Reports as on 16-12-16


I'm posting my reports after going grain free and statin free for 4 months prior to these reports.

Reports as on 161216

Lipid Profile

Total Lipid :561mg/dl (400-700)

S.Cholesterol :152mg/dl

S. Triglyceride :105/mg/dl (50-150)

HDL :44mg/dl (40-60)

LDL :80mg/dl (<100 desirable )

VLDL :21mg/dl (15-35)

LDL/ HDL :1.81% ( Up to 3.5%)

Cholesterol / HDL :3.45 % (Up to 5%)

Blood Chemistry Profile

SGPT (ALT) :34 iu/lit (5-40 iu/lit)

FBS :101 mg/dl ( 70-110mg/dl)

S.Uric Acid : 5.1mg/dl ( Male 3.7-7.5)

Renal Function Tests

S.Creatinine : 1.02 mg% (.4 - 1.2 %)

S.Sodium : 141 meq/l ( 136 -149 meq/l)

S.Potassium : 4.1 meq / l ( 3.8 -5 meq/ l)

S. Bun Urea : 14mg/dl ( 8-23 mg/dl)

Serological Tests

CRP : 0.3 mg/ml ( normal up to 6 mg/ml )

S. LDH : 208.0 ( 114 -240)

Cardiac Profile Analysis

SGOT ( AST) :24.0 u/l ( male 17 -59)

Gamma GT : 48.0 u/l (16-73 u/l)

S. Alk. Phosphatase ( dry) :71.0 u/l (32-111)

Microalbumin in Urine :3.67 mg/l (0-30mg/l)

S. Insulin Fasting : 4.44 µIU/ml (1.9-23)

C. Peptide : 1.83ng/ml

Lipoprotein Estimation

Apolipoprotein A1 : 1.01 g/l (0.94 - 1.78)

Apolipoprotein B : 1.13 g/l (.55 -1.4)

LPa : 17.90 mg/ dl (0-30)

Hb : 9.0 g/dl

Homocysteine : 21.610 µmol/l (0-15)

HbA1c : 7.3

Tsh ultra sensitive : 2.982 µiu/l (.55-4.78)

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  • All parameters look fine except hba1c, apo B and homocysteine.

  • shrisamarth

    Yes. I wanted to get my reports done around mid november 16 but i had severe gi infection for one and half months till nov 1, 16. so my a1c got to be high. Well let's see what my results show next time. I could have delayed my lab reports further but as i was grain free for a long time and taking fats really liberally i wanted to see the response.

    As i got grain free i became anaemic. I knew that but since i wanted to know the result of my diet plan. Now i have started hematinics.

    I have said here repeatedly that lipid theory is a hype and i'd not like to look at reports so minutely.

  • What is hematinics, suramo? I've never heard of that type of thing being brought up in a doctor's appointment before. What does that do?

  • Activity2004

    Hematinics are the drugs that increase Hb. These formulations have iron,folic acid and vit b12. I had to start as my hb dropped to 9 g/ dl.

  • I have said here repeatedly that lipid theory is a hype

    Though there is unnecessary importance is given to lipids still we can not ignore it.

  • shrisamarth

    Yes. Though we think it's a hype we can't ignore lipids until proved that it's a hype. Nothing wrong to take lipid profile into consideration as of now. Not a big trouble except loss of few bucks.

  • shrisamarth


    cure et al.

    The doctors / scientists are looking too minutely into lipid profile and extended lipid profile. The number and size of particles of apo a and apob etc. More the number and smaller the size of apo b not good because these smaller particles can insinuates through even a smaller breach in the arterial endothelium /inner skin. Obviously they think that the lipids plaster the damage from outside / from blood stream like we plaster our walls. But they are basically wrong.

    1) the blood is flowing at a good velocity / speed. Will drag with it anything adherent to the walls. Platelets have different structure and can stick to the walls very firmly. Even they get free causing embolisms. I don't think this high velocity blood flow would allow cholesterol to plaster the walls from the lumen/ flow side

    2) there are vasa vasorums. Blood vessels supplying blood and nutrients to the vessel walls. Actually the repair of the damaged blood vessel walls is done from within. So imho particle numbers and size have very little effect of the repair process.

