My recent blood tests results

Average Blood sugar level

HbA1c= 6.3 %

Average blood glucose level= 134 mg/dl

Anemia Profile

Vit. D = 32.86 ng/ml (SUFFICIENCY : 30-100 ng/ml)

Vit. B12 = 981 pg/ml (Normal : 211 - 911 pg/ml)

Iron = 107.7 ug/dl (Female : 60 - 180 )

ferritin = 117.6 ng/ml (Women: 10-291 ng/ml )

folic acid =>24 ng/ml (> 5.38 ng/ml )

Lipid profile

TOTAL CHOLESTEROL = 183 mg/dl (125 - 200 )

HDL CHOLESTEROL = 45 mg/dl (35-80)

LDL CHOLESTEROL = 119 mg/dl (85 - 130 )


TC/ HDL CHOLESTEROL RATIO= 4.1 (3.0 - 5.0 )

LDL / HDL RATIO = 2.6 (1.5 - 3.5)

VLDL CHOLESTEROL = 33 mg/dl (5 - 40 )

NON-HDL CHOLESTEROL= 138.1 mg/dl (< 160 )

Advanced Thyroid Profile

TOTAL TRIIODOTHYRONINE (T3) =102 ng/dl (60 - 200 )

TOTAL THYROXINE (T4) =12.2 µg/dl (4.5 - 12.0 )

THYROID STIMULATING HORMONE (TSH) = 0.34 µIU/ml (0.30 - 5.5)

FREE TRIIODOTHYRONINE (FT3) = 2.9 pg/ml (1.7 - 4.2)

FREE THYROXINE (FT4) = 1.44 ng/dl (0.70 - 1.80)

ANTI MICROSOMAL ANTIBODY (AMA) = 447 IU/mL (Negative : <34 )

I have been taking supplements of Iron, Vit. D, Vit. B12, selenium, folic acid and silymarin...except iron supplement, all are still continued. I had heard that Iron overload causes constipation, and I felt that for few days,so discontinued a week ago before blood tests. Started taking Vit. C also for better absorption of Iron just for temporary.

Now, it seems except Vit. D, all have reached to it's optimal levels and will take only maintenance dose of Iron now. Vit. B12 sublingually has to be continued still since Metformin I take reduces absorption of Vit. B12, so nonetheless I have to supplement with it regularly to avoid any neurological problems in future.

My TSH had gone high in last May and I have increased dose from 100 mcg of thyroxine to 125 mcg daily and now TSH is under control along with optimal Free T3 and Free T4. But my antibodies levels are still high after 2 months of selenium supplementation, so will continue taking it.

My triglycerides are higher than my last year report (which was 110), so wish to know from all of you, how to reduce triglycerides....alarming it seems.

Request all experts to analyze my blood tests results and comments, if any

cure Concerned suramo Shashikantiyengar @anup


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55 Replies

  • Eat less chapati, dhoklas, mangoes and fruits for TG.

    High TG = High CARBS. Period.

  • this means my diabetes as a disease has progressed and insulin resistance increased....right?

    if i don't eat chapati, what to eat....fruits ok...I can eat less..not that fond of...

  • You already know my answers on what to eat. It begins with counting carbs proteins and fat for 3 weeks and memorizing it.

  • my recent TG/HDL ratio = 165/45=3.67 so...IR has increased from tested last time...last year...which was 110/41=2.68

    what should be optimal level of TG/HDL ratio for IR?

    however, HDL has increased little from last year...

  • TG 100 or less.

  • anup

    I am asking about optimal TG/HDL ratio...what it should be? not TG...I know TG has to be <100

  • Ideally lower the better. To be very sure from IR POV 1.5 or lower, though some say 2.0 or lower, others could say 2.5 or lower.

    What's the status of LFT/KFT?

  • anup

    not done LFT/KFT...will get it done later...along with pancreas profile and fasting insulin + c-peptide test for BCF at local lab.

    The above tests were done by Thyrocare where they pick up blood sample from it is more convenient...and economical too...

  • Yes,Anup Ji!My TG was 72 and TG/HDL was 1.24 on truncated diet.

