you well.


Hi all, like Jake52 I find wearing my sleeve lets me participate in all normal daily activities and moderate exercise , but its really important to get right fit and compression class from your lymph specialist


I wear my sleeve most of the time. I only take it off if I'm going out in the evening. The swelling has come down to 3% from 28%. When I stopped wearing it( advised by BC nurse) it went up to 17% in 3 months. I had 6 sessions of MLD in The Haven in London and it has remained at 3% since!


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