  • Thanks suramo for sharing with us your recent Lab results. Big congrats for great lipids' results after four months statin free. This gives me a big assurance that LCHF diet in which you have been advising us taking good fats liberally, does not affect our lipids profile. Any concern or comment on your HbA1C?

  • Luckysugar

    Yes. Carbs and not fats are responsible for "bad " lipid profile but some time after from now i think lipid theory would be obsolete except for those who have a history of early deaths in family from familial dyslipidemia.

  • Activity2004

    Thanks for making my post better.

    The crp is an indicator of inflammatory process going in our body. The more uncontrolled bs is the worse is crp report. Since my crp reading is very low it can be assumed that inflammatory insult to my body is less and i'm less likely to have cv accidents and other complications of D. My µalbumin report is also far better showing my K are not facing a pressure of the D.

    Also a1c is average of 3 months but crp shows the present state of inflammation. I think the ros production in my body is less. At least i have something to rejoice.😜😜😜😜

  • You're very welcomed, suramo! Anytime! I'm glad I could help.😀 Congratulations on the crp!👍👍👍👍😀

  • Great results bhai suramo and congratulations for FBS at 101

  • cure


    Our body responses are unique. Very difficult to understand and translate.

    See. As per my reports

    S. Insulin 4.44 and fbs 101.

    As per calculation my bcf is 93% and ir .6 as per homa 2. Please correct me if i'm wrong.

    So technically i have reversed my D. Crp is just .6 showing very little inflammation or say very less than upper normal limit but i'm still not happy with my fbs which is in the range of 110- 130s sometimes reaching 140 even if no dinner previous night. I follow the dictum / principle that "eat only when / if hungry". I take few herbs in the morning. No bf but don't feel hungry till late in the evening say 4 pm. I take healthy homemade snack at that time and take dry fruits at dinner. So atleast i can't comprehend my body responses.

    Even my µalbuminuria is pretty less than the upper normal limits.

    All other reports technically suggest that there is little insult of the D on my body.

  • suramo

    I like this principle too, "eat only when / if hungry"; we gain much more in life when we eat less or eat when we really need.

  • Luckysugar

    In connection to my reply on vinegar i'm taking acv daily as heart tonic with garlic ginger lemon juices and honey 15 ml each morning empty stomach. If you are interested i or someone on this forum can send you the formula

  • What's about jamun vinegar; do you no longer take? Does AVC heart tonic help with lowering BSL? I am interested to try if you could send me its formula. Thank you!

  • Luckysugar

    You can take either acv or jamun vinegar. I take both but not routinely. Not benefited me.

    The formula for heart tonic.

    Take one part ( bowl or cup etc ) each of garlic juice, ginger juice, lemon juice and acv ( so total 4 parts ). Boil the mixture till remains 3 parts. let it cool and add honey to the taste - usually one part. Store in freeze. Take 15 ml in the morning empty stomach.

    It's not for lowering bs but said to keep blood vessels clean of atherosclerosis. Esp coronaries. So called heart tonic.

    You can take single clove garlic to make that tonic or one can,if tolerates, eat single clove garlic friend in pure ghee or make garlic "chutney " to improve lipid profile. But beware single clove garlic is not easily tolerated by everybody.

  • Thanks suramo. I have few questions:

    Why we have to boil those ingredients for heart tonic? Can I just blend all parts together including honey? I normally eat raw garlic and sometimes ginger with my meals. I also do garlic chutney made of lot of crushed garlic, ginger, lemon juice or acv and extra virgin olive oil.

  • Luckysugar

    This is the formulation from ayurveda. No. You can't boil honey with it. Boiling is perhaps to get "ark " the satva of the ingredients.

    Can you share the recipe of garlic chutney ? Tomatoes also can be added to it.

  • There is no specific recipe for my garlic & ginger sauce (not sure if I should call it chutney as it does not look like any Indian chutney and I don't cook it just use raw ingredients). Just combine lot of crushed garlic, crushed ginger (less amount than garlic), some fresh lemon juice or half lemon juice with half acv, good amount of extra virgin olive and a pint of himalayan salt. Whisk all ingredients together. I eat this sauce with all kinds of foods, with salad as dressing or dip in with any raw vegetables like cucumber, celery, carrot and cos lettuce.