  • Tg is a function of high carbs

    So Please reduce carbs where possible

    This will crash the tg levels

    Indians have typically high TG coupled with low hdl

    In your case hdl is ok

    But carbs are a bit high

    Please see how you can reduce the carbs.. whatever best possible

  • Shashikantiyengar

    hnn...thanks...I will look into it...will restrict carbs to 100g...and increase physical activity as well.

  • as far as I know triglycerides are directly linked with carb consumption... 2 years back my TG were around 150 now less than 80

  • Great!

  • Triglycerides consist of three fatty-acids joined by a carbohydrate backbone. If you reduce your carbohydrate intake, you will reduce the number of available backbones, thus downsizing the potential for linking fatty acids.

    I'm sorry if this is not the answer you would have wanted.

    You could reduce your carbohydrate intake by having less potatoes, rice or refined flour for example, having non-starchy vegetables instead .

  • Concerned

    I expected this answer from everybody...Carbs are our enemies it seems...or physical inactivity? Well, I will try both....I don't eat rice daily but will try to avoid it refined flour either...potatoes also will be avoided choice anyway...

    But I will couple the restriction of carbs with an hour of exercise and being active throughout day...may help...because my HbA1c had increased by 2 points after I stopped working....meaning not doing job at present..otherwise my HbA1c was staying steady at 6.1 for two years after being diagnosed with diabetes in Mar. 2014

  • First of all congratulations Ashka9

    Hmmm after eating everything....all those dhoklas and bajra nu rotli...still if you are achieving 6.3 then it is really great.

    Now yes if you want to reduce your TG to normal you have to reduce on carbs…

    And you may chew some raw garlic cloves in each meal.

    Further, I am more interested in your liver profile…. Have you done that also??? If possible plz share….after taking silymarin what benefits you are experiencing in your liver enzymes will be more interesting.

  • cure

    I have not done liver and kidney and pancreas profile. will do that later since I have started silymarin only few weeks ago...wish to give some time for silymarin to work...

    I just wanted to check my nutritional levels since I have been taking all of them since last few months and I had to stop...and take a maintenance dose then based on results...

    also wanted to check thyroid since I was feeling little hyperthyroid symptoms due to increased dose may I know what to do

    increase physical activity as well...and restrict much as possible..

    will keep u posted when I do other LFT and KFT along with pancreas profile also including fasting insulin again after few months to check whether IR and or BCF has increased or decreased. Will get C-peptide test done for BCF as Shrisamarth recommended at local lab.

  • C peptide is for Type1 who are already taking insulin....

    For non insulin T2 fasting insulin can be measured directly....

    One more thing....avoid mixing carbs with fats... do noteatchapati with ghee...I think it is risky combination for diabetic

  • cure

    dear Mr. cure...ghee as a fat delays the absorption of carbs in chapati...hope you know is beneficial to diabetics and all according to me..

    so u say I should not get C-peptide test done?

  • I think fasting insulin test is there any more benefit than doing direct fasting insulin???

    shrisamarth will be able to shed more light on same...

    it is said life on insulin is very less and comparatively c peptides stay longer in blood.

  • Yes. C-peptide has limited use in type 2 diabetes management. But we can use it for BCF calculation in HOMA 2.

    Half life of insulin is 4-6 min. and that of c-peptide is 30 min.

  • You r right on High Carbs laced with FAT. It's a deadly cocktail, more so if it is LCT fat that goes through lymphatic system rather than get shunted to liver like MCT from VCO.

  • anup

    explain the mechanism of LCT and MCT please...ghee is saturated fat and acc to you saturated fat is not bad at all!

  • It's explained many times on the forum where you are there too.

    SFA is not bad on LC.

    MCT doesn't go through lymphatic system and gets shunted to liver thru portal vein so it can only be disposed off as energy. That's why WE preach VCO, but unfortunately you are against VCO.

    2/3 of Fat in VCO is MCT.

    Next best source of MCT is Palm Kernel Oil.

  • We have seen enough of such posts. If you feel ghee is better carry on. Maybe it will take another report six months down the line to get convinced.

