TriGlycerides are high at 295


Serum Appearance : Clear Clear

S Cholesterol : 129 - Desired value: < 200 mg/dl

S Triglycerides : 295 - Desired value: < 160 mg/dl

HDL Cholesterol : 47 - Desired value: > 60 mg/dl

LDL Cholesterol : 23 - Desired value : < 130 mg/dl

VLDL Cholesterol : 59 mg/dl 5 - 51

LDLC/HDLC RATIO : 0.49 0.0 - 3.5

TC/HDLC RATIO : 6.28 0.0 - 5.0

S Cholesterol/HDLC Ration: 2.74 0.0 - 4.5

The triglycerides are showing very high. Whats the best advise with diet control ??


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15 Replies

  • Unless you are genetically predisposed to High TG (triglycerides), this is not uncommon on a so called HEALTHY and BALANCED diet (Read HIGH CARB LOW FAT) that ADA/AMA/AHA preaches to every soul on earth.

    (1) CARBS push up TG.

    (2) TG is the real FAT in Blood (and this doesn't come from Butter, Cheese, VCO) that one eats. Ignorant always blame Saturated FAT for everything, whereas the TRUTH is that CARBS KILL.

    (3) TG can also go up for a brief period when one is losing weight. So not the right time to go for LIPIDS if losing weight. Check this:

    HIGH TG is worst thing to have on blood report as:

    (1) It increases Insulin resistance so drives you closer to being diabetic. Your TG/HDL is 6+. Sure sign of high insulin resistance. Ideally this should be < 2.5, lower the better.

    (2) Heart problems. TG/5 is VLDL which is real bad at ~59

    I think there's some typo somewhere because some numbers don't add up properly.

    TC/HDLC RATIO : 6.28 0.0 - 5.0

    And TC = 129 don't add up correctly.

    Also LDL 23? Too low a number and this low LDL is also not a great number to have.

  • Hannda, please be clear about what is triglyceride. All , repeat, all dietary fat,whether it comes from vegetable or from animal source, are 95% triglycerides. It is misconception that certain fat and oils don't contain TG.

  • "It is misconception that certain fat and oils don't contain TG."

    Yet TG falls like a rock on a Low Carb High Fat diet isn't it, despite eating 60% + fat loaded diet. (unless genetically inclined to higher LIPIDS)?

    But High Carbs kicks up TG.

    I don't think anyone said Oils have no TG. Only thing repeatedly said is CARBS KICK up TG.

  • Hannda analysing a lipid profile is not so easy. If you go by reference value ,certain things become very obvious. But actual interpretation is difficult,as these lipids are not representative of true picture. So if you say VLDL is high, it does not signify that it is bad. All lipids are sub divided ( using term only to simplify ) into sub neither all VLDL is bad nor very high HDL is always good.

  • I am new to these terms. With my present profile where to Start?

  • LCHF diet - Time tested and proven way.

    No matter what one says, VLDL (TG/5) is BAD. PERIOD. If not, then 295 shouldn't be a concern at all. So fix it either through diet or take drugs, sonner the better.

  • What is VLDL(TG/5) - i dont understand the technical language. Could you pls let me know what that means ?

    Under which condition should 295 not be a concern?

  • it should not be a concern as per someone who said forget the LIPID PROFILE, not as per me.

    VLDL == TG/5

    Get TG down through LCHF diet and all should be fine. If diet doesn't work then opt for drugs. TG is worst thing to have so high.

  • Forget about lipid profile,though it is all in disarray. The easiest way to bring it back is through life style management,which includes a modification in your diet,physical activity and stopping of certain habits eg smoking and minimising alcohol.

    What modification is required can only be suggested ,if your diet and other things are known.

  • By the way , what about liver function test ? It will be interesting to see the results.

  • High triglycerides can be lowered with dietary changes provided you are not genetically predisposed to high triglycerides (hypertriglyceridemia). Lowering carb and processed food consumption will help in lowering triglycerides.

    TG/HDL ratio is indicating insulin resistance. (Yours is 6.28. It has to be <3.5 and best if <2).

    Your total cholesterol is low and LDL is too low. Are you on statin drug?

  • No I am on no drugs.I want to drop my Trigly with diet control only. Kindly give suggestions

  • LCHF diet is best, time tested way to manage TG and even diabetes. This has been proved over and over again across all diabetes forum in the world by thousands (if not millions) of diabetics who don't follow what ADA says.

    Other solutions are going to be just like beating around the bush where general things will be said, few long copy-paste articles maybe given and nothing concrete offered.

    Switch to LCHF diet and check in 3 months.

  • Ok,Thanks


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