  • Luckysugar

    I'm not a cook but find our recipe for garlic chutney. You will really enjoy the taste.

    Which country do you live in ? Uk ?

  • I tried some Indian chutneys which available in Indian stores. But I prefer my garlic/ginger sauce as I like all ingredients I put and I eat it everyday with load of veggies. BTW, I live in Australia.

  • 😁😁👍👍☝

  • Luckysugar

    Which is your birth place ? You don't sound an indian. Are you ?

  • Sorry I am not no matter how much i cook and eat Indian foods. My home country is not far from India somewhere in South East Asia.

  • Only hba1c is not in sync . Rest all are good

  • Keep it going

    I am sure you will get in to good levels suramo

  • Shashikantiyengar

    Oh yes. I will do it without losing hope and courage.

  • suramo

    Can u share your daily diet in details...

  • Shashikantiyengar

    Not very fixed but in the morning i take my tablets - pio 30 met 1 g + b12 & ala and ramipril 5 mg, and overnight soaked fenugreek seeds. Also heart tonic and homemade unfiltered kinnu orange juice about 100ml. Ginger juice freshly made and added to it are lemon juice , black salt, turmeric and black pepper powder. Yes. 2Tsf evoo on empty stomach. Tulsi leaves with black papper. Patanjali amrit rasayan churn just less than half teaspoonful ( to restrict sugar intake around 2g ) with cinnamon - a pinch. Walnut. No food because no hunger. If hungry take veg with or without cheese - processed and or mozrella. Sometimes mixed pulses. No roti etc. Hung curd with cow ghee 2 tsf and 5-6 cashew and 10-12 pistachio.

    I feel hungry at around 4 pm. Full fat milk tea without any sweetner. homemade gujarati snacks of all kinds like fenugreek leaves Or bottle gourd dhokla or muthia - mainly cooked with water vapor( like idlies are made ) or baked in water and oil together. Oil is co and lots of evoo onto it. Curcumin pickles and or green chutney. Evoo added liberally to almost everything. or millet mdr / gujarati "khichado " with lots of veg and made in ghee, cumins, lots of dry fruits, cheese and evoo and fenugreek seeds.

    At night again fenugreek seeds soaked in the morning. Dry fruits. Met 1 g. Hematinic. Walnut. If hungry any veg or popcorn. Palak / spinach made with ghee or co but added to it are eggplant / bringal mutter cheese tomatoes methi dana . Take lots of garlic and ginger. Sometime a millet loaf with lots and lots of ghee. Also isapgul 2 tsf with water before eating anything at night.

    The funny thing is that the bs results are not reproducible. if no dinner Sometimes low fbs in 110 range and in 140 range the other times. Same with food intake.

    But i feel more energetic than before with my diet schedule.

    I have mooted lot on my diet but frankly yet to understand my body responses. I add sprouts to almost all snacks like khichado and spinach. I take salads too at dinner if hungry.

  • Few suggestions

    Stop cashews and pistas.

    Start walnuts and almonds

    Stop all dried fruits.

    Also have some premium nuts like macadamia nuts and Brazil nuts.

    I see that you have mentioned "less that 2gm sugar" above. In case sugar is used then stop it and use stevia.

    I also don't see VCO above.

    If no allergy or any issue with VCO then pl start using it. VCO 4 to 5 teaspoon at least per day or 2 teaspoon before each meal. VCO lowers the blood sugar.

    In some thread you had mentioned that I take home made orange juice. Suggest that for 3 months don't take any fruit.

    2 lemons a day with acv a must.

    No millet loaf.

    Hope all Gujarati snacks are sans sugar. Not a grain of sugar for next 3 months.

    Stop milk totally and use coconut milk for tea or coffee.

    Use hung curd as u do above.

    All up paneer dishes like paneer broccoli sauteed in butter

    Broccoli is now available a bit easily in most towns

    Use coconut gratings as a topping in all non starchy veggies.

    Have steamed palak almost daily with 1 to 2 teaspoon ghee topped daily for iron.