    I can show many posts on how VCO helps with thyroid, but no point. Most of us have shifted to VCO even for cooking.

    Canola oil sellers or ghost writers paid by them say Canola oil is better than VCO.

    One line in the end of the article says it all:

    Again, I recommend the organic and grass-fed ghee by Purity Farms.

    WE don't recommend BRANDS. WE Look at SCIENCE. Pl don't post some link which says VCO is not having MCT. There are some commercial MCT sellers who try to convince the ignorant about it :)

  • @anup

    I told you before I cannot afford option is ghee...and we have grass fed cow's home made ghee...used in moderation you said ghee with LC will be ok...right? will try to restrict carb to 100 g a I already told u before...and I will monitor my glucose levels also regularly after eating different foods to know affect on my BS levels.

    not sure about how filtered groundnut oil used in our home for cooking can be replaced with any other mom will never approve it or allow it....I once bought virgin olive oil and mustard oil for cooking she didn't let me try even once and I had to give that to maids...:-)

    I can eat coconut instead of VCO to fill myself while on low carbs...since carb energy has to be replaced by fat ...

    Now, that my nutrition levels and thyroid levels are normal, I am free to focus on low carbs....I can use barley+wheat rotis instead to lower GI or say barley+bengal gram flour roti...I tried that before for few months in 2012...what do you recommend? what is your opinion about using barley flour and flakes instead of wheat?

  • Go ahead with ghee

    Use little groundnut oil

    Use barley + besan combo for roti

    Apply ghee over it

    At least this is better than nothing at all

    Also have coconut bits.. as much as u can tolerate

    It's also good for thyroids

    Also will fill u up with the fibers

    Snack on coconut pieces

  • You can try RBD variety of Coconut oil and see if suits your taste. Would cost same as peanut refined oil, IMHO. Given your last LFT reports, you will have to minimize PUFA loaded oils. Rest can be ghee. But, Ghee I guess would cost the same.

    Yes, you can eat coconut in a any form. As is, add to any dish, home made coconut milk etc.

    At the most two chapati a day. Rest you will have to resort to things like hung curd, nuts, vegetables, home made paneer, cucumber as salad.

    In fruits, at the most one apple or a orange a day. In mango season, 1/3 of mango a day till your LFT is normal. Once you get settled with LC diet, then next step will be intermittent fasting where you start skipping one meal -- dinner or breakfast whatever suits .

    Anything milk should be from full fat milk. Skimmed and toned is useless.

    Virgin Olive Oil for cooking -- NEVER

    Best of luck.

  • @anup

    Thanks for guidance...will eat only 2 chappatis a day with ghee applied!:-)

    I know virgin olive oil cannot be used for cooking because of high smoke point...right?

    We are not using "refined" but "filtered" groundnut oil.

  • Ashka9 I get 5 kgs of Khapali wheat and mix 250 Gms of methi dana(fenugreek seeds....and eat rotis of that flour ....I think that is more beneficial.

    Best option to VCO is coconut meat or coconut milk.

    It is cheap like now days one small coconut is costing just Rs.10/- each

  • cure

    methidana can be used in winters but it is "garam" so in hot climates...better not to use it

  • koun bola methi dana garam hai????

    Balances Kapha and Vata Dosha.....methi dana is useful in Urinary tract disorders


    According to action:

    Methika, Methi – Which improves ‘Medha’ or intellect.

    Deepani – It increases the digestive power.

    Bodhini – Bodha means Jnana. It improves the knowledge.

    Jyothi – It improves the Pachakagni.

    Sheethaveerya – Which is sheethaveerya.

  • All people know this fact except you it's a wisdom inherited from grandmother! All women know this...even papaya fruit is 'garam"

  • oh oh.....well sure it is not advisable during pregnancy...also papaya ..pepin from papaya induces contraction...same like methi dana... ....methi dana works on various gland of body...and cleanses them....And therefore...after delivery it is recommended as milk enhancer...

  • even pineapple should be avoided during pregnancy as bromelain also got same effect....