    Pl start magnesium supplement 100 mg daily.

    I started magnesium as chelated mg and fasting came down by average 5 points.

    Hope vitamin d levels are good.

    This is my humble suggestions for 3 months.

    Follow above and test hba1c after 3 Mts

    I see coconut and it's products missing and I strongly believe that coconut, coconut milk and coconut oil will lower your hba1c.

    Pl try it suramo bhai

  • suramo

    Have 1 avocado a day.

    Now available in many malls.

    Indian version is cheaper at Rs 40 to 50 each piece.

  • I do believe in coconut products but what's about extra virgin olive oil which someone suggests taking 2 Tb morning an hour before meal and 2 Tb before bedtime. Does this help lower BSL? Do you soak those nuts overnight before eating? Last week I randomly checked my BSL an hour after drinking a glass of water with 1Tb ACV and half lemin juice; my morning fasting BSL went up from 6.3 to 7.2? Can you explain why?

  • What time did you do the testing? If it was early morning, it could be the dawn effect-- blood sugars tend to go up while sleeping and then come down again later.

  • Not quite early. FBS 6.3 at 7:30 am then an hour later got 7.2 after only drank the ACV solution.

  • What else is in the ACV solution? That other thing might be the cause? Can you please ask your doctor?

  • Solution has water, 1 Tb ACV and half juice lemon. The doctor doesn't believe in this stuff.

  • What if you cut down on the lemon juice? Any friut's juice will raise a person's blood sugar.

  • I copy this drink from Shashikantiyengar ( very long name) which not sure why. Would be good to cut the lemon juice? Is lemon juice increase BSL?

  • It's a possibility, but not sure. Try cutting the amount of the juice down and see if the numbers are either still higher afterwards or not.

  • It's worth trying your advice plus these stuffs are not harmful. But it interesting to find out. Thanks dear :)

  • My pleasure! Let us know if things improve or not after trying the cutting down.

  • Sure do :)

  • Lemon juice does not increase blood sugar

    Also since I am on low carb the combo of acv and lemon provides vital electrolytes which we so need in low carb

  • That really makes sense! Thanks for explaining :)

  • This combo also helps in emulsification of fats . So useful in LCHF

  • A big thumb up from me, a newbie LCHF :)

  • Juice from Half 2" lemon will have negligible effect on BS.

  • Activity2004

    No. Lemon juice has no effect on bs.

    But the bs level is not a static entity. It fluctuates. So no two readings can be the same even if taken just 15 min apart.

  • Don't worry about this odd increase.


    Acv also tones up the liver

  • I think so. I normally consume ACV especially in my salad.

  • Luckysugar

    There is vinaigrette also you can use for dressing.

    "Vinaigrette (/vɪnəˈɡrɛt/ vin-ə-GRET) is made by mixing an oil with something acidic such as vinegar or lemon juice. The mixture can be enhanced with salt, herbs and/or spices. It is used most commonly as a salad dressing, but can also be used as a marinade."

    Acv, lemon juice, evoo and honey mixture can be used.

  • Can you reply the post above please? About not adding lemon juice in ACV drink.

  • Your choice.

    Can add or skip

  • Not a 'skipper' for this one :)

  • Don't know about olive oil. But i have seen that taking coconut oil crashes the blood sugar. So one or two teaspoon of VCO before a carby meal prevents a drastic spike.

    Also acv with lemon should not spike the fasting. It on the contrary controls or lowers.

    Nuts... Yes I soak it overnight to remove the phytic acid coating on the nuts

    Phytic acid is plant kingdom 's way to defend itself

  • Luckysugar

    "By soaking, you are breaking down the phytic acid so it can be absorbed properly. Nuts also have high amounts of enzymes inhibitors. This is another reason why un soaked nuts are hard to digest. Soaking nuts neutralizes the enzymes allowing for proper digestion."


    Many people say they have been benefited by acv and lemon juice at night. But i have tried it for a long time. Even jamun vinegar but i didn't get any benefit. Even now when i take very small millet loaf at night i take the combo before eating. Sometimes i take the combo at night before sleep but frankly it doesn't seem to benefit me.

    Not even isapgul in controlling bs. But the problem of going grain free is that the fibre content of the food decreases to a great extent. So isapgul keeps the bowels moving.

  • Co or vco

  • Shashikantiyengar

    Coconad co from klf. Has 47% lauric acid. Well i was taking vco also initially. Now co.

  • Increase it .

    Believe me

    Your A1c will improve

    Pl try and follow some suggestion i gave above

  • Ok. 👍👍

  • Shashikantiyengar

    My food is cooked with extra co and i add about 30 ml evoo to veg. So in all i take the oils in a large quantity. My bs never goes beyond 140 1 hour pp with my glucometer.

    I do the same with my food at dinner but fbs not in desirable range. So i think we should have more people responding to the effect of vco and evoo. I'm not sure if "VCO before a carby meal prevents a drastic spike." Yes both the oils alone have no effect on bs. I'm still not sure if vco or evoo can increase the insulin sensitivity and if yes. How ? By lowering ir. But that's is after a long time using these oils.

    I'm yet to learn how "taking coconut oil crashes the blood sugar.So one or two teaspoon of VCO before a carby meal prevents a drastic spike."

  • Personal experience . Trust me . Increase VCO. Reduce evoo. Why not try . Anyways you are now convinced on safety of Sat fats.

    Also suggest for reduction of fasting

    Start mg supplement

    Evaluate milk thistle or silymarine for 4 to 6 months

  • Shashikantiyengar

    Well. I was worried about sfa due to my training but that is a matter of past long back. I have repeatedly said that lipid theory is a hype.

    I will try vco. I'd like to go with minimum medicines. May take a bit longer but the gain is more concrete. If you look at my reports considering multiple parameters they are fine. Minimal inflammation and all the organ functions normal. This i think is more important.

  • Shashikantiyengar

    Please resend the video. Can't run.

  • I have emailed the link

  • 👍👍👍

  • Shashikantiyengar

    Thanks shashi. Very informative speech. He speaks exactly what we are speaking.

    1) sfa and mufa ( olive and canola oils ) are beneficial. Why did you recommended me to stop evoo ? Well i'm taking evoo for omega 3.

    2) anup. As of now as spoken in that video Na theory is not a hype. He recommends taking 3-5 g per day. But for us being in tropical country it might be a little more if you are not working in ac offices but outside in the fields. Na increases BP in sensitive individuals. That is one of the causes as the standard books write.

    3) fruits in moderation are beneficial. Veg are neutral. At least they provide fibres and and some useful nutrients like electrolytes.


  • Above is from cardiac point of view. We are diabetics

    Also I did not tell to stop olive oil but to increase or take 2 teaspoon of VCO before each meal. Reason is it reduced BS. Self experience and also in some blogs

  • Shashikantiyengar

    Though for cardiac patients it applies to us also. Except for fruits all what he spoke was important for us. The people still stick to the lipid theory and apo a and apo b. It needs to be reviewed.

  • What I meant is that we need even less carbs compared to non diabetics

    Yes.. more in relation to fruits. The less the better for us

  • 👍👍

  • Shashikantiyengar

    Thanks for the reply.

    Just 5-7 cashews occasionally will not have any effect on bs.

    "There are some indications that eating pistachios on a regular basis lowers fasting glucose ". Actually pistachio is said to control bs and reduces the gi of food. I take walnut and almonds.

    I don't add sugar. It's a part of amrit rasayan churn. But i was taking occasionally. Now stopped.

    Yes. I'm using coconad - 47%lauric. Will switch to vco soon.

    Kinnu orange juice only in winter. Half a glass in the morning with evoo added some time. But no problem with ppbs.

    Millet loaf very occasionally. Once in a fortnight.

    No. My snacks have neither sugar nor sweetner. Very healthy. The flour made mainly of pulses. Very little rice that too brown. The quantity i ea is very small.

    Paneer/ cheese do use. Yes. Coconut gratiing on veg and pulse very often.

    Thanks for the tips. A1c not good because of gi infection. Coconut i use often but not so often as south indians use. Not our style to prepare food with coconut.

    I'd try to follow your suggestions.


  • suramo

    Listen to Dr Salim Yusuf. Highly respected by all cardio in our country in the above video

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