  • Cure

    How about using methi sprouts

    How does this compare against methi overnight soaked or methi powder...?

  • hmmmm methi dana in any form is good for diabetes....

    But during pregnancy it may give adverse effects...

    Hmmm it induces Pitta....Traditionally we make 'Usal of sprouted methi dana. we add dried prawns in same...

    My own experience is if I over eat same.... I get head ache...

    But in normal quantity it is good....

  • Methi dana works on various glands....cleanses them....

    It is therefore used as breasts enhancer....milk enhancer...

  • Will it be heat inducing even if sprouted..?

  • nahi yar....if heat is induced first sign will be urine.....

    and methi dana gives wonderful results on urinary tract

  • Insulin and TG/HDL ratio both show IR.

    High B12 levels. May be poor absorption at Cellular level and liver issues.

  • shrisamarth

    Insulin and TG/HDL ratio both show IR.

    But IR calculated by above two methods show different results. Which one is more accurate? My TG/HDL ratio before last year was 2.68...and when fasting insulin test done in last aug...IR came to 1.33 by Homa 2 calculator.

    High B12 levels. May be poor absorption at Cellular level and liver issues.

    I have been taking high dose of Vit. B12 supplements since I was severely deficient. Vit. B12 deficiency can cause neurological problems especially in diabetics and hypothyroid people. I am taking Metformin which reduces absorption of B12 so I have to take the supplement for lifetime since B12 is required to convert from T4 to active form of thyroid hormone which is very crucial for metabolism and the whole endocrine system.

    In Japan, the limit for Vit. B12 is 500-1300 instead...our labs has lower ranges...though...

    how does high Vit. B12 levels show poor absorption at cellular level and liver issues? explain

  • TG/HDL ratio and HOMA 2 are two different indexes. You can not compare them.

    Reference values for B12 will very from country to country and even lab to lab. Extreme ends of range are not optimal. e.g. D vit. levels in Asians are around 35.

    There are various reasons for high levels of B12. I said liver issues because, I think you have some high levels of liver enzymes. You said somewhere. I may be wrong.

  • shrisamarth

    Have higher SGPT and SGOT levels when checked last year...not done this yet.

    will keep u posted when test LFT again but how come higher liver enzymes affect Vit. b12 levels?

  • hmmmm just check how b12 is stored in liver and recycled..

  • send me the link cure if you have read any such article for b12 stored in liver and recycled...

  • ok...hold on checking with google.


    People may not realize vitamin B12 is missing from their diets because the liver can store a 5-year supply in reserve.


    Even the small amounts of B12 commonly found in the nodules of organically-grown root vegetables, and the small amounts produced by the bacteria in our own mouths, may be enough to sustain many of us. A very little of this substance can go a long way. For those who switch to a vegan diet, for example, there are usually stores of B12 in the liver that can last for several years, or even decades.

  • When liver is affected, there could be problem with B12 binding protein which transports B12 to cells and excess release by liver.

    To confirm B12 deficiency/sufficiency holotranscobalamin - active B12 test is there.

  • Congratulations @Ashka9, for demonstrating one of the three acclaimed characteristics of Diabetes - viz PROGRESSIVE - in spite of the long list of supplements.

  • ShooterGeorge

    Supplements has nothing to do with diabetes as a matter what people do...diabetes do progress with time...u can just delay for more time if you follow diet strictly..viz low carbs...and portion control....acc to me...for tight sugar control.

    I had iron def anemia so I had to take iron which has to be taken with folic acid....however folic acid in high doses also help in lowering homocysteine (high homocysteine levels are related to heart diseases)...which goes high if you have Vit. B12 I had severe Vit. B12 def...because of Metformin I take...which reduces absorption of supplementation had to be taken.

    Selenium supplement is for reducing antibodies in Hashimotos hypothyroidism which is an autoimmune choice in that...however it shows reduction in no. of antibodies after just taking two months supplementation

    Silymarin I have tried to protect my liver which showed increased SGOT/SGPT levels last year....Silymarin is made from milk thistle which protects liver from negative effects of drugs you take.

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